An arbitrary milestone for Event #328

For those of you that love a good stat, we have an arbitrary milestone coming up this week.

If we get 690 runners (more than likely!) we will have achieved the milestone of 150,000 5k runs since the event started in 2013.

Collectively that’s 750,000kms run, that’s a heck of a lot of trainers pounding the parks! No wonder it had to be re-tarmacked!

The equatorial circumference of Earth is about 40,075kms and we have been around it more than eighteen times!
You have even nearly been to the moon and back as its about 384,400kms to get there!

In our usual fashion of celebrating anything we will give a momento to the person who finishes in 690th position on Saturday.

Last week that was about a 35 min finish time.

This graph shows how many runners each year we have had at this event each year since 2013.