Cheltenham parkrun Run Report 26/10/19 Event #349 Rain and Rugby

Could it have been much wetter?! Probably, but 274 runners and walkers braved the elements and finished their parkrun today.

I was touring from Arrow Valley, partly for a “C” in the Pirates Running Challenge and partly because it was one of the nearest events that I haven’t done yet.

Setting off on the M5 for my 40 minute journey did make me question whether I should have stayed local today however I made it (just about) and checked in with Mitch who was attempting to keep paperwork dry.

As I got there everything was looking very familiar and I started to question whether I’d already done this parkrun before. I’ve done almost 40 different events but was I really that forgetful? When I walked across to the start with a sense of déjà vu, I realised this was one of the Gloucestershire Cross Country League courses which I’d run last year. As I went over the bridge four times I was reminded that we didn’t use the bridge in cross country but went through the water which was looking very deep today, hope it’s a bit lower when we come back this year.

As I’d missed the First Timers Brief David very kindly explained that we would run the winter course, 4 laps of the lake and this could be slippy and muddy so to take extra care, much appreciated as he was absolutely right. Puddles were threatening to turn into lakes of their own as we got to our fourth laps. At least we weren’t going through that water crossing!

Mitch’s “Strictly” RD Briefing was brilliant, with props and feather boas, it brightened up a rainy day. I could tell he’d spent hours practicing!


A few stats about the morning;

Highest Age Grading was Robert Datnow 75.28%.

Most experienced parkrunners were Almost Athletes club-mates Simon Jarvis and Matthew Bevan both on 308.

Not far behind them is Prashanth Kumar Sripathi who is fast approaching an arbitrary 300, currently on 296.

Milestones today;

Sophie Barker and Danielle Hadad had their 100th parkrun.

Rob Green has his 100 next week.

Howard Butcher, Hannah Monro and Shaun Newton celebrated 50 today although the men kept that quiet as I didn’t see them being dressed up at the start!

Chris Hemingway, David Pickard, Nelsinho Trowbridge and Nick Mayers will celebrate their 50th next run.

There were 7 1st timers today, well done to you, hope the rain didn’t put you off coming back for week 2.

23 clubs were represented with Almost Athletes having the highest number of runners with 16 taking part.


There were some fab volunteers today, special mention to the Marshall near the bollards who has surely lost her voice after all that encouragement and shouting out the Rugby scores which I’m sure was appreciated by those that had foregone the match to faithfully parkrun, what a dilemma!

Thanks to the volunteers, please give it a go if you never have, it’s a great way to get to know people and to appreciate what happens behind the scenes:

Charlotte ZOLTONOS  • Cheryl CLAY • David BLACK  • Emma DOOLEY • Eve DATNOW •  Gail GILBERT • Hannah BOYDELL •  Hannah RICHARDS • Ivana WILSON • Janine BENNETT  • Jeanette Elizabeth GULLICK • Jessie GOMER • Kavyashree PARKALA  • Kevin NORMAN • Linda COLE • Marysia JARVIS • Mike JARVIS • Neil DOOLEY  • Paula GOMERSALL • Peter MITCHENER • Pete


