#254 The Unexpected One!

#254 The unexpected one!

How’s your weekend been everyone???  Did you get enough sunshine??

Mine started with parkrun – as it does most weeks and as usual, I was not feeling it!  Nothing new here say most of my parkrun family….  It was HOT out….and whilst I just love summer, I’m not good at running in the heat!  Still with my running buddy, Mr Phil (LOW), side-lined through injury but taking up the marshal position at the bottom of the hill, I listened attentively to our Run Director, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, give the run brief, welcoming runners from far and wide and if I’m reading Aaron BAKER’s writing properly following his New Runners Brief, our touristing runners were from Musselburgh, Burgess Hill, Cork, Oxford, Maidenhead, Southsea, South Africa, Chester, Brighton, Farnborough and Guildford.  Lizzie warned of dehydration, possible unpredictable doggies and other park users and then sent us to the start.

**I thought I'd just mention here, if you're running with a dog in the heat - there is a tap on the side of the cricket pavilion on the top part of the course and there's usually a plastic bowl there if your doggie over-heats on the run - it's equally possible for runners to get under the tap if you really need it!!!!**

The lovely Mr BARTY (I always call him that but to everyone else, he’s Dave!!) corralled everyone to behind the start line for Lizzie to set us on our way….  Three laps lay ahead – the gazelles were leaping forward, I just followed – chivvied along by Chrispy ARMSTEAD at every opportunity.  The gazelles were really speedy yesterday – first finishers were Ben MORTON, in a new PB of 17:20, for the chaps and Lucy REID, on her Chichester parkrun debut (and impressive over 82% age grading), for the ladies!  Steven AMOS (another PB of 19:13!) and Mikey NEVILLE were the next 2 chaps home with Emily MOORE and Emily ALDEN finishing next for the ladies.  Of the 207 runners 9 registered Personal Best times which was impressive in the conditions – well done to Wendy STEIBELT (27:22); Louise WEST (26:50); Matthew DACOMBE (25:41); Amy COX (25:18); Rebecca HARTLEY (23:18); Nathan PEARSON (21:34) and Ben PARKER (19:44).  We also had 22 First Timers – I hope you like it and will return soon, as Lizzie said during the brief – parkrun is addictive!!!

As always, we like to have an APTOW (aesthetically pleasing time of the week) and this week, drum-roll please…..  it goes to Claudia MILBURN with her perfectly palindromic 23:32!  Regular readers of my Run Reports will know I’m a sucker for a palindrome!!!

Thanks as ALWAYS goes to our Hi-Viz Heroes – this week they were:  Ian STEVENS • Alice WRIGHT • Susan BARTY • Nick TAYLOR • Aaron BAKER • Nadia ANDERSON • Peter ANDERSON • Colin ANCKORN • Peppy ANCKORN • Amelia BROMELL • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • James STANBRIDGE • Phillip LOW • Joe GODWOOD • Marieann DICKER • Jane MOODIE • Lee MOODIE

Please think about volunteering once in a while – we have a great bunch of regular volunteers but if everyone took at turn twice a year we’d have a huge stack of new volunteers to guide you all round the event!!!  Yes, I was trying to work out the percentage of new volunteers this would create but statistics were never my strong point – I’m a biologist masquerading as a Travel Agent, not a Mathematic boffin!!!

So have a great week parkrunners – I’m going to try to squeeze in the runs this week but there’s TENNIS on the TV now and no Phil to keep Lizzie and I company….  Ah well, there’s always next Saturday’s parkrun….tennis doesn’t start until noon on Middle Saturday!!!!

Take care – run safe!!!


PS the unexpected one refers to the last minute Run Report – sorry if it’s not up to the usual standard!!!