Additional Festive Runs 2018

We have decided that we will not be hosting any additional parkrun's on Christmas Day and New Year's Day at Cheadle Hulme this year.

Other neighboring parkrun's are currently deciding if they will be hosting additional runs or not on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, we will update you at the start of December with these details as you may wish to visit their event as a runner or volunteer.

On these 2 additional festive days, parkrun events can slightly adjust their start time, this could allow you to do more than 1 event in the same day - should you wish. If you run more than 1 event on Christmas Day only 1 event will be registered. If you run more than 1 event on New Year's Day a maximum of 2 events will be registered.


Run Report – Saturday 29th September 2018

On a crisp and beautiful morning at Bruntwood Park we welcomed 73 runners, joggers and walkers including 22 first timers to Cheadle Hulme. Conditions were chilly but perfect for running, and taken advantage of with 15 recordings of new Personal Bests. Congratulations to Lisa Mather who completed her 50th parkrun today.

We always enquire as to which of our tourists have travelled the furthest… it’s fair to say that our two visitors from New Zealand took the honours today and indeed our all-comers record.

Our leading lady was our women’s course record holder Amelia Pettitt from Vale Royal AC in 22.09. First past the post, for the fourth time this month, was Chorlton Runner Gary Scott who also claimed a PB of 17.33. And in third was Peter Walters (VM 60-64) from Winston Runners.

Next weekend Peter will be taking part in one of the most celebrated running events in the world; we wish him luck at the Chicago Marathon.

All the best also to our core team members Adam and Sam at the Chester Marathon next week.

A massive thank you to our volunteers Adam Brown, Helen Brown, Julie Fairclough, Stefano Bozzi, Rick Adams, Paul Taylor, Darren Nelson-Hall, Ian Clarke, John Burns, Leanne Hackney, Evelyn Robinson, Jason Lawler, Ajay Saxena and Catriona Gilbert.

And a nod to our youth development programme as several members of the core team’s offspring assisted with event close-down. The future is bright, the future is parkrun. See you all again next week (those running marathons are excused…).


Celebrating milestones

Run report for Cheadle Hulme parkrun event number 154 - 18th Aug 2018

Author: Sarah Smith

On Saturday, the Cheadle Hulme parkrun community had an opportunity to recognise and celebrate two runners on their milestone achievements; Ian Clarke completed his 100th parkrun, and Helen Brown reached her 250th.

Membership of the 250 club is an impossible feat for many. Sam spoke warmly about Helen’s commitment to the parkrun community during the pre-run briefing. This milestone represents Helen’s running, but Helen is also a member of the Cheadle Hulme parkrun core team with an equally impressive volunteer history. As a parkrun volunteer Helen has played an important part in helping others achieve their own milestones.

Milestones have long been recognized by parkrun. The dedication and commitment of runners and volunteers is rewarded by membership to the 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500 clubs. Ian will now be able to wear the black ‘100 t-shirt’ with pride, to add to his red 50th. Helen has already earned the right to wear the red, black and purple volunteer t-shirts, and will now be able to add a green ‘250 t-shirt’ to her collection.

While these milestones are rightly celebrated, at every parkrun event there a number of smaller and personal milestones to be proud of. Everyone who decides to ditch the duvet on a Saturday morning and who lines up at the start has a reason to be there. That reason may be your first ever parkrun, your 50th parkrun, a parkrun after coming back from injury or aiming for a personal best time.

This week, only my 5th parkrun, was a personal milestone. I’ve been working through Public Health England’s ‘Couch to 5k’ smartphone app over the past nine weeks. Mid-way through, I started to include Cheadle Hulme’s parkrun into my running schedule. Since getting involved with parkrun I’ve received a very warm and friendly welcome. I’ve enjoyed the company of the tail walkers while I was actually walking. I’ve had encouragement from the the marshalls when I was lagging. Even being lapped by the first finishers has been a pleasant experience as they often breeze past with a motivating word or two. Until this week, I’d walked, jogged, ran and somersaulted (read about the canine incident in run report 151) around various parts of the course. This week I achieved my milestone, I jogged round the entire 5k course. No t-shirt to mark this milestone, just the feeling of personal achievement (plus a toasted teacake and a latte at The Vinery cafe afterwards).

