Run Report for Event #351

Event #351 saw a very mixed bag of weather, but it didn't stop 675 of you coming to Chelmsford Central parkrun to enjoy a walk, jog or run through our city's parks this week. We welcomed 56 new parkrunners and a handful of tourists from near and far including New Zealand!
Biggest UK parkruns: 1. Bushy Park (1194), 2. Southampton (858), 3. Poole (781), 4. Edinburgh (764), 5. Heaton Park (722), 6. Chelmsford Central (675), 7. Nonsuch (626), 8. Tooting Common (624), 9. Telford (600), 10. Cardiff (583),
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As I mentioned at the beginning of my run brief, ELLA KNIGHT was 18 on Saturday and kicked off her birthday celebrations by running her 230th parkrun: what a fantastic achievement, well done, Ella!
Another regular Chelmsford parkrunner, Nikki Woodyard, made the national top 10 of female parkrunners with an amazing time of 18.11!


If you are interested in fast parkrun times then they are published every weekend on the FAST RUNNING.COM website.
The event was made possible by 44 wonderful volunteers:

Graeme ST LEGER • Paul BROOKES • Holly CHANDLER • Claire EADES • Ruth SMITH • Tim SPENCER • Helen PELLS • John MCCAYNA • Paul STUKAS • Malcolm CRESSWELL • John CUTTER • David JEFFREY • John HOLLAND • Christopher BROWN • Katy HODIVALA • Nichola NORMAN • Janet KING • Karen HATCHER • Louise DYER • Nigel COCKRELL • Linda DOSSET • Jeffrey DOSSET • Claire ANSBRIDGE • Steve JACKSON • Dominic KIRK • John GREEN • Phil RUSBY • Clive COXON • Paul MORGAN • David EXELL • Mandy COXON • Cal WRIGHT • John SPILLANE • Henry WILLIS • Jane MITCHELL • Carole BEESTON • Andrew OAKLEY • Mary COWL • Don COCKRELL • Valerie MITCHELL • Claire SMITH • Sue JOHNSON • Elizabeth MATHISON • Daniel EASTON
On Sunday the inaugural "Miles of Miles" festival was held at Melbourne Stadium attended by about 120 runners.
This was the classic mile distance and all ages took part including runners who had never ran on the track and a lot of parkrunners. It was a great few hours running and hope it will be repeated next year.
Here are the results.
1 2
3 4
5 6

Have a great week everyone!
See you next Saturday!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chelmsford Central parkrun Results Page.

The Chelmsford Central core team are:

Gerry McGovern : Paul Brookes David JeffreyMandy Coxon : Nichola Norman


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