Cheltenham parkrun: 342 07/09/2019

A two-hour round-trip for a 5k run isn't perhaps the most efficient use of time and petrol but this morning, I was really excited about the chance to run Cheltenham parkrun. My home parkrun, Marlborough Common, was cancelled whilst the circus is in town. As a member of the core team, I volunteer most weeks so I was thrilled to take the opportunity to do some parkrun touristing. My dad grew up in Cheltenham and his side of the family still live there. This weekend was my aunt's birthday, so the timing was perfect! 
Right from the start, I was struck at how friendly Cheltenham parkrun is. It also has loos, which automatically endears a run location to my heart (and my bowels). I introduced myself to the jolly Run Director, listened to the first-timer briefing and then followed the crowd to the start. With 582 runners today, the field was over three times the size of our little event, but I was struck at the sense of community. The Run Director briefing was fast and funny (I shall be stealing many of his lines for the next time I'm let loose on the microphone). Visitors were welcomed from near and far (York and Washington DC being the furthest). The epic Rachel Fargher celebrated her 250th parkrun by being crammed into a silly hat for a photo. Fabulous stuff. And then, without further ado, we all lined up, got counted down and we were off.
I thoroughly enjoyed running the Cheltenham course. Pittville Park is pretty and I loved the mix of grass, trail and pavement. We'd been warned that the start would be crowded and it was indeed, but that stopped me dashing off too fast and dying in the final mile. The marshals were friendly and encouraging and the weather was pretty much perfection! 
The thing I most loved was the kids out running this morning. A little boy in a buggy chanted 'Go. Faster. Go. Faster' as his dad ran as hard as he could behind him. A young girl ran strongly along in a fabulous running outfit that I was a bit jealous of. A boy politely thanked every marshal as he ran past. A little girl skipped gaily along, hand in hand with her dad. One of the things I most love about parkrun is the way it encourages children to get active and to embrace running, and the magic of parkrun was in full force this morning. 
I was pretty chuffed with my (unremarkable) finish time even if I didn't get to ring the PB bell. And, having quickly changed my clothes and dried my hair under a hand-dryer so as to not scare my elegant aunt, I headed over to see my family, drink coffee and eat shortbread.
If you want some stats, there were 582 parkrunners this morning. There were 109 PBs, 62 first-timers and 39 fabulous volunteers. As a regular volunteer, I promise that volunteering can be even more joyful than running, so if you've never volunteered, I'd really recommend you give it a go. Speak to any volunteer next week for more information. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my parkrun at Cheltenham this morning. Thanks so much for having me! Please do come and visit us any time at Marlborough, we'd love to see you. 

Cheltenham parkrun – Event 330 15 June 2019

This time last year we were basking in day after day of sunshine and commenting on how so hot it was to run parkrun at 9am.  This week most of us were probably thinking wouldn’t it be just nice to do parkrun in the dry. And we did! The rainclouds held off 511 walkers, joggers and runners completed the course supported by the great team of volunteers.

It was my 4th visit to Cheltenham parkrun. We decided a few weeks ago upon Cheltenham as it is sort of half way between Bristol and Coventry. My wife’s family live in Coventry and are also parkrunners so it was the perfect place to meet up. In fact, it was my sister in law who some 7 ½ years ago got my wife into parkrunnning and in turn my wife (once Bristol opened a flat parkrun – which sadly years later was closed by the Parish Council in Little Stoke) got me parkrunning. parkrun is now automatically built into our Saturday mornings. It was lovely to see them and they even persuaded our nieces to come as well, it might have been for breakfast afterwards although we like to think it is was to see their favourite Auntie and Uncle. So thankyou Cheltenham parkun for welcoming us all we all enjoyed our run which included new PB’s for sister and brother in law.

I would like to say a big thankyou to the volunteers as without them parkrun can’t happen

Adam ASHBY  •  Alex ATACK  •  Alex MCGRATH  •  Andrew GRIFFIN  •  Bev EDWARDS  •  Cheryl CLAY  •  Chris THOMAS  •  David PICKARD  •  Domenico GERACITANO  •  Erin DAVIES  •  Francis RUSSELL  •  Gemma HARGRAVES  •  Graeme STOPP  •  James MCGRATH  •  Janine BENNETT  •  Jessie GOMER  •  Kate BESTWICK  •  Lucy ORD  •  Melissa JONGA  •  Mike JARVIS  •  Mike SPINK  •  Neville KING  •  Nigel PROBERT  •  Nik FARMER  •  Paul EDWARDS  •  Peter MITCHENER  •  Rob HUME  •  Roy BURLAND  •  Simon GOMERSALL  •  Sophie WARREN  •  Sue MONAGHAN

Please do have a look at the roster for the coming weeks and email if you can help out.

Well done and huge thanks to Chris (Run Director) for sorting out the glitch in results. As a fellow run director (Eastville Park, Bristol) I know that sinking feeling when there is a problem and some part of the data doesn’t upload. A few months ago, we had a problem which meant that the RD that day had to manually enter all 500 barcode numbers which took them all Saturday afternoon/evening to sort. I hope you were able to enjoy the rest of the day!