This week we celebrate the 68 people who ran, jogged and walked the course. We celebrate the 17 who completed the Cheadle Hulme course for the first time. We celebrate the 4 runners (Kevin MEEHAN, Bryn THOMAS, Claire TOMKINSON, Kathryn MOONEY) who completed their first ever parkrun. We celebrate the 13 runners who recorded personal bests. Finally, we celebrate the commitment of the 19 volunteers who made this event possible:

Michael BARRY • Adam BROWN • Helen BROWN • Helen RENNIE • Stefano BOZZI • Richard ADAMS • James COOPER • Richard A HALL • Caroline CROSSWELL • Sam BLACOW • Ian CLARKE • Chris PICKFORD • Hilary PARKER • Colette MCGRATH • Dee JONES • Iain SMITH • Jason LAWLER • Sarah SMITH • Sam MANEKSHAW

If you want to be one of our fabulous volunteers in the future then contact us at or via Twitter or Facebook


Run Report – Saturday 7th April 2018

Without its volunteers, there is no parkrun. Today we congratulated two of our core team, both volunteers this morning, for a very special achievement. Both Chris Kershaw and Darren Nelson-Hall not only completed the 50 mile Liverpool to Manchester Ultra-Marathon last Monday, but also received gold medals for finishing in the top 50. Nine hours of running is mind-boggling to most of us. Even when our parkrun is especially muddy it doesn’t take quite that long…

A huge sporting weekend of the Manchester and Merseyside derbies alongside the Masters golf was kicked off at 9am all over the country by parkrun. It was fitting that James Cooper, our very own parkrun Master, emerged triumphant in a time of 21.32 for his 301st run. His 250 shirt made for an improvised green jacket.

Iain Smith and Adam Brown continued their recent fine form with high finishes, and our first woman was Jo Curry from Chorlton Runners in 25.23 on her first visit.

We love hosting tourists and it was great to have Dawn and Raj from Braunstone parkrun in Leicester with us today.

Many thanks to Ajay Saxena on his Tail Walker debut. After being shown a clean pair of heels by the fast-finishing Clare Taylor on the home straight, we hope he comes back next week. And to the Peters family for marshalling so well, plus being heard to comment “why is that lady walking…?”

Good luck to all those within our Cheadle Hulme parkrun community who are running and volunteering at the Manchester Marathon on Sunday, and let’s do this all again next week.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Sam BLACOW, Stefano BOZZI, Helen BROWN, Adam BROWN, Leanne HACKNEY, Chris KERSHAW, Jason LAWLER, Darren NELSON-HALL, Susannah PATEY, Zak PETERS, Natalie PETERS, Aaron PETERS, Lukas PETERS, Ajay SAXENA and Paul TAYLOR.


Run Report – Saturday 10th February 2018

Today was the 128th running of the Cheadle Hulme parkrun and it was a bit of a muddy affair but I’ll come back to that later.

We didn’t have any milestones in amongst our runners today but the Run Director for the day was Chris Pickford and it was his 50th time volunteering at Cheadle Hulme. Chris comes from Lymm to help us out on a regular basis (hence his 50th time volunteering) and is a member of our core team. He is an ‘all round good bloke’ and he makes our parkrun that much friendlier. However, Chris, remember parkrun is a ‘run’ and not a ‘race’ and we all noticed that you accidentally used the naughty word again in your run brief today! You’ll be in that vest of shame again next week Chris.

As I alluded to earlier, the ‘run’ today was a bit on the muddy side. It was a lovely mix of mud, puddles of water and ice where those puddles had frozen. We had 11 runners experiencing our conditions today for the first time. All seemed to know what they had let themselves in for but still one of them lost her shoe before even leaving the small field due to the terrain. Her friend wrenched it from the mud (it took two hands and a bit of effort I’m told) and she carried on only to lose it again on the second lap of the big field. We also had a faller but that technically wasn’t on the course it was in our finish funnel. Everyone finished with a smile and most of our first timers decamped to the Vinery. They were definitely prepared for the conditions because they all had a clean set of clothes to change into. Hopefully we’ll see you again at Cheadle Hulme parkrun soon.

Unsurprisingly we had no new PBs today with Graham Taylor topping the age percentage grading with 65.85%, well done Graham. I’d also like to thank all todays volunteers Adam Brown, Aran Punter, Bethan Wise, Chris Pickford, Chris Trask, Clare Talyor, Guy Barlett, Helen Brown, Helen Rennie, Jason Lawler, Richard Adams, Sam Blacow, Stefano Bozzi, and Thomas David Longden who all braved the rain to help our parkrun ….er….run!

If you want to be one of our fabulous volunteers in the future then contact us at or via Twitter or Facebook.


Run Report – Saturday 3rd February 2018

Cheadle Hulme parkrun report run 127. 3.02.2018

As we approached Bruntwood Park at 8.30am on Saturday morning I optimistically said to my husband ‘at least it isn’t sleeting quite as hard as it was when we left home’. I have to admit, this was one of those Saturday mornings when I rather wished we weren’t parkrun geeks.

