Chichester parkrun #248

Avid Chichester parkrun readers may of spotted that there was no report last week and perhaps even came across the following item on BBC news about a Parkrun volunteer who booked himself onto a  wrong   Parkrun event  -but then made heroic amends by turning up, despite having to travel over 60Km by train to get there (see ). The 2 items are vaguely related (I was down to write last week's report, so perhaps there is a Parable somewhere in this !) and demonstrates the dedication of the parkrun Volunteers to making each event special - so many thanks to Brian J SULLIVAN • Ian STEVENS • Leon PERRY • Ellen PERRY • John BETTS • Lynette WOODWARD • Lis PESKETT  (Run Director) • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Nicola PHIZACKERLEY • James STANBRIDGE • George STANBRIDGE • Gary DICKER • Jane MOODIE • Lee MOODIE • Johanna HARRISON • Rebecca HARTLEY  and  François JARJAT. We salute you!

Chichester parkrun goes from strength to strength and this week was no exception with 210 parkrunners,  of whom 37 recorded new personal bests and we welcomed parkrunners from 16 different running clubs and 34 First Timers. Local running hero James Baker cruised first  over finishing line with an impressive age related  ranking of 83.27%  closely followed by Leo Stallard (with an equally highly impressive age related ranking of 79.10%), and Alice Wright from Vale of Alyesbury was our first female finisher -  in an also impressive 5th overall. However, the parkrun is not  really about the  position but rather the taking part - and looking at this weeks results page it is noted that 33 parkrunners have clocked up over 100 parkruns each and overall since the start of the Chichester parkrun back in August 2014, there has been 6,567 parkrunners  covering 194,735 km (the same distance, by my calculations as parkrunning, or perhaps parkwalking  five times round the world), which is not bad for a Saturday morning run round Oaklands Park.

Within the Chichester parkrun Hall of Fame, we welcome Rick West in completing his 50th Parkrun and Jane Moodie and Leon Perry for there 25th stints  of  Volunteering (and suggest we start introducing special High Vis Vests to mark such important occasions). In terms of pleasing times, there are several options so I leave it to the Chichester parkrun readers to make their own choice from;

Callum Overton  20.20, Ben Pulpett 24:42, Richard Hutchinson 25.25, Peter Cordiner 29.29, Abigail Taylor 34.56 and Caroline McKellar 40.04

and some close shaves;

Adam McCulloch 23.44, Abby Hadley 24.23, Trevor Baker 26.25, Sarah Long 29.28 and Claire Tewkesbury 32.33

Happy Voting!

Many thanks to Jonathon Gardam for this report