#206 The One with the Balloons!

Saturday was another beautiful Summer day and we were expecting a fair few visitors as our nearest neighbour event, Bognor Regis, was cancelled due to an event in Hotham Park.  I made our Run Director, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, get up particularly early yesterday so that I could help decorate the course (did anyone notice the Happy Birthday balloons were printed upside-down?) to welcome everyone and celebrate the achievement of our Core Team (past, present and future), especially our Local parkrun Ambassador Mike HOUSTON, as Chichester parkrun celebrated its' Fourth Birthday!  Of the 250 participants of our 206th run, 10 and 2 of our volunteers ran the first event back in 2014 - which just proves that parkrun is habit forming!

Visitors and Newbies were warmly welcomed by Jeremy HARRISON who briefed them on the course and reported back to Liz that our visitors were from Southampton, Richmond, Farnham, Newbury, Kingston, Bognor Regis and Basque Spain - there was also somewhere beginning with WAR but I just can't make out Jeremy's writing!!  A quick picture at the start was followed by the mad dash to the U-bend and we were off....  We had topless runners, we had shoeless runners, we had someone in a woolly hat but most importantly we had happy runners!!

Our first finisher was Ben MORTON who notched up a PB (17:34), second finisher was Matt JOLLY with Bertie PARADISE who also scored a new PB (18:16).  Our fastest ladies were Alice COX-RUSBRIDGE with another PB (19:50); Imogen MATTHEWS on her debut parkrun and Emma WICKENS.   My aesthetically pleasing time of the week goes to Lucie WEST's new PB of 24:48!

Our fabulous band of Volunteers this week were:  Nadia ANDERSON, Peter ANDERSON, Alison ARCHER, Chris ARMSTEAD, Sandra BALCOMBE, Charlie BANHAM, Lauren COLLINS, Charlie COOLEY, Elaine CRUTTENDEN, Kate DEAN, Gary DICKER, Margaret ENSTONE, Digby FULFORD, Anne FULFORD, Jeremy HARRISON, Johanna HARRISON, Sarah MCELHILL, Lis PESKETT, Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER and finally,  Lynette WOODWARD - who guided visually impaired Sofie HAIDON to a shiny new PB (41:31)! 

Please let us know if you'd like to join the happy band of Volunteers as without them, parkrun can't happen!

A quick reminder to all runners:  Chichester parkrun always follows the parkrun policy of No (printed) Barcode - No Result - No Exceptions!  DFYB each and every week...

So here's to another 4 years of Chichester parkrun....how many of us that ran yesterday will be here in 2022???  Hopefully lots - I have made many new friends through parkrun - the support I receive (and give) weekly is immensely appreciated and the whole community is why I keep coming back - I know I'm not alone in saying this...please do give a word/gasp/wave of congratulations to those who pass you and encourage those that you pass - it really makes a difference to everyone!!  Where else can you feel this good for FREE!!!!  I'll be back next week...albeit volunteering...will you???  WE HOPE SO!!!