We are hardened parkrun tourists, you know the ones who turn up at a different parkrun venue most weeks wearing their commemorative t-shirts and cow cowls thinking they know all things parkrun? We’ve seen mud before, we’ve been to Millom parkrun so you can’t scare us but I have to say, the mud at Cheadle Hulme on Saturday was particularly spectacular.
After chatting to Run Director Helen and some of the other volunteers we were off. 23 hardy souls slipped, slid, skidded and skated their way around the course.

So who were the heroes on the day? Apart from the volunteers, which goes without saying.

First over the line was Simon Pickard with 107 park runs to his name of which 61 have been at Cheadle Hulme. Simon has finished first there on 5 occasions.
Adam Brown finished second. Adam has completed 262 parkruns with 78 at Cheadle Hulme.

First lady over the line in sixth place was Jennie Pickard, with 105 runs in total and 57 of those at Cheadle Hulme. Jennie has been first lady there 38 times which is more first places than any other runner. Respect to Jennie.

Simon, Adam and Jennie also achieved the top 3 highest age graded percentages on Saturday.

There were 8 first timers, 4 of whom are members of Darwen Dashers Running club (go Dashers!). 2 personal best times were achieved which is worth noting in those conditions. Simon Beard (9th) was 55 seconds quicker than 2 weeks ago and Alan Crowhurst (11th) was 27 seconds quicker than last week.
17 men, 5 women and 3 unknown runners completed the course.

On display were; 1 Junior white 10 t-shirt, 1 red 50 t-shirt, 3 black 100 t-shirts and 4 green 250 t-shirts.

The top 5 attendees were:
Barry Shackleton 348
Karen Shackleton 294
Paul Clifford 266
Adam Brown 262
Phil Corker 143
These runners have completed 1313 parkruns between them.

Cheadle Hulme parkrun might not attract high numbers of runners but I have to say it’s up there with my more memorable parkruns. So in a world full of flat, fast, conventional parkruns, lets have a few more Cheadle Hulmes!

Karen Shackleton


Cheadle Hulme parkrun #122 30 December 2017

Now That’s What I Call Quite Muddy.

The last parkrun of the year in Bruntwood Park was probably the wettest under foot so far with generous quantities of gloopy mud. Fun if you like that sort of challenge!

24 people ran, with numbers being swelled by the visiting Chowdhury family – lovely to see a family of all ages having fun together!

The event was made possible by 12 volunteers. Thank you to: Adam BROWN • Helen BROWN • Helen RENNIE • Stefano BOZZI • Darren NELSON-HALL • Clare TAYLOR • Bethan WISE • Myles HEYWOOD • Leanne HACKNEY • Richard COULBY • Jason LAWLER • Aran PUNTER

Not surprisingly no PBs were recorded.

Oliver Bernstein led the field home (20:27) on his 2nd visit to Cheadle Hulme. James Cooper in 2nd place (22:02) just pipped Adam Brown (22:05) [this result was allegedly the subject of a small wager between the Run Director and Timer]. Gemma Davison (29:19) was first lady followed by Helen Wise (32:17) and then Aneesa Chowdhury (43.56).

Cheadle Hulme parkrun is trialling new timing and scanning software based on mobile phones. This could reduce the cost of setting up new parkrun events, rendering expensive stopwatches and barcode scanners obsolete. It has been very successful over half a dozen events. Yesterday we had a small hiccup when a file with scanned positions didn’t e-mail through. Thank you for your patience, awaiting your official positions and times. After a few frantic phone calls and text messages and screen shots, results were completed and Stefano could smile again.


Cheadle Hulme parkrun #121 23rd December 2017

More than 10 Father Christmases, 3 reindeer (1 four legged, 2 two legged), a couple of elves, a Christmas tree and a Christmas pudding with 34 runners and 3 dogs trundled through the fresh mud, cheered on by more Father Christmases, bearing timing devices, scanners, cameras and hi-vis jackets. One of the tourists declared they were from Lapland.

The first 3 men home were Dasher, followed by Father Christmas, then Prancer. The first 3 ladies home were a Christmas Pudding, Mother Christmas and then a piece of tinsel.

Wise men are central to the tale of Christmas. At Cheadle Hulme parkrun focus was on Helen Wise, completing her 100th parkrun, resplendently clothed in red and green. Congratulations Helen and thank you for the cake!

