Run Report for Event #88

Congratulations to all 258 parkrunners who took part this Saturday. As accurately predicted by the BBC the rain did in fact clear for the duration of the run, but understandably the inclement weather stopped some people coming out. Although, unlike other things you can do during precipitation, running in the rain does not have its own song it is not without a certain charm as I’m sure many of you will realise over the winter. So although the parkrun weather fairies are usually good to us try not to let it put you off.

As the fair was on we were still operating a slightly different course with the finish under the viaduct, but I know this route has its fans so I hope people enjoyed it while they got the chance. Despite the run director forgetting to mention it in the briefing people were still good enough to clap others across the line and who doesn’t deserve a hero’s welcome after completing 16 404 feet of running.

The volunteers came flooding in early for the event and it’s always pleasing for the run director to know that so many people want to help and it makes our job much easier, so thanks again to everyone who volunteered!

The results were:
Women's placings:
Wendy KING (VW40-44) of Chelmsford AC, was first (17th overall) over the line in 20:05 - third time in 6 appearances.
Kym EDEN (VW35-39) of Tyne Bridge Harriers, was second (32nd overall) over the line in 21:21.
Amy HOYE (SW30-34) (Unattached) was third (56th overall) over the line in 22:28.

Men's placings:
Jonathan BRIGGS (SM25-29) of Chelmsford AC, was first over the line in 16:45 - second time in 3 appearances.
Stephen JACKSON (SM30-34) of Elvet Striders, was second over the line in 17:48.
Dave TULLETT (VM45-49) of Chelmsford AC, was third over the line in 17:59 - was first to finish once before.

That's all for now. See you all on Saturday.

Run Director