#278 The last one of the year…

#278 The last one of the year!
When there seem to be reviews of the year everywhere it only seems right to have a brief running review of the year!  It’s not all about me but I have managed to pass one milestone I set myself this this year - based on last year’s efforts it seemed achievable to get to 500k and I’ve actually managed it with a month to spare as by the end of November I had run 506k with about another 50k to add from December, I’ll have to up my efforts next year…  I realise my target is much lower than a lot of other runners but it is all about the community and support of others to enable you to reach for the stars!!! (who's singing Steps now???)   Thanks to all for the never ending support - it really is appreciated!!!
When I say it’s not all about me, I really mean it!  If it were not for the Chichester parkrun family I’d be wandering aimlessly around Tesco’s on a Saturday morning…  I’ve met so many friendly, inspiring and just plain fabulous people since my first parkrun in August of 2015, I promote it to anyone who mentions fitness to me!
Saturday morning was quite dark – it didn’t really seem to get light until about 8:30am when a fairly large crowd of runners had already assembled, Avenger-like, in front of the Festival Theatre – perhaps the thought of another sausage roll or mince pie tipped them over the edge and out the door…  Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, our RD for the day, ably assisted by fabulous Set-up Crew of Martin EMMETT and Ben RITCHIE (and more help from Peter ANDERSON) was ready to welcome runners from near and far – in fact the New Runner’s Briefing by Lynette WOODWARD was almost better attended than the main brief.  The tourists came from…ooops, the list seems to have mizzled…I know Basingstoke was on it – I apologise most profusely for my memory lapse but the welcome was warm!
Liz started us out on the second running of the new ‘Winter Course’ thus avoiding the Bog of Doom and off we went up the hill.  The new course seems easier to some, to some tougher (including me!) but overall, it seems more friendly as everyone passes each other a little more often – especially now we’re sometimes facing each other!  What do you all think of the course???  Comments on a postcard – please be nice…
First home for the Chaps were Ned POTTER, Harry LELEU and Tom CLEWLEY and they were followed by the Ladies first finishers – Ailbhe BARNES, Charlotte WARREN and Emily MOORE.  I’m super impressed by the PB’s set – in no particular order:  Esca HAYWOOD (27:49); John CIESIELCZUK (27:16); Russell BUGDEN (29:55); Paul HANCOCK (24:02); Barbara GLUE (46:21); Jane BEAN (34:35); Anna MCKENNA (37:40); Melissa RATLEDGE (37:45) and Felicity JOHNSON (26:10).  As always, we like to have an APTOTW (aesthetically pleasing time of the week) and as no-one quite got the ultimate 20:20, yesterday’s went to Johanna HARRISON for her 40:40 which was twice the fun as she was with Frankie HARRISON too.
Finally, a quick reminder for you all – there are 2 extra parkruns this week – Chichester and our friendly neighbour, Bognor Regis are offering the chance to do 10k before lunch on New Year’s Day (that’s in 3 sleeps time if you’ve no idea what day it is….).  Don’t forget Chichester starts at 9am followed by Bognor Regis at 10:30am.  If you’re feeling even more energetic you might like to try the West Sussex Fun Run League’s first run of the year – the aptly named Hangover 5 at Hill Barn, near Worthing – see http://westsussexfunrunleague.org.uk/fixture-list/ for details!
This week’s band of fabulous-ness that were our Volunteers included:  Ian STEVENS • John Martin GARRITY • Jane TAYLOR • Susan BARTY • Jill RENSON (with Delilah) • Dave BARTY • Lynette WOODWARD (with Douglas) • Catherine CANNON • Ben RITCHIE • Jeremy HARRISON (with Boni) • Peter FIELD • Amelia FIELD (with Lola) • Martin EMMETT • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Phillip LOW • Gary DICKER • Marieann DICKER • Tony HACK • Carly SOFFE (with Rocket) • Steve LAWRENCE • Theo WEST.  Thanks to all for giving up their time and runs…
See you in 3 sleeps!!!