#250 – The one where we earn our Green T-Shirt!

Saturday 1 June 2019 dawned bright and sunny – it was going to be a hot one!!!  Chichester parkrun was turning 250 – if only an event could earn a milestone T-Shirt – and I had new shoes to try out!

As always, we arrived a bit earlier than normal as Lizzie volunteers quite a bit.  This morning Lynette WOODWARD, our Run Director, was preparing our dedicated band of helpers by running through their duties – all volunteer posts are super easy and full training is given each week. I think I’ve undertaken pretty much every role – some more than others as it’s evident that timekeeping is not my forté!  Without our Run Directors having this invaluable help and their complete focus on our Health and Safety, parkrun just wouldn’t happen.  However, Lynette had also been tasked with two extra jobs yesterday:  one was Wardrobe Mistress – it’s amazing how much clothing is abandoned during our weekly run and whilst most is collected after runners have been scanned, there is an increasing amount of warm-up wear being left behind. Chichester parkrun cannot be responsible for your clothes…so please try to remember them before leaving – we’d like to try to avoid it looking like The Chippendales have been in town! (Who’s old enough to remember them, hey???)

The second extra job was Buddy Finder – Lynette had been asked to find someone to run at about 19min pace with a touristing runner. This job was a bit harder to fulfil: normally, this type of request can be taken care of during the brief which will yield a willing pacer, however, there was a safe-guarding issue here as the chap was under 11 and, whilst we would hate to exclude someone from taking part, Chichester parkrun feels that it should be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange a companion before arriving at an event you are touristing at. If you’re a member of a running club, perhaps send an email to the local running club earlier in the week to ask if they have someone running that wouldn’t mind taking on the role. It’s added pressure for the Run Director that can take their focus of their primary role!

OK – slight moan over! Chichester parkrun was able to welcome 231 runners to our 250th event (it’s a shame we couldn’t quite get 250...but if you include our volunteers, we hit the magic number!) – this included new friends from Alice Holt, Basingstoke (please say Hi to Charlotte Rennie from us when you go home!), Gosport, Bristol and lots of visitors from Midhurst taking part in their first parkrun after completing their Couch 25K – all in all we had 55 people completely new to parkrun yesterday, let’s hope you return soon – you’re going to find it addictive!!!  We love a good ‘shout out’ at Chichester – so the personal Milestones were acknowledged for Jack O’CONNOR who completed his 50th run, Geoff SUMNER completed his 100th volunteer stint and David MCCLEAN who completed his 300th run – naughty Leo STALLARD ‘forgot’ to mention it was his 50th run but nothing gets past us…so he’ll get his shout out next week.  Well done to all!

First finishers were Leo STALLARD, Samuel SNELL and Ollie SHERGOLD for the chaps and Emily MOORE, Hannah CROAD and (the gorgeous) Nadia ANDERSON for the ladies.  We had 35 Personal Bests – random shout outs to Rob MOORE (20:15) and Caroline MCKELLAR (38:31)!  My aesthetically pleasing time of the week goes to Justin GERI (who was closest to the magic number) for his 25:01 on our 250th run!

Finally – I have to thank our band of merry Volunteers:  Michael SHELDON • Mike MOORCROFT • Peter SHAW • Greg JAMES • Lynette WOODWARD • Geoff SUMNER • Chris ARMSTEAD • Jeremy HARRISON • Louise FLUDE • Colin ANCKORN • Peppy ANCKORN • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Trevor BAKER • Warrell HARRIES • Tony HACK • Johanna HARRISON • Bertie PARADISE • Sandra L YOUNG • Debbie BUCKLEY

So until next week, happy running to you all!


PS my new shoes did get  me to within 10 seconds of a PB!  I must try harder next week…