Chichester parkrun #262

Although the playwright Alan Bennett wittily described History as "Just one thing after the other" it is often illuminating to view things through the "rear view mirror" as a way of getting a fresh perspective about the future. Looking back over the 5 years since parkrun started at Chichester we have now clocked up 262 events and our course has been completed over 42,000 times !
Our first course started by the old cricket pavilion towards the top end of Oaklands Park and was notable for a very wet section close to the Archery field in the winter months with three challenging climbs directly up the path alongside Broyle Road. We then migrated to Graylingwell Park whilst that path was being re-surfaced before moving to our present Start/Finish close to the Chichester Festival Theatre.
If on Day 1 our Event Director Mike Houston had announced that we would need 547 folk to perform 4497 volunteering roles over the subsequent 5 years I suspect that many of us would have wondered whether this could really be achieved. What we now know is that our volunteers soon became the foundation upon which Chichester parkrun has been built, with special credit to the core team who do so much behind the scenes. When we started I think few of us appreciated the effect that volunteering would have upon parkrun - volunteering enables one to become a contributor towards parkrun which is a far more positive and rewarding relationship than simply that of a "customer" or even a "consumer". I think it is fair to say that everyone who has volunteered has found that becoming a "contributor" has been a positive for them (and obviously for parkrun).
That we can now look back at what has been achieved gives an interesting perspective on how we tend to look at challenges ahead. For many of us the prospect of managing to even complete a 5k run seemed highly improbable and yet every week we now see former "non-runners" not only clocking up parkrun milestones, but taking part in 10ks, Half-Marathons and even full Marathons and Ultra distance events. I wonder what we will see in another 5 years ? The "Story so far" suggests that with a "can do" attitude there may be a lot more to come. 
Anyway, less of "All our Yesterdays" and what about today ? Oaklands Park was a picture and provided perfect conditions for our 234 runners and walkers, albeit slightly nippy for the 17 volunteers. Lynette opened proceedings with her briefing and we welcomed 42 first timers. We hope to see you all again soon. There were 34 Personal Bests and no less than 21 people exceeded the very respectable 70% Age Grade. The following get an honourable mention for exceeding 75%......
Keith TOOP 78.55%
Fay CRIPPS 75.78%
After exhaustive in-depth analysis of today's results I feel that Robert de Lacy showed great vision to cross the line in 20:20 to take this week's Aesthetically Pleasing Time award.
As always, parkrun cannot take place without volunteers and today we must thank the following for their contribution to a great event....


 Geoff Sumner




#261 The one where we returned!!!

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and Oaklands Park was empty of visiting travellers and Softball players so parkrun was ON!!!!  It strange how much I’ve missed it – although I wasn’t running this week, I was glad to be back in the park!

Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER was RD for the day and happily aided by a merry crew of volunteers - Lis PESKETT • Aaron BAKER • Neil WORGAN • Alex MEDHURST • Peter ANDERSON • Jeremy HARRISON • Emma WICKENS • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • James STANBRIDGE • Sandra BALCOMBE • Philippa NEATHEY • Trevor BAKER • Warrell HARRIES • Luisa RICOTTINI • George STANBRIDGE • Colin HANCOCK • Tony HACK • Johanna HARRISON • Rebecca HARTLEY • Jo BRINING.  Thank you all for your time!!!

We welcomed visitors from Poole, Reading and West London and a total of 235 people completed the course – including 29 new to Chichester parkrun and 13 brand spanking new parkrunners!  It was lovely to see some runners who’ve been away for a while – Chrispy ARMSTEAD was back from his Staycation somewhere Norfolk/Suffolk way (you’d never have guessed that I have an A level in Geography!); Jonathan HARRINGTON who’s just been running too far on a Saturday morning and the every busy BARTY’s (lovely Sue and Dave).   We cheered Amelia FIELD and Rosemary BLACKMORE who were celebrating joining the Black T-Shirt gang by completing their 100th parkruns.  We’ve a number of other runners rapidly closing in on their milestone runs, look out for more shout-outs in the coming weeks – so our new parkrunners will quickly notice that it’s an addictive way to spend your Saturday morning!!!