Congratulations and welcome to the 21 first timers – we hope you enjoyed it and will be returning next Saturday.

Well done to –

  • Everyone for just coming and being part of parkrun,
  • Sally Freeman and Rob Green for being first female and male finishers,
  • Kath Freeman on the highest age grade which was closely followed by junior Jack Johnson,
  • 57 of you who got a new PB.

Have a good week and only 6 days to go til the next 5K parkrun (I am sitting writing this report on Sunday morning looking at the rain hoping that it will ease off before 9am for junior parkrun).

Andy Griffin


Run Report Event 326.

It’s more than six years since 234 hopefuls trundled out in a sunny five degrees to launch Cheltenham’s first parkrun. 326 events later, participant numbers have more than doubled.


This weekend saw 567 men, women and kids, not to mention a fair few buggies and dogs, cross the finish line to claim 97 PBs – and that’s just the humans. In fact, on lap one, the first participants to stream past your run reporter, marshalled as he was at around the 1k mark, consisted of a visiting runner, a dog, and a second (two-legged) runner being pulled by the dog. The dog-less traveller, Matthew Rawlings, proved to be a breed apart however, finishing in 16:26, followed by four of our very own Cheltenham runners, each of whom finished the course in under 18 minutes. The first named woman to complete the course was Jeanette Gullick of Almost Athletes, one of 33 different running clubs represented.


The run was completed by 64 First Timers and one helmeted centurion, and organised by 41 volunteers predominantly from CLC Striders running club, under the seasoned guidance of Charlie Haward.


As ever, the range of participants was enormous, not least in age. Children passed by in a wide range of emotional states, but they all crossed the finish line, and two who slipped over quickly bounced up to throw themselves back into proceedings.


All in all, many happy faces and a remarkable number of PBs, too. As for our four-legged friend who couldn’t quite pull off a first place finish, there’ll be many more opportunities. After all, every dog has his day.



Cheltenham parkrun Report – 26th January 2019

"New Year New Me?" 

As we come toward the end of January... a Dry-ish January in my case... I swapped the race trials for parkrun!

Cheltenham parkrun was a hive of activity this morning, and the atmosphere was incredible!
If like me you the saying 'New Year new you' is making your eyes roll... maybe we don't need to be in completion with ourselves and just do what works for you.

Being honest, I'm one of these people with every excuse in the book, honestly you ask me anything and I will wiggle out of it. Do you ever find yourself saying... I've worked really hard this week, I deserve a lay in, I've a busy weekend, it's wet/windy/too hot/too cold etc. etc. Yup that's me! Not for our volunteers though, who selflessly work incredibly hard to captivate community spirit week in week out!

Okay I didn't set a personal best like the other 60 plus people who are way too many to mention! – hats off to you!

But what I would really like to celebrate are the first timers at Cheltenham Oscar Mercati, Daniel Pullin, Andrew Limb, Russell Beer, Kirsty Worgan, Jamie Bell, Rosemary Hubbard, Archie Phillips, Kevin Sisson, Neil Barrett, Hannah Gornall, Bruce Mills, Claire Wallace, Alex Parish,Martin Crook, Natalie Owen, Quintin McLennan, Keiran Kelly, Rachel Mills, Shaun Piper, Ashleigh Lebbon, Dominic Sullivan, Holly Sherington, Isaac Fennell, Jenny Winfield, Clare Parfitt, Scott Parfitt, Rebecca Brown, David Williams, Chris Chruch, Peter Van Der Velde, Samuel Millward Thomas, Huxley Brazier, Frankie Mercati, Suzy Wiggins, Peter Little, Susan John, Russell John, Jo Curran, Rebecca Wheadon, Lauren Crow, Martyn Wood, Andrew Riley, Sharon Drewett, Alessandro Chiarello, Annie Griffiths, Sarah Hassan, Hannah Winter, Sarah Jennings, Judith Humphreys, Hilary Nicholls and Suzanne Foy.

