Cheltenham parkrun Run Report 26/10/19 Event #349 Rain and Rugby

Could it have been much wetter?! Probably, but 274 runners and walkers braved the elements and finished their parkrun today.

I was touring from Arrow Valley, partly for a “C” in the Pirates Running Challenge and partly because it was one of the nearest events that I haven’t done yet.

Setting off on the M5 for my 40 minute journey did make me question whether I should have stayed local today however I made it (just about) and checked in with Mitch who was attempting to keep paperwork dry.

As I got there everything was looking very familiar and I started to question whether I’d already done this parkrun before. I’ve done almost 40 different events but was I really that forgetful? When I walked across to the start with a sense of déjà vu, I realised this was one of the Gloucestershire Cross Country League courses which I’d run last year. As I went over the bridge four times I was reminded that we didn’t use the bridge in cross country but went through the water which was looking very deep today, hope it’s a bit lower when we come back this year.

As I’d missed the First Timers Brief David very kindly explained that we would run the winter course, 4 laps of the lake and this could be slippy and muddy so to take extra care, much appreciated as he was absolutely right. Puddles were threatening to turn into lakes of their own as we got to our fourth laps. At least we weren’t going through that water crossing!

Mitch’s “Strictly” RD Briefing was brilliant, with props and feather boas, it brightened up a rainy day. I could tell he’d spent hours practicing!


A few stats about the morning;

Highest Age Grading was Robert Datnow 75.28%.

Most experienced parkrunners were Almost Athletes club-mates Simon Jarvis and Matthew Bevan both on 308.

Not far behind them is Prashanth Kumar Sripathi who is fast approaching an arbitrary 300, currently on 296.

Milestones today;

Sophie Barker and Danielle Hadad had their 100th parkrun.

Rob Green has his 100 next week.

Howard Butcher, Hannah Monro and Shaun Newton celebrated 50 today although the men kept that quiet as I didn’t see them being dressed up at the start!

Chris Hemingway, David Pickard, Nelsinho Trowbridge and Nick Mayers will celebrate their 50th next run.

There were 7 1st timers today, well done to you, hope the rain didn’t put you off coming back for week 2.

23 clubs were represented with Almost Athletes having the highest number of runners with 16 taking part.


There were some fab volunteers today, special mention to the Marshall near the bollards who has surely lost her voice after all that encouragement and shouting out the Rugby scores which I’m sure was appreciated by those that had foregone the match to faithfully parkrun, what a dilemma!

Thanks to the volunteers, please give it a go if you never have, it’s a great way to get to know people and to appreciate what happens behind the scenes:

Charlotte ZOLTONOS  • Cheryl CLAY • David BLACK  • Emma DOOLEY • Eve DATNOW •  Gail GILBERT • Hannah BOYDELL •  Hannah RICHARDS • Ivana WILSON • Janine BENNETT  • Jeanette Elizabeth GULLICK • Jessie GOMER • Kavyashree PARKALA  • Kevin NORMAN • Linda COLE • Marysia JARVIS • Mike JARVIS • Neil DOOLEY  • Paula GOMERSALL • Peter MITCHENER • Pete