First home for the boys was James BAKER, followed by Nick CASBURN and Ben RITCHIE and for the ladies it was Sarah LOY (she was celebrating her birthday weekend too!!), followed by Lucie WEST and the lovely Nadia ANDERSON!  It was especially quick out there yesterday as 36 runners logged a PB – well done to you all – a Special Mention to Sophie HAIDON for her shiny new PB, Sophie was ably guided round by Aaron BAKER who completed his first Guide Runner stint – well done both!!  Guide Running is another way that you can give back to parkrun – volunteers are an essential part of our community, each week we rely on them to get us round safely – please do spare a thought and if you’re resting before an event on any given Sunday or just not feeling it during the week – please drop the Chichester RD’s a quick line and get your free gift – a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Anyone, no make that everyone, who’s read one of my Run Reports before knows that my aesthetically pleasing time of the week usually has a palindromic theme but this week I’ve gone for a different thread – Jackie ALLEN’s 33:16 is mathematically genius = 3+3x1=6!

Happy Trails everyone – See you next Saturday!!!
Sanchia Stanleigh-Turner



Chichester parkrun #259: Now We are 5

In just 5 years, Chichester parkrun has taken place on 258 separate occasions, which have been made possible by 542 volunteers assisting in a total of 4,410 roles to allow 6,885 participate a total of 41,078 finishes. As of today, with our record breaking attendance of 360 finishers, we begin the next 5 years welcoming 67 first timers and 58 runners achieving new Personal Bests. In today's event, Peter expertly guided us through the run brief and introduced our special guest, the Right Worshipful Mayor of Chichester, Richard Plowman, who also started the runners off. Our wonderful band of volunteers this week were: Robert SPENCER • Kevin WILLIAMS • Mike HOUSTON • Jane TAYLOR • Lynette WOODWARD • Margaret ENSTONE • Paul STALLARD • Vanessa FRANKLIN • Lis PESKETT • Geoff SUMNER • Louise WEST • Peter ANDERSON • Peppy ANCKORN • Steve WHITMEE • Jane BUCKLEY • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Flo DUDLEY • Phillip LOW • Marieann DICKER • Jane MOODIE • Sheenagh BROADHURST • Judith NORTH • Theo WEST. We remembered Peter Chittenden and Laura Bagnall who were with us on our first parkrun and are sadly no longer with us, but no doubt looking down today. 360 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 67 were first timers and 58 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 37 different clubs took part. Leo Stallard, Chris West and James Hampshire were the first men over the line in under 18 minutes. Juliet Stallard, Jessica Thomson and Lucie West were the first women. The parkrunner with the greatest total number of parkruns attended (all over the country) was Robert Spencer, who has done 467 events.

It's astonishing when you lay the facts out like that. And also when you look carefully to see what stories lie beneath the parkrun phenomenon. I know of people who met current partners at Chichester parkrun, who's children have grown up since it began, people who became ultra runners from starting their very first run just a few years ago and firm friendships that have been made. I was at the inaugural event 5 years ago. Back then, I had been running on and off for 9 years, starting off on the treadmill where no one could see me, feeling like an idiot for the first 10 minutes and timing my runs on the clock at the railway station as a vague approximation, using a map and string to measure the distance I might have run. I ran my first race for life in 2005 and my first 10k a few months later. I did times I was happy with and then never bothered to enter races again... until I found parkrun. I walked up to Mike after having huffed and puffed my way round the original Oakland's course and said I wanted to be a regular volunteer. He asked whether I wanted to run direct so I said 'go on then' and within 6 weeks I was directing by myself and in the core team at at time when getting people to commit regularly was more challenging that it is now. It's fair to say parkrun changed me from a fair weather runner who didn't feel worthy of joining any club, to someone who got the confidence to run their first 10 mile and then half marathon in 3 months of starting it. And that in turn helped me pluck up the courage to join a running club working my way through numerous 10ks, half marathons and a full marathon (London) I was honoured to run for my club, Chichester Runners, in 2016. I know I wouldn't have done it without parkrun though. Anyone who runs is a runner and anyone who wants to try can do it. There are as many battles with running as there are people out on that course each week, but we all get round. My life has changed tremendously since 2014 (not all down to parkrun), but the free weekly run has been a constant and a focus for me that has also provided a great group of friends and second family as well as a dose of teamwork that I was really missing. It's also brilliant for puppy socialisation should you be thinking about getting a dog :)

Over to Mike, founder of the event, the original event director and first run director in his own words:

It’s more than just a run.

I regret I was not able to experience this parkrun family celebration personally. I find myself away with my own immediate family but only to pleased to respond to a kind invitation I received to write a few words.

