Run Report for Event #373

So with something approaching normality resumed it was Parkrun at 9am on a Saturday morning and with the added bonus of pacer day and whilst not hitting the heights of last week there was still a bumper turnout of 915 runners, joggers and walkers enjoying their free 5k trip around Chelmsford`s parks.

Everyone likes to get back to the old routine.

WK #373 (16)

This week with the hint of new year resolutions in the air we welcomed 73 first timers and the odd dog.

WK #373 (20)

We also had a healthy array of tourists visiting Chelmsford this week although not many travelled as far asTrev and Janine Bowdidge whose home Parkrun is The Entrance poarkrun which is just outside Sydney.

WK #373 (377)

To carry on the Aussie theme a couple of our regular runners had an unplanned meeting in a land down under on the 28th December at Margaret River parkrun, they didn't really know each other but Rob Knight and Ivan Newman recognised that they both ran at Chelmsford Central.
"Margaret River parkrun" is on the other side of Australia to "The Entrance parkrun" about 3,000 miles away by road!
Amazing that two Chelmsford runners were at that particular event on the same day 9,000 miles away from here!!
Parkrun can be a small world sometimes!


With such large numbers we rely even more heavily on our volunteers so a big thank you to those who stepped up to the mark this week.

WK #373 (34)

915 is an awful lot of clicking on the stop watch and having eyes in the back of your head also helps.
Luckily Laura and John were more than up to the task.

WK #373 (23)

It also takes a bit of dexterity to hand out that many tokens to keep everyone moving along so a big thank you to Jo and Claire who was on debut at the end of the funnel.

WK #373 (102)

And here are all this weeks stars.

Gerry MCGOVERN • Liz IRVINE • Paul BROOKES • Anita COCKRELL • Steve BARR • Holly CHANDLER • Gary CHANDLER • Michael RICHTER • Lynne GAREY • Chris BEAZELEY • Richard SEE • John MCCAYNA • Paul STUKAS • David JEFFREY • Phil HARPER • Christopher BROWN • Dan SUMMERS • Rebecca SMITH • Sue ARMSTRONG • Nichola NORMAN • Chris PRO • Stephen LUSHINGTON • Robert ADAMS • Alex BENSON • Amelia ADLEM PROBERT • Linda DOSSET • Mark WARD • Jeffrey DOSSET • Alison RAYNER • Les GRAY • Clive COXON • Jo JIGGINS • Paul MORGAN • Peter SNOWDON • Rachel MCKEOWN • Paul COCKRELL • Antony KARAS • Gavin TILLING • Charlie THACKERAY • Toby HEWING • Emily THORPE • Lisa DYER • Carole BEESTON • Rachael BASSETT • Jeremy LAGER • Peta LAGER • Fiona GRIFFITHS • Andrew OAKLEY • Alexandria BESSENT • James GRIFFITHS • Paul FORSTER • Don COCKRELL • Nathan MCKEOGH • Anthony KIELY • Laura CHITTENDEN • Elizabeth MATHISON • Angela WOODWARD • Daniel MARTIN • Claire NEWMAN • Hannah ADEDOTUN • Christine RHODES

This week Chelmsford was 8th in the Uk attendances

Bushy Park (1815), Southampton (1387), Clapham Common (1103) Heaton Park (1025), Tooting Common (1019), Poole (1011), Cardiff (960), Chelmsford (915)

What ever the numbers it certainly puts a smile on people`s faces.

WK #373 (134)WK #373 ()WK #373 (451)

Have a good week.

Run Director

The Chelmsford Central core team are:

Gerry McGovern : Paul Brookes : David Jeffrey: Mandy Coxon : Nichola Norman


You can read the parkrun profile about Chelmsford Central parkrun HERE

Please check our Volunteer Roster to see if you are able to help out at anytime, there are plenty of roles available to do and all are rewarding and great fun!


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