Celebrating milestones

Run report for Cheadle Hulme parkrun event number 154 - 18th Aug 2018

Author: Sarah Smith

On Saturday, the Cheadle Hulme parkrun community had an opportunity to recognise and celebrate two runners on their milestone achievements; Ian Clarke completed his 100th parkrun, and Helen Brown reached her 250th.

Membership of the 250 club is an impossible feat for many. Sam spoke warmly about Helen’s commitment to the parkrun community during the pre-run briefing. This milestone represents Helen’s running, but Helen is also a member of the Cheadle Hulme parkrun core team with an equally impressive volunteer history. As a parkrun volunteer Helen has played an important part in helping others achieve their own milestones.

Milestones have long been recognized by parkrun. The dedication and commitment of runners and volunteers is rewarded by membership to the 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500 clubs. Ian will now be able to wear the black ‘100 t-shirt’ with pride, to add to his red 50th. Helen has already earned the right to wear the red, black and purple volunteer t-shirts, and will now be able to add a green ‘250 t-shirt’ to her collection.

While these milestones are rightly celebrated, at every parkrun event there a number of smaller and personal milestones to be proud of. Everyone who decides to ditch the duvet on a Saturday morning and who lines up at the start has a reason to be there. That reason may be your first ever parkrun, your 50th parkrun, a parkrun after coming back from injury or aiming for a personal best time.

This week, only my 5th parkrun, was a personal milestone. I’ve been working through Public Health England’s ‘Couch to 5k’ smartphone app over the past nine weeks. Mid-way through, I started to include Cheadle Hulme’s parkrun into my running schedule. Since getting involved with parkrun I’ve received a very warm and friendly welcome. I’ve enjoyed the company of the tail walkers while I was actually walking. I’ve had encouragement from the the marshalls when I was lagging. Even being lapped by the first finishers has been a pleasant experience as they often breeze past with a motivating word or two. Until this week, I’d walked, jogged, ran and somersaulted (read about the canine incident in run report 151) around various parts of the course. This week I achieved my milestone, I jogged round the entire 5k course. No t-shirt to mark this milestone, just the feeling of personal achievement (plus a toasted teacake and a latte at The Vinery cafe afterwards).

This week we celebrate the 68 people who ran, jogged and walked the course. We celebrate the 17 who completed the Cheadle Hulme course for the first time. We celebrate the 4 runners (Kevin MEEHAN, Bryn THOMAS, Claire TOMKINSON, Kathryn MOONEY) who completed their first ever parkrun. We celebrate the 13 runners who recorded personal bests. Finally, we celebrate the commitment of the 19 volunteers who made this event possible:

Michael BARRY • Adam BROWN • Helen BROWN • Helen RENNIE • Stefano BOZZI • Richard ADAMS • James COOPER • Richard A HALL • Caroline CROSSWELL • Sam BLACOW • Ian CLARKE • Chris PICKFORD • Hilary PARKER • Colette MCGRATH • Dee JONES • Iain SMITH • Jason LAWLER • Sarah SMITH • Sam MANEKSHAW

If you want to be one of our fabulous volunteers in the future then contact us at cheadlehulmehelpers@parkrun.com or via Twitter or Facebook