For this I need inspiration to do it justice. There’s certainly no shortage of that at Oakland’s Park. Post Second World War; Never has so much, been owed by so many, to so few. Superlatives run dry as I to attempt to fairly, honestly describe and praise how I feel about everyone that has made Chichester parkrun possible. Especially those that choose to regularly lead and aid the production of a safe, free and fun 5km timed event. Every seven days. 

It would be unfair for me to single out one for fear of missing and offending others. Everyone that has walked, jogged, run, supported, volunteered and encouraged anyone to come along over the past half decade has played a part.

The community is strong. Sometimes even just being there to share and care is enough. It’s more than just a run but those that have been part of it many already knew this. 

The journey has been long, at times hard work but, with many hands, light too. 

I only hope Chichester parkrun can experience another 5 successful years improving the lives and wellbeing of thousands in our community and beyond. By that time it is perceivable to have surpassed 500 events. Remarkable. 

Long may this and many other schemes like it in our local community be created and continue.

Thank you for being part of Chichester parkrun. There are so many stories out there and we want to hear them. Why not sign up for the Run Reporter one week and tells us about them?

This is for everyone. 

So we should enjoy it while we can and, to reflect further, I have done a verse based on one of the greatest acclaimed songs of all time for one of the best concepts in a lifetime.

Where will you be in 2024? We can only imagine.

Imagine there’s no parkrun,

it’s queasy if you try.

No timed walk, jog, run,

will make us only sigh.

Imagine all the people,

living on Saturday.


Imagine there’s no cafes,

something hard to do.

Nothing to meet or chat for,

and no community to.

Imagine all the people,

living with no PBs.

You hoo...

You may say I’m a dreamer,

but I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us,

with your barcode along at one..

Imagine no positions,

I wonder if you can.

No need for help with tokens,

or to take times or scan.

Imagine all the people,

sharing no parkrun world.

You hoo...

You may say I’m a dreamer,

but I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us,

and the world can share the fun.

Thank you Chichester parkrun. What a beautiful thing you are. 

Thanks to Mike and to Ian Robertson who has now stepped down from Chichester parkrun. Pete and I look forward to guiding you through the next phase in the life of parkrun and are grateful as ever for your support. Our first aesthetically pleasing runners of the new parkrun year are Persephone Hagan at 25:00 and Joseph McClusker at 27:00.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chichester parkrun Results Page.



The one with the welcome drizzle

Well what a run that was as 170 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 28 were first timers and 27 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part. The tourist travelling the furthest distance was from Johannesburg S.A.

Congratulations also go to Ned Potter with an age grade of 82.74%
First male and female finishers were Ned Potter ( new PB!”) and Emily Moore.
Welcome to the five first timers ( to parkrun) and to the other 23 who visited Chichester. We hope you enjoyed it and maybe see you next week
Two runners had also achieved the dizzy heights of over 300 runs!
The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:
David PIKE • Aaron BAKER • Ben RITCHIE • Louise WEST • Chris ARMSTEAD • Jeremy HARRISON • Eleanor HARRISON • Rob MOORE • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Caroline MCKELLAR • Philippa NEATHEY • Phillip LOW • John ODDE • Marieann DICKER • Tony HACK • Theo WEST Neil Davies
As always, a massive thank you to all those who answered the call out for volunteers this week.

Next week is our 5th birthday and as a means of celebrating we are asking for donations to the local foodbank. The food bank not only requires food but can also include items like toothpaste and other essentials. More about what is needed will be posted shortly, so please keep an eye out for that.

The male record is held by Steven NAYLOR who recorded a time of 15:39 on 1st November 2014 (event number 14).
The female record is held by Rebecca MOORE who recorded a time of 17:20 on 13th August 2016 (event number 106).
The Age Grade course record is held by Helen DEAN who recorded 88.28% (22:37) on 5th January 2019 (event number 229).
For those who like stats here are some
Number of events: 258
Number of runners: 6,885
Number of runs: 41,078
Number of first finishers: 162
Number of clubs: 575
Number of PBs: 6,962
Average number of runners per week: 159.2
Average number of runs per runner: 6.0
Biggest Attendance: 310
Average run time: 00:28:27
Total hours run: 2Years 81Days 20Hrs 14Min 0Secs
Total distance run: 205,390km
Chichester parkrun started on 2nd August 2014.


