Chichester parkrun 287 – 7 March, 2020.

At present it is difficult to write a Run Report without mentioning the weather or coronavirus but maybe one of the benefits of parkrun is that it serves as a useful distraction from such matters. For some, of course, the challenge of running the 5k course is in itself quite important whilst for many parkrun is a valuable safety valve providing a weekly escape from the pressures of everyday life.

This week's event saw 180 "escapees" circumnavigating Oaklands Park in the still somewhat  sticky underfoot conditions (Oops ! I nearly mentioned the weather) which did not prevent 15 Personal Best performances. It was great to welcome 29 first timers to Chichester including parkrun tourists from Whiteley (short trip down the M27) and France (you must know where that is). Well done to everyone.

As always we had the support of our marvelous volunteers. Great to see plenty of new faces amongst our volunteering ranks recently. Today's Luminescent Lads and Lasses (formerly known as  the Hi Viz Heroes) were.........

Lis PESKETT • Geoff SUMNER • Aaron BAKER • Nadia ANDERSON • Peter ANDERSON • Clarissa HARRINGTON • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Lisa ENGLISH • Jack ENGLISH • Phillip LOW • Jane MOODIE • Lee MOODIE • Matthew O'SHEA • Becky GARNETT • Kimberley HARVEY • Michelle STONE • Mike COLE • Neil FELLINGHAM • Jane BEAN • Sue FOOTT • Stephen O'SHEA

Before I started volunteering I had found that the physical exertion of parkrun made me feel good (admittedly often with delayed rather than instant gratification) but I had not realised that volunteering itself was an even more powerful way of achieving the elusive "feelgood factor". Many thanks to all our volunteers this week - I am pretty sure that they will have a good feeling having contributed towards another enjoyable event. There is nothing to fear from catching the parkrun volunteering bug (Oops ! I nearly mentioned coronavirus) - however, this bug does actually make you feel BETTER !

Geoff Sumner