Run Report for Event #363

A Rugby World Cup Final, Half Term, bad weather in a large part of the country, what could possibly make people stay away from parkrun this week!

Well, quite a lot of you decided to boost the TV viewing figures for a Saturday morning.

The table below shows the last three weeks and the changes in attendances for Chelmsford against the UK figures, I guess we conclude that Chelmsford parkrunners were not so supportive of the RWC semi-final but of course they were for the final, shame it wasn't a result we all wanted.


However, the biggest UK parkruns featured us in the top 10 again:
1. Bushy Park (804) 2. Heaton Park (629) 3. Chelmsford Central (498) 4. Sheffield Hallam (477) 5. Edinburgh (456) 6. Hull (450) 7. Huddersfield (448) 8. Stretford (429)
9. Southampton (419) 10. Livingston (416)

All very interesting stats but more importantly, what happened to all of the 498 parkrunners and 48 volunteers who attended our monthly #chasethepacer event?
We had 25 first timers and 43 recorded new Personal Bests.

Our Pacer day is held on the first week of the month, next event will be 7th December.

WK #363 (11)

WK #363 (17) WK #363 (192)
WK #363 (213) WK #363 (240)

The event was made possible by 48 volunteers:

Gerry MCGOVERN • Holly CHANDLER • John David HOSKYN • Claire SPLARN • Benjamin SPLARN • Chris BEAZELEY • Robin Edward MCCOY • Richard SEE • John MCCAYNA • Li HAWKSWORTH • David JEFFREY • Phil HARPER • Dan SUMMERS • Rebecca SMITH • Jenny HIGGS • Nichola NORMAN • Neil WARNER • Louise DYER • Simon SCHULTZ • Jeffrey DOSSET • Adrian HAMPEL • Dc FURY • Alison RAYNER • Elizabeth LAUGHLIN • Les GRAY • Barry HORGAN • John GREEN • Gill WARNER • Ian MYERS • Rob DUNCOMBE • Rachel MCKEOWN • Jackie BARLOW • Paula TILLING • Bernard JONES • Lisa DYER • Carole BEESTON • Jeremy LAGER • Isaac LAW • Toby HELLEN • Danielle LAW • William LAW • Natalie GRAVELL • Sophie SCOTT • Don COCKRELL • Nathan MCKEOGH • Harry CANNON • Vivienne TOBIAS • Christine RHODES

WK #363 (258)

Whilst the majority of the event was weather friendly, the end of the event wasn't so kind to the last runners/walkers and the volunteers out on the course, a really strong wind and a downpour gave us a great send off packing the event away!

WK #363 (452)

As we are now in November and we have just 8 weeks/runs until Christmas it seems appropriate to announce our runs over the Christmas period:

21st December - Normal Saturday run
25th December - Extra event 9am start
28th December - Normal Saturday run.
1st January 2020 - Extra Event 10:30 start

I made a few announcements in the run brief, one was about a missing person on a mobility scooter that the Police asked us to announce, no news on that one. The other was about two of our runners who were attacked in the park whilst running on Friday evening, we had some useful information which was passed onto the police to follow up. We will provide an update once we know more on this if we are able to.

Paul will be your Run Director next week and the roster looks very healthy but don't let that stop you offering to volunteer, there are 8 events until Xmas!

Thanks for reading

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