Let's count the small victories! parkrun is made for all types of people from all walks of life... see what I did there.
We are putting our best foot forward... we got up, got out, and jogged on!

See you next week, and if fancy lending a hand just click here!


Run Report – 11.08.18 – Elaine Vaughan

I certainly wasn't expecting to be at Cheltenham parkrun this time last week, as my plan was to run my home parkrun Maldon Prom, and then my husband and I were going to visit our daughter who is working in Cheltenham. However her day off was changed and it meant we could only see her in the morning. Thus a hotel was booked close to Pittville Park and I was pleased to see it really was as close as it appeared on the map!
My first impressions of Pittville Park, was how pretty it was. And any parkrun that involves water is always a hit for me!  A parkrunner pointed out the start and where everyone met, and I headed over, noting the fantastic and funny signage!  It was already a hive of activity as the pre-event set up was in full flow and the marshals were being briefed. Soon it was time for the first timers briefing and it was fabulous to see the mixture of tourists and first timers.  At the start I stood next to a lady who not only knew where Maldon was and had run at the Prom!  What a small world parkrun is!  And then we were off.
We ran the 'summer course' which is two laps.  A bit of cross country and around the football field (both dry, despite the recent rain) and along paths.  Running alongside the lake and then up the 'incline of opportunity'.  A very pretty course (yes even the incline), and the two laps sped by thanks to some wonderful, enthusiastic marshalling and me trying to catch the lady in front (I failed).  A quick jot in the visitors' book once I had scanned and I was done.  What a lovely parkrun, thank you Cheltenham.
However it only happens due to the volunteers, so thank you:
Simon JARVIS • Mike JARVIS • Janine BENNETT • Isabel ALCOCK • Adrian COURTENAY • Alison HUME • Steve YARNOLD • Will DAY • Rob HUME • Graham FLETCHER • Martin THOMAS • Carrie GAMBLE • Robert FOORD • Elaine VAUGHAN • Prashanth Kumar SRIPATHI • James GORTON • Louis HAWTHORNE • Neil TRING • Sharon HADAD • Clare BONE • Matt CLEMPSON • Kate PLUMMER • Melissa JONGA • Rosie HODGES • Francis RUSSELL • Paula BREWER • Marc PLUMMER • Pete LIGHTFOOT • Susan LOW • Kieran KEATING • Cheryl CLAY • Nigel PROBERT • Nick MEADOWS • Charlette MUSTOE • Helen MCGUIRE • Gail GILBERT • Tom KABALA • Mat BENFIELD • Zoe POSNETTE • Hamish ADAMSON • Lorraine TAYLOR • Alison BIRD
And congratulations to the 503 finishers!

Cheltenham parkrun run report for January 2017

January being the first month of the year, it’s obvious to expect lots of enthusiastic runners/joggers/walkers, especially as part of their New Year resolution. And this enthusiasm was proved when new record for biggest attendance was registered on 1st event of the year on 7th of Jan with 531 runners (30 runners more than the previous record). Also average runners per week for January was 475 compared to 387 runners for 2016. 21st January event was cancelled due to icy condition, giving an opportunity for our parkrunners for bit of parkrun tourism & hence we had 3 events in January instead of 4.

parkrunners for 3 weeks in January:
Cheltenham parkrun Jan 2017 run stats

There were 202 registrations in the month of January, who had chosen Cheltenham as their home parkrun. Among these, 70 runners turned up & did their first ever parkrun. 27 parkrunners visited our parkrun as part of their tourism. 139 runners ran all 3 events, while 163 new PBs registered. 4 runners improved consistently & registered PBs in all 3 events, impressively Oliver Molony registered 3 PBs with an improvement of 1 Min 20 Sec! Most consistent runner is Andrzej Konior with finishing time 19:27 ± 00:03 Sec. In January, 7 Juniors joined 10 club, 9 joined 50 club and 4 enjoined joining century club.