Chichester parkrun #257 – the one when the weather couldn’t make up its mind

After all the rain on Friday night, I was pleasantly surprised when I got up this morning to see that it was currently not raining and the ground didn’t look particularly muddy. Little did I know that Mother Nature had a few surprises up her sleeves for us this morning!

Special CONGRATULATIONS must go to Jeremy Harrison this week as he completed his 100th volunteer stint this morning welcoming tourists to Chichester and any first timers. I believe we have a few volunteers at Chichester with over 100 volunteer credits which is amazing. We could always do with some more volunteers, why not consider giving it a go one time in the future? It really is worth it and thoroughly rewarding.

We welcomed tourists from Bognor (I believe Bognor parkrun was cancelled this morning), Hemel Hempstead, Bromley, Birmingham, Basingstoke, Evesham, Orpington, Newport (Gwent), Spain & Northern Ireland. Welcome all and hopefully we will see you again soon.

As we started the run, it was drizzly, then as the run progressed, it got quite windy and then at the end, it was boiling hot and the sun was out. Strange how the weather can change so drastically in quite a short period of time. It was so hot on my final lap, I was secretly wishing it would start raining again to cool me down a bit, but then also hoping it would stay dry for the rest of the day. No pleasing me eh!!

This week 207 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 34 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers who were,
Mike MOORCROFT • Lynette WOODWARD • Lis PESKETT • Stephen TEE • Jeremy HARRISON • Peppy ANCKORN • Jane BUCKLEY • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Janice BETTS • Caroline MCKELLAR • Flo DUDLEY • Jane MOODIE • Tony HACK • Sheenagh BROADHURST • Anne HARRADINE • Justine-Elizabeth STAMP • Theo WEST

Congratulations also to Doug Greenhalgh on completing his 50th parkrun this morning. Looking through the results, I can see that there are quite a few milestones (official and unofficial) coming up in the next few weeks.

My award for the most aesthetically pleasing time of the week goes to Sarah Brockwell with 24.42.

Have a good week everyone. Don’t forget August 3rd is Chichester parkrun’s 5th birthday – see you there!



Note about the birthday, we will be organising a Food Bank collection again as we have done in years past so please do consider bringing something along. You can find their latest list of desperately needed items here:



#255 The one with goodbye cakes (but it’s not really goodbye!)

It was another very warm morning on Saturday, and with the Festival of Speed taking place, it's always hard to judge how many people will turn up (the traffic can be a nightmare!), but the first few parkrunners arrived very early, having run down from the Goodwood camp site.

When I first attended Chichester parkrun in September 2014 (as a volunteer marshal, I still hadn't run 5k at that time), I was greeted cheerfully by Sam Houston who was Run Directing and very much enjoyed my first marshal spot down at the archery club U-turn (for those who remember our original route!).

I obviously enjoyed the experience, as I returned to regularly volunteer and then in 2015 had my first stint as Run Director under the excellent tutorage of Mike Houston. Four years later, and after 113 volunteer stints at 97 different events, I've decided that it's time for me to hang up my RD high viz vest, and to hand over the role of Event Director to some new blood. I'm sure you will all join me in congratulating Peter Anderson and Lynette Woodward who will be taking on this role together.

Being a run director is a little bit more involved than standing up on the picnic tables looking and feeling like a burk and cracking a few jokes. Here is a rundown of the activities of the role.

Sunday – The official handover of RD responsibilities from last week’s run director. We monitor the mail box for messages about missing times, and volunteers signing up for future weeks.

Monday –As we usually have gaps, we put out a request on Facebook for more volunteers often using the seemingly obligatory tactic of using sad looking animals.

Wednesday – New appeal on Facebook, and a volunteer appeal email to those who have registered to receive the volunteer emails (if you haven't done so, please do log onto your account and opt in to the emails).

Thursday – Write some notes for run briefing and send a reminder email to those who have signed up to volunteer.

Friday – Final check, ensure everything is ready, Finish tokens in right order, stopwatches and scanners cleared down and charged. Check laptop for windows updates. Often a last minute appeal for volunteers

Saturday – parkrun day. Arrive early at the park (usually before 08:00 for me so that Alice can have a run about whilst we get ready). Get all our kit from the store and wheel it round to the start area. Set up the finish funnel whilst the set up crew pick up the trolley and head round the course setting up the cones and the arrows. Greet the volunteers as they arrive, hand out the high viz, give some guidance and training as required, check with the set up crew for any issues out on course, get the first timer brief started, get up on the picnic table to do the run brief (after shutting Alice in the car to try and drown out her somewhat exuberant barking), then gather everyone at the start line ready for the 09:00 start.

