#261 The one where we returned!!!

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and Oaklands Park was empty of visiting travellers and Softball players so parkrun was ON!!!!  It strange how much I’ve missed it – although I wasn’t running this week, I was glad to be back in the park!

Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER was RD for the day and happily aided by a merry crew of volunteers - Lis PESKETT • Aaron BAKER • Neil WORGAN • Alex MEDHURST • Peter ANDERSON • Jeremy HARRISON • Emma WICKENS • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • James STANBRIDGE • Sandra BALCOMBE • Philippa NEATHEY • Trevor BAKER • Warrell HARRIES • Luisa RICOTTINI • George STANBRIDGE • Colin HANCOCK • Tony HACK • Johanna HARRISON • Rebecca HARTLEY • Jo BRINING.  Thank you all for your time!!!

We welcomed visitors from Poole, Reading and West London and a total of 235 people completed the course – including 29 new to Chichester parkrun and 13 brand spanking new parkrunners!  It was lovely to see some runners who’ve been away for a while – Chrispy ARMSTEAD was back from his Staycation somewhere Norfolk/Suffolk way (you’d never have guessed that I have an A level in Geography!); Jonathan HARRINGTON who’s just been running too far on a Saturday morning and the every busy BARTY’s (lovely Sue and Dave).   We cheered Amelia FIELD and Rosemary BLACKMORE who were celebrating joining the Black T-Shirt gang by completing their 100th parkruns.  We’ve a number of other runners rapidly closing in on their milestone runs, look out for more shout-outs in the coming weeks – so our new parkrunners will quickly notice that it’s an addictive way to spend your Saturday morning!!!

First home for the boys was James BAKER, followed by Nick CASBURN and Ben RITCHIE and for the ladies it was Sarah LOY (she was celebrating her birthday weekend too!!), followed by Lucie WEST and the lovely Nadia ANDERSON!  It was especially quick out there yesterday as 36 runners logged a PB – well done to you all – a Special Mention to Sophie HAIDON for her shiny new PB, Sophie was ably guided round by Aaron BAKER who completed his first Guide Runner stint – well done both!!  Guide Running is another way that you can give back to parkrun – volunteers are an essential part of our community, each week we rely on them to get us round safely – please do spare a thought and if you’re resting before an event on any given Sunday or just not feeling it during the week – please drop the Chichester RD’s a quick line and get your free gift – a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Anyone, no make that everyone, who’s read one of my Run Reports before knows that my aesthetically pleasing time of the week usually has a palindromic theme but this week I’ve gone for a different thread – Jackie ALLEN’s 33:16 is mathematically genius = 3+3x1=6!

Happy Trails everyone – See you next Saturday!!!
Sanchia Stanleigh-Turner