Run Report for Event# 374

It must be that time of year as you can see from the numbers below that the popularity of Parkrun continues to grow with all the usual suspects experiencing large turnouts.

Biggest UK parkruns: Bushy Park (1663), Southampton (1436), Clapham Common (1310), Tooting Common (1092), Heaton Park (1080), Cardiff (1050), Poole (1000), Finsbury Park (969), Cannon Hill (966), Chelmsford Central(921)

There is the outside chance that word had spread of Paul`s oratory skills looking at the first timers who had ventured down to Central Park for the first time. There were in fact 74 making their first venture into Chelmsford parkrun.

WK #374 (4)

In amongst the throng of 921 runners, walkers and joggers 78 of you achieved a PB.

WK #374 (10)

Whether its chasing that PB, meeting up with or making new friends or just getting out there and giving it a go
Parkrun certainly seems to tick all the boxes.

WK #374 (613) WK #374 (681) WK #374 (400) WK #374 (209)

Well done to all this weeks milestone achievers, especially those brave enough to step out the front.
You can even bring your own trophy.

WK #374 (7)

Once again a big thank you to the 40 volunteers who made this all happen this week.

WK #374 (679)

WK #374 (583)

and here they are.

Gerry MCGOVERN • Paul BROOKES • Anita COCKRELL • Holly CHANDLER • Michael RICHTER • Sarah BOWERMAN • Apryl HAMMETT • Robin Edward MCCOY • David JEFFREY • Robert HALDANE • Christopher BROWN • Sharon HALDANE • Rebecca SMITH • Patrick STURCH • Amelia ADLEM PROBERT • Linda DOSSET • Jeffrey DOSSET • Dc FURY • Alison RAYNER • Elizabeth LAUGHLIN • Henry BELL • Giles ADAMS • Nick MILLS • Paul COCKRELL • Charlie THACKERAY • Judith BROWNE • Lisa DYER • Carole BEESTON • Peta LAGER • Toby HELLEN • Fiona GRIFFITHS • Shirley EMPTAGE • Don COCKRELL • Darren BODDY • Hazel GADSDEN • Nathan MCKEOGH • Anthony KIELY • Amy RASSELL • Laura CHITTENDEN • Angela WOODWARD

With the large numbers that we are getting at the moment there are a number of things you can do to make the volunteers life a little easier.

1. Don't forget your barcode, remember no barcode no time. Please don't put the volunteers in an awkward position by asking.
2.If you don't want a time don't run into the funnel or past the time keepers.
3.Once in the funnel please stay in position and be patient waiting for your token as jumping out of line causes havoc with everyone`s time and position.

These little things will help everything to run smoothly.

WK #374 (529)

WK #374 (564)

Well that's it for this week just a reminder that we turn 7 years old next week so its time to get baking and dust down those fancy dress outfits.

You might be surprised what sort of characters turn up in the park on a Saturday morning.

WK #322(15)

Hot off the Press!
The inaugural Good Friday 10k will take place on April 10th (11am) at Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre. You can enter HERE.
Unique Medals to all finishers, secure bag drop area, eco friendly water stations, fast rural route and you finish in Melbourne Athletics Stadium on the track.

Nichola will be your hostess for the next couple of weeks.

Run Director

The Chelmsford Central core team are:

Gerry McGovern : Paul Brookes David JeffreyNichola Norman


You can read the parkrun profile about Chelmsford Central parkrun HERE

Please check our Volunteer Roster to see if you are able to help out at anytime, there are plenty of roles available to do and all are rewarding and great fun!


If you like a good podcast to listen to, here are the parkrun ones:

The parkrun show This ran from September 2011 to March 2015 and gives a fascinating history of parkrun through those years and where some of the things you hear now were started, like #DFYB.
Chelmsford Central parkrun features in these episodes - February 2013 and August 2013

Launched last year is a podcast from Vassos Alexander (Virgin Radio) Free, Weekly, Timed

For an indpendent parkrun podcast from the presenters of The parkrun show called With Me Now

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