Chichester parkrun #242

A bright, breezy and most importantly dry morning greeted our cheerful bunch of parkrunners this morning. Lis was in charge of proceedings, and as Run Director welcomed us all, including 15 tourists from as far afield as Hertfordshire, Gunnersbury, Reading, Galway and Istanbul. Wow! Hope you enjoyed the best 5km parkrun Chichester has to offer. We welcomed 2 brand-new First Timers – as Lis said, we hope you get the bug and come back again.

The course was dry, pretty firm underfoot, and our runners ran and chatted their way around the course with the support of our volunteer marshals encouraging us all. How do people find the spare puff to have a chat – I barely find air to thank the marshals!

Of course, parkrun wouldn’t be parkrun without our fabulous high-vis heroes – please give an enormous round of applause to our team today Alex MEDHURST  •  Amelia BROMELL  •  Brian J SULLIVAN  •  Catherine CANNON  •  Claudia MILBURN  •  Elizabeth ROBINSON  •  Felicity NOWELL  •  Henry MAGRILL  •  Ian STEVENS  •  Jeremy HARRISON  •  Jo BRINING  •  Joely WHARTON  •  Johanna HARRISON  •  Justine-Elizabeth STAMP  •  Lis PESKETT  •  Neil DAVIES  •  Stephanie SIMMONDS  •  Trevor BAKER

If you’d like to see your name in lights, earn credit towards a parkrun T-shirt, or simply see how much difference a volunteer role makes to parkrun each week, please do get in touch.

Congratulations to all our runners, 185 crossed the finish line today to record a time. There was quite a squash at the finish line when I crossed, thanks to Jill and Lis for some firm marshalling and organising to ensure we all had an accurate time recorded and that the finish funnel team (timers, token hander-outer and scanners) could do their roles effectively.  

If you’re a statistic guru, here are the numbers for you:

First male finisher was James BAKER in a time of 16:44. Second male over the line was Bertie PARADISE in 18:46 and third was Ben MARCHANT in 19:30 (new PB – well done). Nice to see three decades of age categories represented in those runners. For our female runners, first finisher Lucie WEST in a time of 22:19 (a new PB – well done). Second female over the line was Serena PORTER in a time of 23:38 (well done on your PB) with Clare MOORE in 24:24 third.

I was quite impressed (ok, very) with James BAKER’s age grading of 82.77%. Then I looked harder and noted Diana BEALE’s even more astonishing age grading of 85.02%. And a PB to boot – well done Diana.

I did a double take when I saw this – that Adam MCCULLOCH was fourth male finisher, and Nicola MCCULLOCH was fourth female finisher. A nice pairing, and I’m assuming there’s a connection with the same surnames (but never like to assume!).

Well done to Abigail TAYLOR on her 10th parkrun as a Junior – and securing a Personal Best – congratulations.

As for the most aesthetically pleasing time of the week (which is often more brain taxing than it should be – and there were so many possibilities today), I’ve gone for Isabella BLYTHE in a time of 32:23 because it’s a neat palindrome (and because it’s a PB – well done Isabella).

We noted 34 Personal Bests – gold stars all around.  

Well done to everyone who made parkrun happen today. I’ll miss you next week as we’re off touristing to Norwich (there are two parkruns in this fine city).

Thanks to Catherine Cannon for this and do let us know how you get on at your Norwich parkrun.