Run Report for Event #77

This week we saw 299 runners join us for our 'Tour de France' event, braving the damp conditions. It was lovely seeing so many of you joining in with our 'wear something yellow' theme, with one of our regular volunteers, Sharon Haldane, taking the cover photo slot this week sporting her 'Tour de France' t-shirt! We even had our very own tour makers, Gerry and Tracy !
This week we also had a new runner who completed the course and raised £500 for the Bobby Moore Trust - unfortunately I have no further details, but if it was you, then please do write in so we can share your success! (Looking at the photos I believe it was Glen Smith - so well done to you!)
Also joining us this week was Richard Hammer from Basingstoke. Richard completed his 200th run with us on Saturday - thank you for choosing Chelmsford Central parkrun for this momentous occasion!
So, chase the pacer week! Always such a buzz after this event, seeing people achieve PBs - well done to everyone :). Although all our pacers deserve a shout out, our 20min pacer, Darren and 36min pacer, Chris, both went back out having completed the course in their chosen time, to help bring others in - Chris went back out twice! Such a great community spirit with everyone wanting everyone else to do well. So, not only to all our pacers, our runners and our volunteers - Thank you for contributing to the success of our weekly events and in helping build the community here at Chelmsford Central parkrun.
Pacers and their times:
Darren Sutton - 20 min pacer - 19:47
Paul Anderson - 21 min pacer - 20:48
Emily Smith - 22 min pacer - 21:52
Damian Barrett - 24 min pacer - 24:08
Claire Splarn - 26 min pacer - 26:05
Apryl Hammett - 28 min pacer - 27:55
Mark Davies - 30 min pacer - 29:49
Trevor Millard - 32 min pacer - 31:56
Simon Oswald - 33 min pacer - 32:56
Chris Pro - 36 min pacer - Chris did not cross the finish line as he went back out, he did however finish in just under 36 mins - so technically we actually had 300 runners!


A Few Run Highlights

Men's placings:
Stephen STRANGE (SM20-24) of Basildon AC, was first over the line in 16:58 - 4th time in 4 appearances.
Sebastian CIRILLO (SM20-24) of Basildon AC, was second over the line in 17:40.
Ken HOYE (VM35-39) of Chelmsford AC, was third over the line in 18:07.
Women's placings:
Tracey RANSON (SW30-34) of Springfield Striders RC, was first (12th overall) over the line in 19:28 - first time in 6 appearances.
Elizabeth DAVIES (VW35-39) of Springfield Striders RC, was second (15th overall) over the line in 19:43 - has been first to finish on 19 previous occasions.
Jessica PILGRIM (SW30-34) (Unattached) was third (30th overall) over the line in 20:48.
This week there were 299 runners, of whom 33 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different athletics clubs took part.
Chelmsford Central parkrun started on 19th January 2013, and since then 3,117 different runners, including participants from 174 athletics clubs, have completed 18,298 runs covering a total distance of 91,490 km, and there have been 4,774 new Personal Bests.
The women's record is held by Elizabeth DAVIES who ran in a time of 00:17:22 on 2014-05-03 (event number 68).
The men's record is held by Alastair WATSON who ran in a time of 00:14:56 on 2013-08-17 (event number 30).
You can find the latest results for Chelmsford Central parkrun by going to the Latest Results page on the website, or by picking a specific week from the Event History table.
Your volunteers this week were:
Alfie MOORE • Allison GILLAN • Apryl HAMMETT • Chris PRO • Christopher SEWELL • Claire SPLARN • Clementina ELEADY-COLE • Daisy ELEADY-COLE • Damian BARRETT • Darren SUTTON • Dawn THOMAS • Emily SMITH • Gerry MCGOVERN • Janet KING • Janey PIKE • Karen HATCHER • Laura HAGUE • Lorraine MANLOVE • Mark DAVIES • Mia HAROON • Paul ANDERSON • Paul BROOKES • Paul NORRIS • Rehman HAROON • Robert SUMNER • Sarah DAVIES • Sharon HALDANE • Simon OSWALD • Susan BANNOCKS • Tracy RAYNER • Trevor MILLARD
So, I'm handing over to Gerry, please show him your support by putting yourself forward to volunteer - If you would like to volunteer, do drop him a message to
As always you have been FABULOUS!
Sarah Davies
Run Director
Chelmsford Central parkrun
As well as checking on this site regularly for the latest information and updates, don't forget you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Run Report for Event #16

