Run Report for Event #362

This week 601 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests.

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Not since the 27th July 2019 (557) have we seen an attendance as low as todays. But, the reality is that all we do is mirror what happens nationally with the weather, holidays and Rugby matches!

So much so, that this weeks top 10 attended UK parkruns were:
1. Bushy Park (897) 2. Southampton (814) 3. Chelmsford Central (601) 4. Edinburgh (600) 5. Poole (592) 6. Heaton Park (513) 7. Nonsuch (465) 8. Finsbury Park (454) 9. Tilgate (441)
10. Guildford (432)

Last Sunday saw the annual Chelmsford Marathon/The J's Hospice take place, this is the 6th consecutive year it has been held and as the major local race in the City (Chelmsford 10k is the other) a good number of local parkrunners take part. Regular parkrunners Alex Manton and Emma Prideaux bagged 1st male/female places. Well done to all that ran, time to start training for next year! :)

The full marathon results can be found HERE
(these are a few of the marathon runners at todays event)
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The event was made possible by 33 volunteers:

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Here is your scanner team looking relaxed after scanning nearly 600 runners.
Gerry MCGOVERN • Paul BROOKES • Holly CHANDLER • Ruth FERGUSON • Emily SMITH • John MCCAYNA • David JEFFREY • Kathleen BARRETT • Rebecca SMITH • Neil WARNER • Sophie PARKER • Laura WILLIAMS • Amelia ADLEM PROBERT • Lee MONK • Elizabeth LAUGHLIN • John GREEN • Gill WARNER • Vivien KIGGINS • Clive COXON • Paul MORGAN • Peter SNOWDON • Isaac ADNI • Lisa DYER • Carole BEESTON • Jo MORGAN • Peta LAGER • Toby HELLEN • Don COCKRELL • Louise MAIKOVSKY • Nathan MCKEOGH • Ben CURTIS • Pat SMITH • Christine RHODES

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In the pre-run brief this week I made a point that runners with dogs should not use extendable leads and that runners with buggies should not expect runners to get out of their way, it's up to the buggy runner to make their way safely around runners in front of them or wait until they can.
As the attendances gets bigger, the paths get smaller, please run with consideration for all parkrunners/walkers.
If there are further incidents/complaints the alternative is that we review the dog/buggy policy at this event for future runs.
Help us, to help you have a great experience at this weekly, free, timed event run by volunteers.

Next week is Chasethepacer week and we already have pacers set up from 19mins to 35mins for you.
There are still some volunteer roles available for next week so please check the Volunteer Roster and EMAIL us if you want to volunteer.

Thanks for reading our weekly run report and see you all next week unless you are watching the rugby world cup final!

Run Director Event #362

The Chelmsford Central core team are:

Gerry McGovern : Paul Brookes David JeffreyMandy Coxon : Nichola Norman


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