Thank you to all the volunteers, especially for helping to clear-up in super-quick time, so we could all head to the Vinery café for heat (they really do have under-floor heating which is the perfect restorative for wet, cold feet) and refreshment.

Cheadle Hulme parkrun will take place as usual next Saturday 30th December. If you want more of a running fix, check out the runs available on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (when it is possible to pack in a double with runs at 9 am and 10.30am) at .

On Christmas Day, amongst our nearest neighbours, parkruns which are on are Wilmslow (9am), South Manchester (10am), and Marple (9.30am).

On New Year’s Day, amongst our nearest neighbours, parkruns which are on are Wilmslow (10.30am), Sale Water park (10.30am), Stretford (9am), Marple (10.30am), Lyme Park (9am).

Merry Christmas!


Cheadle Hulme parkrun #119 9th December 2017

As we were setting up the course on Saturday, we were wondering how many hardy souls would scorn the weather forecast and join us in Bruntwood. The previous week we held the record for the fewest participants in the UK (14, narrowly beating Millom who had 19) – this week we achieved another (non-official) record in that, aided by the cancellations of several local parkruns, our attendance had the largest percentage swing - up a whopping 364% to 65. It really warmed our hearts on such a cold day. We also had some tourists from further afield: Pennington Flash, Conwy, Pontefract and Harrogate, to swell numbers.

First mention should go, of course, to our volunteers:

Adam Brown • Helen Brown • Stefano Bozzi • Richard Adams • Darren Nelson-Hall • Clare Taylor • Bethan Wise • John Dauber • Henry Pickard • Abbie Pickard • Chris Pickford • Philip Kehoe • Alyson Kay • Jason Lawler • Aran Punter • Sheila Levett

We all know that parkrun wouldn’t function without them, but it’s easy to start to take them for granted. One of the runners told me as he finished that the marshals deserved medals today “especially the one at the far end” – thanks John.

Thanks too to the extended family of Pickards (Henry, Abbie and Sheila) who all volunteered to cheer on their mum and dad (or daughter and son-in-law) Jennie and Simon. Jennie was running her 100th parkrun and to celebrate Abbie had made some delicious cakes – congratulations and thank you respectively.

It was also good to welcome our new Duke of Edinburgh volunteers Bethan and Aran. Over 12 weeks or so they will get to experience all the different volunteer roles and eventually graduate to Run Director.

The cold weather made the course a bit firmer in parts than what we’re used to, but it was still a challenge. Despite this, 4 people recorded PBs – well done to Barry Archbold, Glen Gandy, Robert Currie and Alex Horne.

Also, well done to our only under 10 running this week – Holly who ran the whole course with Adrian. What with the prospect of snow and a runner called Holly, Christmas can only be just around the corner…


Run Report – Saturday 02/12/17

A somewhat depleted field braved the chill and the frost of Cheadle Hulme parkrun #118. Much debate ensued over the reasons for the low numbers. Was it the afternoon appointment with Match Three of the Manchester Area Cross Country League, for which many rested up at home in advance of the torture to come? Or was there a much earlier sense of discomfort to endure – seeing as it was Bramhall Runners’ Christmas do the previous night…

Full respect to the 14 hardy souls who manned/womanned up for the traditional slog around Bruntwood Park. Our event is by definition the original Tough Mudder.

Two newcomers today from slightly different origins. James White ventured our way from Burnage, Ben Jozefiak from Sydney. And while their cricket and rugby league teams enjoyed successful Saturday mornings against England, there was also Aussie success at parkrun as Ben dominated the field to be first over the line in 21.43. Ben has completed his 32 parkruns in 32 different locations. That’s parkrun tourism right there.

When you are the only woman to toe the start line in tough conditions then you are definitely deserving of a first place on the podium. Very well done to Nicola Rostron in 33.09.

Huge thanks to the 10-strong volunteer team who nursed a nervous first-time Run Director through his debut. Special gratitude to our new recruit John Morris who offered to volunteer having run our event twice recently. But this was no ordinary offer; John made his way to Manchester via public transport from his home in Shrewsbury.

Finally many congrats to our Event Directors Sam & Rick who both came through the Bramhall Runners ballot for London Marathon places. The hard work starts here… and there is no better place to build marathon stamina than our very own Cheadle Hulme parkrun. We hope to see lots more back for your favourite detoxifying full body mud treatment next week.
The event was made possible by 10 volunteers:

Adam BROWN • Helen BROWN • Stefano BOZZI • James COOPER • Sam BLACOW • John DAUBER • Chris PICKFORD • Eleanor PICKFORD • Jason LAWLER • John P MORRIS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cheadle Hulme parkrun Results Page.

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