Volunteers are the real heroes behind parkrun events. In these 3 weeks, 95 roles were covered by 65 volunteers. If you ever wondered whether you could volunteer at parkrun, then answer is YES. parkrun needs many volunteers covering different roles like marshals, timekeepers, scanners, token givers etc, but each role is critical in its own way. But remember, roles are simple & straight forward, Run Director will give training to all the volunteers on the day ensuring each volunteer is comfortable in their role. If you are unsure which role would be suitable to you, then just send an email to & in the mail, feel free to mention if you have any preferences on the roles, volunteer coordinator will sort it out for you.

In these 3 events, there were 1424 runs, covering the distance of 7120km (4414.4 miles) in 28 Days 15 hr 13 Min 19 Sec. Average duration is 28 Min 57 Sec. Runners from 45 different running clubs were taken part, maximum being 127 runners from Almost Athletes.

There were 1317 participants (that’s excluding 107 unknowns), 581 were females (44.12%):
Cheltenham parkrun Jan 2017 parkrunners - Female & Male

Age Distribution of Female participants:
Cheltenham parkrun Jan 2017 Age group stats Female

Age Distribution of Male participants:
Cheltenham parkrun Jan 2017 Age group stats Male

Looking forward for exciting weeks ahead with new runners joining us along with familiar friendly running buddies including 4th anniversary celebration in February.

Happy parkrunning, see you on Saturday

Kind Regards,



Cheltenham parkrun number 116

Bit of a chilly breeze for today's run but luckily no rain :-)

Today we had 447 runners with approx. 70 Personal Bests (too many to count accurately) and 53 first timers. Well done to everyone who ran or supported!

Big thanks to all the wonderful pre-run set up folk, marshals, funnel managers, tailrunner, timekeepers, token giver-outers, scanners, pacers, finish token sorters and of course the run director Prash Sripathi. I also have to mention the amazing new token holder made by Gerard Gatek - previously we used a wire coat hanger but bits kept breaking off it!

Please keep volunteering - parkrun can't happen without you...

After the run we packed up the funnel, signs and gazebo and went to the leisure centre to sort the tokens, upload the results on the parkrun laptop and drink tea and eat bacon rolls. We do this every week and all parkrunners/supporters are very welcome to join us. Unfortunately, this week we had about 30 people whose barcode or token hadn't scanned properly and we had to enter these manually. If you have a barcode that is a bit crumpled, faint, or prone to not scanning it would be great if you could print another - it takes a long time to enter names manually. By 11.30 (later than usual due to Windows updates!) we had entered all the results and were just about to upload them when the laptop had a crazy moment and lost everything we'd done! At this point Prash valiantly offered to take it home and do it all again so we could all get on with the rest of our Saturdays (a spot of shopping in my case!). Well done for getting the results out Prash!

Or check out these plastic barcodes which scan excellently!



Run Report Event No. 69 14/06/14 – by Clark Lawson

The start of todays parkrun
The start of today's parkrun

About a month ago, Malc (our Event Director) came up to me after we had both finished parkrun and asked if I wanted to be Run Director one day. I had previously volunteered but never really offered to organise everything. However, I put my hand up and said yes and also immediately committed the CLC Striders to filling every volunteer position that week too.

The pleasing thing was as soon as I sent out my email to my club asking for volunteers, the offers of help flooded in. Hopefully, aided by my words out encouragement but also how rewarding volunteering at parkrun is. Many thanks to all of those that stepped up to help out:

Clark LAWSON • Chris DRISKELL • Gordon BENDALL • Louise LAWSON • Claire SANSOME • Louise ALLSOP • Dan HARTE • Amanda PILL • Jon HOWES • Helen HOWES • Sophie HOWES • Jacob HOWES • Bethan HOWES • Emma ABBEY • Joseph ABBEY • Daniel ABBEY • JJ WILLSON • Miranda STEWART • Alison GREGORY • Denise HALLAM • Joel FREELAND • Dave MAYO • Alice JOHNSTON • Simon JARVIS • Juan MORENO • Chris HALE • Jon BIRD • Rachel VINES • Andrew PATERSON • Amanda STEER • George PARKER • Rob GLADWIN • David SMEATH • Rob BIRCHER • Nat LOVEKIN • Trish WOODS

As you can see, we had a lot more volunteers than normal because we organised a pacing crew, pacing from 19 minutes through to 30 minutes.