Once the runners start running home, we try and keep everyone in order through the finish funnel, write down the numbers of any unscannable barcodes (NOT the numbers for anyone who has forgotten their barcode!) and then collect back all the equipment, lock up the store, head home to fire up the laptop, download the stopwatches and barcode scanners, process the results (hoping there are not any issues), add any manual times, update names from the volunteer board, liaise with the run report writer to get the report, update this, check the email boxes for any queries, and then try and relax!

It's a lot of work that people don't see, and can be made much more difficult if people don't help us out by following the simple requests of only crossing the finish funnel once, staying in order through the finish funnel, taking a finish token (even if you have forgotten your barcode or do not want a time), going through the scanners with your barcode ready and handing over the finish token and then moving away from the scanning area to leave space for those runners behind you. I think all of the RDs have had Saturdays where we have been working through to the evening on a Saturday because people have crossed the line twice or who have ducked out of the finish funnel without taking a position token.

I've enjoyed almost every minute of it(!) and I know that we have such a great core team at Chichester that you won't notice any difference (other than the ba. I'll still be running regularly with you guys, so it's goodbye, but not goodbye!

My aesthetically pleasing time of the week goes to Ben RITCHIE for achieving a very impressive 20:14 (being the year I first attended Chichester parkrun).

As always, we are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Peppy ANCKORN, Trevor BAKER, Jo BRINING, Marieann DICKER, Martin EMMETT, Vanessa FRANKLIN, Tony HACK, Jeremy HARRISON, Matt IRWIN, Lee MOODIE, Jane MOODIE, Jo PROSSER, Ian ROBERTSON, Justine-Elizabeth STAMP, George STANBRIDGE, James STANBRIDGE, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, Geoff SUMNER



#254 The Unexpected One!

#254 The unexpected one!

How’s your weekend been everyone???  Did you get enough sunshine??

Mine started with parkrun – as it does most weeks and as usual, I was not feeling it!  Nothing new here say most of my parkrun family….  It was HOT out….and whilst I just love summer, I’m not good at running in the heat!  Still with my running buddy, Mr Phil (LOW), side-lined through injury but taking up the marshal position at the bottom of the hill, I listened attentively to our Run Director, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, give the run brief, welcoming runners from far and wide and if I’m reading Aaron BAKER’s writing properly following his New Runners Brief, our touristing runners were from Musselburgh, Burgess Hill, Cork, Oxford, Maidenhead, Southsea, South Africa, Chester, Brighton, Farnborough and Guildford.  Lizzie warned of dehydration, possible unpredictable doggies and other park users and then sent us to the start.

**I thought I'd just mention here, if you're running with a dog in the heat - there is a tap on the side of the cricket pavilion on the top part of the course and there's usually a plastic bowl there if your doggie over-heats on the run - it's equally possible for runners to get under the tap if you really need it!!!!**

The lovely Mr BARTY (I always call him that but to everyone else, he’s Dave!!) corralled everyone to behind the start line for Lizzie to set us on our way….  Three laps lay ahead – the gazelles were leaping forward, I just followed – chivvied along by Chrispy ARMSTEAD at every opportunity.  The gazelles were really speedy yesterday – first finishers were Ben MORTON, in a new PB of 17:20, for the chaps and Lucy REID, on her Chichester parkrun debut (and impressive over 82% age grading), for the ladies!  Steven AMOS (another PB of 19:13!) and Mikey NEVILLE were the next 2 chaps home with Emily MOORE and Emily ALDEN finishing next for the ladies.  Of the 207 runners 9 registered Personal Best times which was impressive in the conditions – well done to Wendy STEIBELT (27:22); Louise WEST (26:50); Matthew DACOMBE (25:41); Amy COX (25:18); Rebecca HARTLEY (23:18); Nathan PEARSON (21:34) and Ben PARKER (19:44).  We also had 22 First Timers – I hope you like it and will return soon, as Lizzie said during the brief – parkrun is addictive!!!

As always, we like to have an APTOW (aesthetically pleasing time of the week) and this week, drum-roll please…..  it goes to Claudia MILBURN with her perfectly palindromic 23:32!  Regular readers of my Run Reports will know I’m a sucker for a palindrome!!!

