#282 – The one which was cold and slippery underfoot

So now it's time for the part it would like to call *drumroll please* the Chichester Parkrun Awards #282. I, Benedict GODDARD, will be your host for the next 3 minutes whilst you read below.

Today, I will start by saying “Well Done” to the 217 parkrunners and 24 volunteers who managed to muster the motivation this morning to get out from under their warm covers of which was their beds and arrive ready and prepared for what proved to be a slightly chilly parkrun (slightly might be an understatement). I know that when the alarm went off this morning, I did consider for a moment staying in bed where I was warm and cosy. But alas, I got up, got dressed, and by 10 am I’d already achieved something today and was pleased to have done so. Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back and a round of applause.

Moving on to the award for first place male. This goes to Merlin DUFF with a time of 20:02. Merlin DUFF was shortly followed by Ian GRAY with a time of 20:24, and Alastair GREENFIELD with a time of 20:54. A special mention to Alastair GREENFIELD of whom this was their first time completing the Chichester course.

The award for first place female goes to Lucie WEST who came 15th overall with a time of 22:48. Second and third place female goes Nadia ANDERSON (25:37) and Rebecca HARTLEY (25:39). At this moment I will also pause to mention that Nadia ANDERSON also wins the award for highest age grade with 69.75%. For those of you who do not know, age-grading gives an indication of how well the parkrunner has done relative to their age and gender. Further information on age-grading can be found at the bottom of the results page and in the parkrun FAQs on the website.

I and I'm sure everyone else is very grateful to the 24 volunteers who made today’s event happen: Trevor BAKER, Sandra BALCOMBE, Tom BLAYLOCK, Lauren COLLINS, Peter DUNNE, Craig ENGLISH, Jack ENGLISH, Benedict GODDARD, Johanna HARRISON, Jeremy HARRISON, Robert MALLETT, Philippa NEATHEY, Lis PESKETT, Helen Amy PUNNETT, Jill RENSON, Ben RITCHIE, Elizabeth ROBINSON, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, Karen TAYLOR, Simon THRAVES, Steve WHITMEE, Emma WICKENS, Andrew WINGHAM, and Neil WORGAN. parkrun is committed to providing free events for everyone, forever, but without volunteers, it just is simply impossible to run these events each week. If you are a regular parkrunner please consider volunteering every once in a while. There are a number of roles which need to be filled each week to ensure safety and smooth running. Each role is very simple and full briefing is provided each time. Having completed the role of barcode scanning just last week, I can see the benefit of seeing the event from a different aspect and also meeting new people.

Despite not being the best conditions underfoot (slippery & frosty) Adam MAINWARING, Dan GRESHAM, Helen MACKEN, John ANSCOMBE, Molly HARDIMAN, Christian MALTBY, James FAWL, Susannah BROUGHTON, Juliette STANGROOM, Claire COOK, Jane BEAN, Anna STANGROOM, Phoebe NOBLE, Anthony MITMAN, Roxana SIMCOX, Hannah BEDDOES, Catherine BEDDOES, and Sylvie STANGROOM all achieved personal best time for themselves. Well done.

Milestones go to Roderick SMITH and Marika PRANDINI both who completed their 50th parkrun today. The ones to watch next will be Mark GIBSON celebrating their 100th next time and Nick TAYLOR who will be celebrating their 200th next time. Please, make sure to announce this nice and loud at the start next time so we can all applause you.

There were 24 people of whom this was their first time running the Chichester course. I hope you enjoyed it. A special welcome goes to Aoife MCLAUGHLIN, Grant ROSS, Helen REYNOLDS, Rob REYNOLDS, Andrew THOMAS, Deborah THOMAS, Alex ARMITAGE, and Heather HANLON. This was the first parkrun for these 8 people. I am sure their Saturday mornings will never be the same again, as we see hopefully see them week after week. As for the other 16 parkrunners, they came from Yorkshire, Lee-on-the-Solent, Newcastle, Bristol, and I’m sure other places.

And the final award goes to everyone who ran this morning. Every single person should be proud of themselves for completing another parkrun, especially in the cold and slippery conditions. I am sure there are many individual success stories and achievements out there which have not been listed above but should be celebrated in their own right.

And so, concludes our Chichester parkrun Awards for another week. I hope to see many of you again next week at the same time and in the same place. *cue snazzy credits*