Run Report for Event #347

On Saturday morning we were back to our usual spot in Chelmsford central park. The weather was warm but overcast which made for near perfect conditions for our popular 5k run. We had 3 parkrunners celebrating their 250th parkrun this week!
Just think, that's 5 years of running parkrun...!

cakje #2  cake #1

Many thanks to Emily Smith for making a superb selection of cakes celebrating her 250th parkrun.

WK #347 (45) WK #347 (8)Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 16.51.09

This week 821 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 156 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 45 different clubs took part.

Biggest UK parkruns: 1. Bushy Park (1261), 2. Southampton (917),
3. Chelmsford Central (821), 4.Nonsuch (756), 5.Sheffield Hallam (749), 6.Cardiff (748), 7.Cannon Hill (722), 8.Black Park (710), 9. Poole (701), 10. Peterborough (677)

Biggest parkruns worldwide: 1. North Beach, South Africa (1870), 2. Bushy Park, UK (1261), 3. Delta, South Africa (1104), 4. Bryanston, South Africa (1092), 5. Rietvlei, South Africa (1059), 6. Golden Harvest, South Africa (993), 7. Botanical Garden, South Africa (961), 8. Southampton, UK (917), 9. Greenpoint, South Africa (835), 10. Chelmsford Central, UK (821)

The event was made possible by 41 volunteers:

Gerry MCGOVERN • Donna HINDLE • Paul BROOKES • Sean BRISCOMB • Brian Stephen CATT • Claire EADES • Chris BEAZELEY • David JEFFREY • Alison COWIE • John HOLLAND • Thomas HAWORTH • Rebecca SMITH • Nichola NORMAN • Alison KING • Louise DYER • David COCKRELL • Paul TURNER • Amelia ADLEM PROBERT • Jeffrey DOSSET • Susan WALLER-TOYNE • John GREEN • Robert LEE • Clive COXON • Paul MORGAN • Mandy COXON • Mark CHRISTIE • John SPILLANE • Chloe ESPINDOLA • Marisa CHRISTIE • Carole BEESTON • Samuel HAJDER • Peta LAGER • Isobel LAGER • Andrew OAKLEY • Don COCKRELL • Amy RASSELL • Alasdair HOOPER • Freddy HUTCHINSON • Zach OLIVER • Elizabeth MATHISON • Angela WOODWARD

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chelmsford Central parkrun Results Page

The male record is held by Alastair WATSON who recorded a time of 14:56 on 17th August 2013 (event number 30)
The female record is held by Jessica JUDD who recorded a time of 16:23 on 18th February 2017 (event number 219)
The Age Grade course record is held by Elizabeth DAVIES who recorded 90.98% (16:49) on 13th July 2019 (event number 347)
As you can see from the above information, a new Age course record was achieved on Saturday!! The brilliant Elizabeth DAVIES not only set a new Age Grade record at Chelmsford, she was also the second fastest female park runner in the UK this week!

The health benefits of parkrun are in the news again this week. Tonight on BBC 1 at 7.30pm there is a programme hosted by Dame Kelly Holmes exploring the rise of parkrun and the mental health benefits of running.

WK #347 (10) WK #347 (47)

See you next week, when Gerry will be in charge again.

Run Director

The Chelmsford Central core team are:

Gerry McGovern : Paul Brookes David JeffreyMandy Coxon : Nichola Norman


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