Thanks as ALWAYS goes to our Hi-Viz Heroes – this week they were:  Ian STEVENS • Alice WRIGHT • Susan BARTY • Nick TAYLOR • Aaron BAKER • Nadia ANDERSON • Peter ANDERSON • Colin ANCKORN • Peppy ANCKORN • Amelia BROMELL • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • James STANBRIDGE • Phillip LOW • Joe GODWOOD • Marieann DICKER • Jane MOODIE • Lee MOODIE

Please think about volunteering once in a while – we have a great bunch of regular volunteers but if everyone took at turn twice a year we’d have a huge stack of new volunteers to guide you all round the event!!!  Yes, I was trying to work out the percentage of new volunteers this would create but statistics were never my strong point – I’m a biologist masquerading as a Travel Agent, not a Mathematic boffin!!!

So have a great week parkrunners – I’m going to try to squeeze in the runs this week but there’s TENNIS on the TV now and no Phil to keep Lizzie and I company….  Ah well, there’s always next Saturday’s parkrun….tennis doesn’t start until noon on Middle Saturday!!!!

Take care – run safe!!!


PS the unexpected one refers to the last minute Run Report – sorry if it’s not up to the usual standard!!!



Chichester parkrun #252

This week we were very pleased to welcome the Sussex Partnership NHS Trust who introduced us to their SAFE (Suicide Awareness For Everyone) Campaign. Their thought provoking presentation was very well received by our 16 vital hi-vis volunteers and 207 runners/walkers.

I think it would be fair to suggest that we need our society to accept that mental health issues are not uncommon, not something to hide nor something that makes someone "a lesser person". If someone gets appendicitis, for example, we do not think badly of them so why should it not be the same with mental health ?

Many of us tend to be reluctant to open up about concerns or anxieties. It is now well established that problems can be successfully dealt with if they are addressed at an early stage but for this to happen individuals need to be encouraged to become more open and to know where they can get help.

I guess we all have a little "headspace" reserved for things we are reluctant to expose, sometimes even to ourselves. This is also probably quite an "English Thing" so we have often become conditioned to holding back on concerns or worries. It is now recognised that opening up our communication with each other can be very beneficial. Our guests today from the SAFE Campaign made this point eloquently and with conviction. How lucky we are in this country to have people and organisations dedicated to helping people through the difficulties, pressures and hazards of life in the 21st Century. So, thank you to our local health professionals who joined us today.

Sussex Mental Heathline Call: 0300 5000 101

Hope Line UK Call: 0800 068 41 41

The Samaritans Call: 116 123 or email

Many thanks also to our volunteers without whom today's event would not have been possible. They were.....Mike HOUSTON • Mike MOORCROFT • Jane TAYLOR • Geoff SUMNER • Liz WINGHAM • Peter ANDERSON • Jeremy HARRISON • Joely WHARTON • Steve WHITMEE • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Kik DEACON • Colin HANCOCK • Tony HACK • Terry FALASCHI • Elizabeth ROBINSON & Jan IRELAND

Excitement is reaching fever pitch since participants at Chichester parkrun have now covered a total distance of 199,190 kms so next week I estimate that finisher 162 should take us past the 200,000 kms mark.

Extensive in depth analysis revealed lots of aesthetically pleasing times this week but since it was his debut parkrun the award goes to Elliott Wadley with 32:32. Commiserations to all the other contestants in this most challenging of contests.

Geoff Sumner

#251 never straightforward

Life is never a straight line, and nor is Chichester parkrun; twists and turns, stretches of flat carefree cruising, steep inclines and sharp descents are very typical of the beautiful Oaklands Park and this week's parkrun was no exception, with our Run Director almost losing his voice, a "faller" on the start line (who was gallantly supported with back up by fellow parkrunners - as always) and the icing on the cake when the then, potentially third to finish parkrunner - who on approaching the final turning was abruptly stopped in his tracks by his companion dog (Ralph), who decided this was a good time to perform his morning constitution. Classic move.

This week we saw almost 200 participants (199 to be precise- minus the disgraced Ralph) to include 20 first timers, representatives from 17 different clubs and visitors from London, Isle of Wight, Southsea and a mysterious couple from the Royal Borough of Windsor.