The pacing team
Our pacing crew were super excited before the event but did feel the pressure of getting to the finishing funnel at the right time.

On the day, everything went smoothly apart from Simon needing to nip home to get the laptop to process the results. Even the early drizzle disappeared with the sun coming out at 9am for the start.

Once everyone had arrived, the briefings started with Malc stepping up first. He mentioned in his briefing that we will only be doing the clockwise route from now on. Given the fact that our anti-clockwise route has a sharp right turn and a narrow bridge to cross in the first 30 seconds, I think this is a good decision given the higher risk of something going wrong.

Malc then started to hand out the recently received & hard earned shirts for those new members of the 10 and 50 clubs. I wonder who will be our first member of the 100 club?

Malc then gathered us for a group photo which will hopefully be used in the parkrun coffee table photo album - I'm looking forward to seeing the photo of us all waving at the camera!

Once the photo call was complete, it was my turn on the stool and apart from giving the thanks and guidance to new attendees, I wanted to find some snippet of information to share with everyone. I found out that runners from Cheltenham parkrun have nearly run the distance around the world's equator twice and we only needed 507 more runners to finish to achieve that milestone. As we had 350 runners at the event, that means that at next week's event, position number 157 will start our third lap around the world!

Once the briefings were over, we headed down to the new starting position - moved further up the field to allow extra room in the initial surge down to the footpath. This meant that the finishing position was straight off the footpath and many people were surprised to see the finish so early!

It was so pleasing to see everyone finishing and enjoy their morning's run with many (106!) people achieving new #parkrunPBs. All of the volunteers were doing a great job, so I soaked up the glorious sunshine before heading to the Boat House to process the results with help from Simon & Prashanth. The remaining Striders & Malc helped order the finishing tokens onto the official coat hanger for next week's event.

After that, my first taste of being Run Director was over, I highly recommend volunteering for any role at parkrun. It is truly satisfying to see everyone run in a relaxed and friendly environment. If you want to volunteer, please email More information can be found on the Cheltenham parkrun Volunteering page

This week's PB Wall of Fame (10+ parkruns & a PB) is:
Simon GILL (25) 17:39
Michael James SHAW (20) 19:22
Haiggy MCHAIG (46) 19:35
Frank O'CALLAGHAN (23) 19:40
Rachael CARY (14) 19:42
Ellie HATHAWAY (32) 20:03
Sharon Rachel BULLIMORE (15) 20:39
Robert FOORD (37) 22:10
Emma HALL (46) 22:18
David ALDEN (31) 22:30
Joanna RODGERS (18) 23:16
Joanna JOHNSON (20) 23:24
Pratik PRADHAN (25) 25:29
Charlie HAWARD (29) 25:38
Sophie JOHNSON (17) 25:58
Jess COLLINS (11) 25:59
Sandy SMITH (22) 26:43
Stewart FREWING (21) 27:30
Emma DOOLEY (55) 28:09
Ailish HAIG (19) 29:29
Nathalie DOWNING (34) 29:57
Rebecca HODGSON (11) 30:49
Alix KING (22) 34:29
Helen MAYO (53) 35:43

Men's placings:
Dmitry NAZARENKO (JM15-17) of Cheltenham & County Harriers, was first over the line in 17:14 - 11th time in 28 appearances.
Lee PERRY (VM40-44) (Unattached) was second over the line in 17:20 - has been first to finish on 4 previous occasions.
Simon GILL (SM25-29) (Unattached) was third over the line in 17:39 - has been first to finish on 5 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Andrzej KONIOR (Unattached) 1490 pts.
Freek VAN ARKEL (Gloucester AAC) 1421 pts.
Steve HALL (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 1404 pts.