This is the run report for event number 16.
WOW! What can I say, what an amazing turnout this morning! There was definitely a warm fuzzy feeling watching all 202 of you set off this morning :) - what a privilege being involved in such a warm spirited community event. Each of the core team secretly aspires to be the one who holds the record course attendance on 'their' watch and this week, having set a new record last week of 143, it was completely smashed by today's numbers, and on MY watch!! So a MASSIVE thank you for everyone who came along and supported us today at Chelmsford Central parkrun - we are very honored :)
We had ideal conditions this morning, nice and sunny, not too hot and with a slight breeze, which meant there were no course changes and a good day to get a PB ;)
This morning, Gerry, started off by awarding Katie Brazier with her club 10 certificate - so a BIG well done to Katie!!
We were also joined by some lovely ladies who are taking part in the Moonwalk next week, along with more walkers. It was lovely to have more people join us from this category - so well done and thank you for coming along to support us.

A Few Run Highlights
We had 49 first timers this morning with 89 of the 202 achieving PB's.
Well done to our fastest male, Malcolm MUIR, first over the line in 16:32 - an amazing third time in 3 appearances!! Second over the line for the men was Ken HOYE, in 17:10 and placed third was Gary CHANDLER, in 17:44 - Gary has been first to finish on 2 previous occassions.

Our fastest lady, Jackie STRETTON, 10th overall, finished in 18:39 - 6th time in 12 appearances. Coming in second was Carys SUTTON, 25th overall, in 20:13 and placed third for the ladies was Siobhan COOK, 40th overall, in 21:19.
You can find the latest results for Chelmsford Central parkrun by going to the Latest Results page on the website, or by picking a specific week from the Event History table.

I would also like to thank everyone for their patience in the short wait in getting everyone's barcode scanned - that is the biggest queue we've ever had!! So, my first volunteer shout out goes to Catherine Davey and Therese Brabant, our 2 lovely ladies assigned scanning duty this morning. Given the high numbers, they processed everyone quickly and efficiently - thank you ladies you did an awesome job :)
The rest of the volunteer shout outs this week are: Anna Luff, Sue Smith, Leonie Brabant, Paul Brookes, Nicole Callaghan, Chris Davies, Mark Moughton and his daughter, James Smith, Gerry McGovern and Clare Chandler! We are most appreciative here at Chelmsford Central parkrun HQ; our events would not be possible without you. If you would like to sign up to volunteer, if you haven't already, you can do so here
As well as checking on this site regularly for the latest information and updates, don't forget you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.
So, I now hand over to Len and look forward to seeing our numbers continue to grow. Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend, make the most of the sunshine!
Until next time - you have been FABULOUS :)
Sarah Davies
Run Director
Chelmsford Central parkrun

2013 Edward Carr Great Baddow Charity Race

The Rotary Cub of Chelmsford Mildmay are putting together the finishing touches to the 2013 Edward Carr Great Baddow Charity Race. The Great Baddow Charity Race is now in its 29th year, and since it was first run, the event has become a firm favourite in the sporting calendar of Chelmsford, and particularly Great Baddow. Held on Sunday 19th May, there is a 10 mile road race for the serious runner and a 2 mile fun run for all to join in.

This year one of the beneficiary charities is Alzheimer's Society which works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in Essex through local support services such as Singing for the Brain in Chelmsford and Maldon and the Memory Clinic at Broomfield hospital.

As Community Fundraiser for Alzheimer's Society in Essex, I would like to invite any runners interested in taking part in the event to consider doing so runners to raise sponsorship money for Alzheimer's Society We depend on voluntary donations to continue our vital work.You can be part of our plan to deal with dementia.

Click here to go to the Alzheimer's society page.

If you have any questions or would like more information and support in fundraising for Alzheimer's Society, please feel free to give me a call on 01245 257513 or email me at

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