Run Report 23/08/14 event #9

23/08/14 start line

A big thank you to our volunteers for getting soaked this weekend – Michael Barry, Richard Brindley, Dave Cochrane, Gemma Davison, Moira Davison, Bruce Green, Shaun Knight, Peter Lomas, Paul Vale & Lesley Walker. Gemma and Moira our mother daughter duo did a fantastic job marshalling down at the bridge, it was Richard’s first time volunteering, he was on finish tokens and had his work cut out for him with a few of our male’s racing over the line at the same time – very tense moments with the first few finishers so here are the men’s placings before I spoil the story…


Men's placings:
Mike TOAL was first over the line in 19:37 – second time as first finisher in his 2 appearances at Cheadle Hulme.
John WILLIAMS was second over the line in 19:47.
Mark EASTMAN was third over the line in 19:48.


At the start of the run Mark Eastman started off with a great lead, he held this until the 2nd lap where Mike Toal overtook him, John Williams was following very closely in third. As the runners went onto their 3rd and final lap our finish team headed into position. If you have been part of the volunteer team you will know that once the front runners head into the final lap we then don’t see them or know what is happening until they come through that gate and head to the finish. Mike came through the gate, he had managed to hold his position after the takeover at the end of the 2nd lap, he had a lead of 10 seconds. Then came Mark with John right by his side, this was neck and neck right up to the line and they were going full pelt, it was a photo finish moment and both Lesley and Dave our timekeepers confirmed that John took second by 00:01 second! It really was a “what just happen” mouth open moment, I think we all expected a sliding finish in the rain.


That wasn’t the end of the finish line bedlam, just the start of it – poor Richard on finish tokens for the first time with this pandemonium at the line, I hope he comes back. Martin Jennings (who was “on tour” with his buddy Chris Kershaw), finished fourth without any drama, phew! Then appeared Chris, he suddenly realised Richard Adams was on his heels and the two of them raced to the finish, another tense photo finish moment, Chris got over just before Rick. If you are on twitter get on and have a look at the tweets these guys have posted about yesterday – belly laughing material! (look on our @cheadlehparkrun and you should be able to find them from our re-tweets).


Women's placings:
Ellie KIRK was first (17th overall) over the line in 22:45 - first appearance.
Nicky MOWAT was second (21st overall) over the line in 23:36.
Carol BASU was third (29th overall) over the line in 25:03, also picking up a new PB.


We had 17 runners record new PB’s this week, well done to Carol Basu, Robert Taylor, Mike Kinnear, Tim Hargreaves, John Williams, Patrick Grannan, Natalie Peters, Bob Anderson, Michael Williams, Paul Vale, Katie Arnold & David McMeeking. There are a few more names to mention, over the last 9 weeks we have gotten to know these runners so I wanted to share a little more about their PB’s.


Bruce Green picked up a new PB, Bruce is part of our core volunteer team and helps out with various roles, quite often he volunteers as our tail runner to ensure no one is left behind, he keeps our runners at the back of the field going.


In his final run of the year David Jackson picked up a PB, great way to finish. He has commitments at on a Saturday morning so we won’t see him back till next years break. David volunteered last weekend as timekeeper and got to see his son Mark finish first – great way to end your parkrun season and hopefully see you back next year!


Sandra Wilkinson and Joanne Haigh both picked up PB’s this weekend. I love watching these ladies improve each week but above all I love seeing them have fun running with their friends and family, that’s what parkrun is about – running with your buddies. Joanne has completed 5 parkruns at Cheadle Hulme and she was also a tourist on holiday last weekend at South Sheilds. Sandra has completed 8 parkruns at Cheadle Hulme, even after a week off for holiday she still managed to come back and pick up another PB.


Our final runner I would like to mention picking up a PB is Joe Lomas, he has been on our radar for a few weeks now, we notice him running at a good pace every week, even in the torrential rain. Joe always manages a thank-you to our marshals as he passes, such a pleasant young man. He has completed 7 runs at Cheadle Hulme and his dad also volunteers and watches on very proudly. Myself and Shaun had a chat to Joe at the end of this week, he knew exactly what his previous times had been and was certain he had picked up a PB this weekend – you were spot on Joe and well done.


We had a lady join us for the first time yesterday, I didn’t catch her name, her buddies had called her that morning along the lines of “we are picking you up in 10 minutes for a run, be ready”. This lady hadn’t registered and the last time she had ran was around 7 years ago – she was amazing, she completed 2 laps of the course which was enough for her. I think she will be registering as a parkrunner so that she can come back again, she plans on building up each week so that she can eventually run the whole 5K. This is the beauty of our course, I am using it in this way until I am recovered, you can start with a lap or two and tag a bit more on until you are ready to complete the whole 5K. parkrun is for anyone of any ability, it is a run not a race, it’s having fun with friends and going at whatever speed suits you.


After the run was done and dusted and everything put away the team decided to go for breakfast, we visited Sandwich Heaven on Fir Road in Bramhall (a favourite place of mine) and had delicious breakfasts. We also processed our results and uploaded pictures from here as we had internet problems back at the Club House - that is what you call a working breakfast ad multitasking. So a new tradition has been born, last Saturday of the month is going to be team breakfast at Sandwich Heaven :)


We had Shaun Knight with us again as photographer, his pictures have been uploaded on our Facebook page so be sure to check them out and tag yourself and your friends in them.


If you are able to volunteer do get in touch via Facebook, twitter or email We would really appreciate the help and it would be nice to have some regular volunteers, even if you decide that you wanted to aim to volunteer once every 6-8 weeks, once every few months – anything is appreciated.


See you all next week – don’t forget your barcode! #DFYB

Sam Blacow