Run Report for Event #354

WK #354(5)
This week 787 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 51 were first timers and 86 recorded new Personal Bests.
Biggest UK parkruns: 1. Bushy Park (1583), 2. Southampton (1076), 3. Milton Keynes (1075), 4. Bromley (942), 5. Poole (895), 6. Heaton Park (850), 7. Nonsuch (837), 8. Chelmsford Central (787), 9. Cannon Hill (784), 10. Clapham Common (779)
WK #354 (2) WK #354 (3)
The event was made possible by 39 volunteers:
Ann THOMAS • Gerry MCGOVERN • Graeme ST LEGER • Paul BROOKES • Holly CHANDLER • John David HOSKYN • Tim SPENCER • Chris BEAZELEY • Christine ABBOTT • John MCCAYNA • Chris HARGRAVES • Rebecca SMITH • Nichola NORMAN • Louise DYER • Nigel COCKRELL • Amelia ADLEM PROBERT • Linda DOSSET • Jeffrey DOSSET • Alison RAYNER • John GREEN • Jo JIGGINS • Paul MORGAN • Peter SNOWDON • Jennifer BENNETT • Carole BEESTON • Jeremy LAGER • Peta LAGER • Claire MUSSELWHITE • Fiona GRIFFITHS • James GRIFFITHS • Sophie SCOTT • Henrietta FORDER • Don COCKRELL • Nathan MCKEOGH • Amy RASSELL • Russell COWELL • Vivienne TOBIAS • Elizabeth MATHISON • Karen BRANGHAM
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chelmsford Central parkrun Results Page.
Chelmsford Central parkrun started on 19th January 2013. Since then 14,411 participants have completed 170,065 parkruns covering a total distance of 850,325 km, including 26,205 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,394 individuals have volunteered 11,313 times.

Barcode reminder...!
To get a time recorded for your run and for it to appear on your parkrun profile, it is your responsibility to bring along your personal barcode either in a paper form or by purchasing permanent cards or bands. Order Here
We cannot scan from phones nor can we write your number down from the phone, so please don't ask us to do that.
Each run you get recorded works towards the Milestone tees, so it's worth remembering your barcode.
Plus, you get a full record on how awesome you are! :)

The monthly event is this week, 7th September, if you want to take advantage of the seasonal weather and grab a PB, just follow your pacer number!
Full details of the pacers will be announced on our facebook page and on the morning of the run.
WK #341 (541)
Chelmsford 10k
PB achieved? How about stepping up and giving the Chelmsford 10k a go in November, it's great local race and well supported and you will see a lot of familiar parkrun faces as well.

"Chelmsford AC are delighted to advise that entries are now open for the 2019 Chelmsford 10k sponsored by NewEra Running coaching, taking place on Sunday 17th November, 2pm, at Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre, Melbourne Stadium."
You actually finish on the track in the stadium.

"We are also excited to announce that due to popular demand, and following the enormous success of the recent Miles of Miles event, we will be organising some “Junior Miles of Miles” for children on the same day, sponsored by Athletics FUNdamentals."

You can enter Here

David will be the master of ceromonies for the next two weeks so please give him your support by volunteering where we need volunteers to put the event on. Volunteer Roster

Run Director Events #353 & #354

The Chelmsford Central core team are:

Gerry McGovern : Paul Brookes David JeffreyMandy Coxon : Nichola Norman


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The parkrun show This ran from September 2011 to March 2015 and gives a fascinating history of parkrun through those years and where some of the things you hear now were started, like #DFYB.
Chelmsford Central parkrun features in these episodes - February 2013 and August 2013

Launched last year is a podcast from Vassos Alexander (Virgin Radio) Free, Weekly, Timed

For an indpendent parkrun podcast from the presenters of The parkrun show called With Me Now

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