Chester parkrun #72

Whenever we get a period of heavy rain the local flood plains fill and there is always the risk of having to move to the reserve course.  Not only that, but even when we run our normal course the cross country section can get quite boggy.  In the end we decided to go with our usual 5k trip and our 243 runners all made it round.

We had some additional visitors in the form of parkrun sponsors Co-op.  They handed out some refreshments, vouchers and goodies and we hope that everyone was able to take advantage of the freebies.

Chester parkrun number 72 was notable for the following milestones:

Adam Baines - junior 10 run milestone.

Neil Lewis - 50 run milestone.

James Thomas - 100 run milestone.

Many congratulations to you all.

We would like to clarify a couple of points that some have asked about:

Use of the A or B course.  We follow a very hard line with this one - where possible we will always try to run on our main course, even if it is a bit muddy.  We will always do our best to ensure that we can safely default to our main 5k route unless it is dangerous to do so.  The decision sits with the Run Director on the day with perhaps a little input from the Event Director, and this decision should be respected.

Co-op presence.  We have asked why we allowed the Co-op to come and enjoy free publicity and yet other commercial enterprises are not.  The short answer is that this is a parkrun sponsorship deal that we are honouring and this is a directive from parkrun hq.  Other commercial companies are not encouraged to use parkrun to promote themselves in line with the parkrun ethos.  Co-op are helping to keep parkrun in the black!

See you all again soon and #DFYB