Run Report for Event #348

The predicted thunderstorms that never happened! That meant that todays parkrun was very pleasant but a little muggy but down 117 attendees from last week.
WK #348 (24)
This week 704 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 34 were first timers and 107 recorded new Personal Bests.
Biggest UK parkruns: 1. Bushy Park (1231), 2. Heaton Park (849), 3. Cardiff (835), 4. Poole (780), 5. Chelmsford Central (704), 6. Cannon Hill (678), 7. Black Park (678), 8. Nonsuch (649), 9. Peterborough (645), 10. Edinburgh (637)
WK #348 (3) WK #348 (4)
WK #348 (6) WK #348 (7)
Each week we have a First Timers and a separate Tourist brief, these start at 08:50 and are there to give you a quick overview of parkrun and our course.
WK #348 (12) WK #348 (17)
You may have seen a few people running dressed as pirates! All perfectly normal in the parkrun world (I think!) The runners were taking part in the "Pirates Challenge" as part of their touring and parkrun unofficial challenges.
The pirate challenge is to "Run seven C's and an R (say it out loud)
Run seven parkruns beginning with 'C' and one with an 'R' to complete the challenge.
You can find out about the challenges Badge Collecting Chrome extension just add your parkrun ID.
WK #348 (440)
The event today was made possible by 39 volunteers:
Gerry MCGOVERN • Daisy ELEADY-COLE • Holly CHANDLER • Brian Stephen CATT • Mike BROWNSELL • Michael RICHTER • Linda ALLEN • David JEFFREY • John HOLLAND • Rebecca SMITH • Nichola NORMAN • Louise DYER • David COCKRELL • Amelia ADLEM PROBERT • Mark WARD • Steve JACKSON • Simon BADCOCK • John GREEN • Robert LEE • Clive COXON • Paul MORGAN • David EXELL • Mandy COXON • Oliver MURLEY • Stephen BARLOW • Jackie BARLOW • Maria PAYNE • Samantha CHAMBERS • Carole BEESTON • Alison COOK • Samuel HAJDER • Emma DE VRIES • Peta LAGER • Andrew OAKLEY • Don COCKRELL • Amy RASSELL • Zach OLIVER • Angela WOODWARD • Debbie KEUTENIUS
WK #348 (26)
As we move into the holiday season our pool of volunteers start to dry up but that's not matched by runners, so we still need the same number of volunteers each week.
Please think about if you can volunteer over the next six weeks, you can see the Volunteer Roster for available roles.
Mobile phones and barcodes:
Can I remind you, or make you aware if you didn't know, that we cannot scan off mobile phones nor can we write down your details from the phone if you didn't bring your printed barcode, either by leaving it in the car, or in the kitchen, lost it on the run etc etc.
It is YOUR responsibilty to present a printed barcode to get a time for your run so please don't put the volunteers in an awkward position by asking them to scan or write down your details from a phone.
It takes about a minute to enter a written down runners details into the results.
Ah, just a minute you say, surely no problem!
But, if we have 30 of those, we have used up 30 mins that we will never get back again or in fact, we could have run a parkrun ourselves in that time!!
The parkrun rule of "No barcode, no time" is there for a reason so please abide by it and help the volunteers each week without undue pressure on them.
Miles of Miles
There is still time to enter a mile race personal challenge at the track in Melbourne Stadium on the 11th August.

You will get a Technical Running Tshirt for the first ever Chelmsford Miles of Miles Festival!
You can get your hands on one by entering Here
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Event Director
The Chelmsford Central core team are:

Gerry McGovern : Paul Brookes David JeffreyMandy Coxon : Nichola Norman


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The parkrun show This ran from September 2011 to March 2015 and gives a fascinating history of parkrun through those years and where some of the things you hear now were started, like #DFYB.
Chelmsford Central parkrun features in these episodes - February 2013 and August 2013

Launched last year is a podcast from Vassos Alexander (Virgin Radio) Free, Weekly, Timed

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