Women's placings:
Rachael CARY (SW30-34) of CLC Striders, was first (24th overall) over the line in 19:42 - 5th time in 13 appearances.
Ellie HATHAWAY (JW15-17) of Cheltenham & County Harriers, was second (26th overall) over the line in 20:03 - was first to finish once before.
Sharon Rachel BULLIMORE (VW35-39) of Almost Athletes, was third (33rd overall) over the line in 20:39 - was first to finish once before.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Danka PACOVSKA (Unattached) 1381 pts.
Emma HALL (Unattached) 1293 pts.
Charlie HAWARD (CLC Striders) 1244 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Lee PERRY (VM40-44) was graded 81.15% for the time 17:20 (second overall).
Dmitry NAZARENKO (JM15-17) was graded 78.34% for the time 17:14 (first overall).
Ellie HATHAWAY (JW15-17) was graded 77.31% for the time 20:03 (26th overall).

This week there were 350 runners, of whom 54 were first timers and 106 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different athletics clubs took part.

Cheltenham parkrun started on 16th February 2013, and since then 3,160 different runners, including participants from 197 athletics clubs, have completed 15,873 runs covering a total distance of 79,365 km, and there have been 3,909 new Personal Bests.

The women's record is held by Kate GOODHEAD who ran in a time of 00:17:34 on 2013-08-31 (event number 28).
The men's record is held by David ROPER who ran in a time of 00:15:42 on 2013-05-11 (event number 12).
The Age Grade course record is held by Martin FORD who recorded a 92.00% run (19:10) on 7th September 2013 (event number 29).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cheltenham parkrun Results Page.

Photos from todays event can be round on the Cheltenham parkrun Flickr Group Page.


Run Report Event No.53; 22/02/14, by Simon Jarvis

“Everybody raise your left arm!” Thank you for James for his great run briefing. It was a brilliant way to start Cheltenham parkruns 53rd event. With 42 personal bests, 254 runners and 36 first timers it shows that Cheltenham parkrun is still growing. A special welcome to the 26 runners who chose to complete their first ever parkrun in Cheltenham this morning.

Thank you as always to this week’s volunteers.

Adrian COURTENAY  •  Beverley DAVIES  •  Claire Elizabeth HAWES  •  Debbie BISHOP  •  Ellen CAPEWELL  •  Emma HALL  •  Gail TINGLEY  •  James CLAY  •  Katrina HAWKINS  •  Mary Sheena WELSH  •  Nathalie DOWNING  •  Prashanth Kumar SRIPATHI  •  Rebecca WAUGH   •  Steve HALL  •  Tony OWEN

Men's placings:

Dmitry NAZARENKO (JM15-19) of Cheltenham & County Harriers, was first over the line in 18:07 - 7th time in 19 appearances.

Simon GILL (SM25-29) (Unattached) was second over the line in 18:24 - has been first to finish on 4 previous occasions.

Ben WILLIAMS (JM14) of Cheltenham & County Harriers, was third over the line in 18:44.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:

Prashanth Kumar SRIPATHI (Unattached) 200 pts.

Dmitry NAZARENKO (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 198 pts.

Steve HALL (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 195 pts.

Women's placings:

Rachael CARY (SW30-34) of CLC Striders, was first (26th overall) over the line in 22:06 - first time in 5 appearances.

Laura MCPEAKE (JW14) of Gloucester AAC, was second (29th overall) over the line in 22:24.

Christine JARVIS (SW20-24) (Unattached) was third (30th overall) over the line in 22:30.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:

Ellen CAPEWELL (Unattached) 200 pts.

Katrina HAWKINS (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 200 pts.

Gail TINGLEY (Unattached) 200 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:

Luke KEARNS (JM14) was graded 78.87% for the time 18:51 (4th overall).

Ben WILLIAMS (JM14) was graded 75.71% for the time 18:44 (third overall).

Dmitry NAZARENKO (JM15-19) was graded 75.62% for the time 18:07 (first overall).

Cheltenham parkrun started on 16th February 2013, and since then 2,476 different runners, including participants from 159 athletics clubs, have completed 11,152 runs covering a total distance of 55,760 km, and there have been 2,758 new Personal Bests.

Can you spot yourself in our Flickr page? Have a look here. “”

Add us on Facebook at "Cheltenham parkrun"

Or follow us on Twitter "@Cheltnamparkrun"

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cheltenham parkrun Results Page...

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