As always, parkrun would not be possible without the highly appreciated and valued contribution of the Chichester parkrun Volunteers, who this week included: Michael SHELDON • Jill RENSON • Paul STALLARD • Aaron BAKER • Jonathan GARDAM • Robert MALLETT • Chris ARMSTEAD • Jeremy HARRISON • Eleanor HARRISON • Emma WICKENS • Jane BUCKLEY • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • James STANBRIDGE • John ODDE • Ivan GARDNER • George STANBRIDGE • Guy BLACKMORE • Felicity NOWELL and Sandra L YOUNG - so thank you!

In terms of the results, local (unrelated) Chichester parkrun heroes James Baker and James Gardam sped round the course in super quick time ahead of the pack- with James B clocking an impressive age related 81.47% and James G achieving a PB of 17.40 and our first female finisher was Emily Moore in a very pleasing time of 21.12 (more of the pleasing times later). However, the taking part is the important factor and with 1 in 8 parkrunners getting Personal Bests this week and almost half of the field now exceeding more than 50 parkruns each- the event goes from strength to strength.

Aesthetically pleasing times include:

Emily Moore 21.12
John Orden 22.22
Philip Carr 23.23
Chris Haramis 24.24
Newman Andrew(?) 32.32
Jenny Gumbrell 44.33 (and Personal Best as well)


#250 – The one where we earn our Green T-Shirt!

Saturday 1 June 2019 dawned bright and sunny – it was going to be a hot one!!!  Chichester parkrun was turning 250 – if only an event could earn a milestone T-Shirt – and I had new shoes to try out!

As always, we arrived a bit earlier than normal as Lizzie volunteers quite a bit.  This morning Lynette WOODWARD, our Run Director, was preparing our dedicated band of helpers by running through their duties – all volunteer posts are super easy and full training is given each week. I think I’ve undertaken pretty much every role – some more than others as it’s evident that timekeeping is not my forté!  Without our Run Directors having this invaluable help and their complete focus on our Health and Safety, parkrun just wouldn’t happen.  However, Lynette had also been tasked with two extra jobs yesterday:  one was Wardrobe Mistress – it’s amazing how much clothing is abandoned during our weekly run and whilst most is collected after runners have been scanned, there is an increasing amount of warm-up wear being left behind. Chichester parkrun cannot be responsible for your clothes…so please try to remember them before leaving – we’d like to try to avoid it looking like The Chippendales have been in town! (Who’s old enough to remember them, hey???)

The second extra job was Buddy Finder – Lynette had been asked to find someone to run at about 19min pace with a touristing runner. This job was a bit harder to fulfil: normally, this type of request can be taken care of during the brief which will yield a willing pacer, however, there was a safe-guarding issue here as the chap was under 11 and, whilst we would hate to exclude someone from taking part, Chichester parkrun feels that it should be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange a companion before arriving at an event you are touristing at. If you’re a member of a running club, perhaps send an email to the local running club earlier in the week to ask if they have someone running that wouldn’t mind taking on the role. It’s added pressure for the Run Director that can take their focus of their primary role!

OK – slight moan over! Chichester parkrun was able to welcome 231 runners to our 250th event (it’s a shame we couldn’t quite get 250...but if you include our volunteers, we hit the magic number!) – this included new friends from Alice Holt, Basingstoke (please say Hi to Charlotte Rennie from us when you go home!), Gosport, Bristol and lots of visitors from Midhurst taking part in their first parkrun after completing their Couch 25K – all in all we had 55 people completely new to parkrun yesterday, let’s hope you return soon – you’re going to find it addictive!!!  We love a good ‘shout out’ at Chichester – so the personal Milestones were acknowledged for Jack O’CONNOR who completed his 50th run, Geoff SUMNER completed his 100th volunteer stint and David MCCLEAN who completed his 300th run – naughty Leo STALLARD ‘forgot’ to mention it was his 50th run but nothing gets past us…so he’ll get his shout out next week.  Well done to all!

First finishers were Leo STALLARD, Samuel SNELL and Ollie SHERGOLD for the chaps and Emily MOORE, Hannah CROAD and (the gorgeous) Nadia ANDERSON for the ladies.  We had 35 Personal Bests – random shout outs to Rob MOORE (20:15) and Caroline MCKELLAR (38:31)!  My aesthetically pleasing time of the week goes to Justin GERI (who was closest to the magic number) for his 25:01 on our 250th run!

Finally – I have to thank our band of merry Volunteers:  Michael SHELDON • Mike MOORCROFT • Peter SHAW • Greg JAMES • Lynette WOODWARD • Geoff SUMNER • Chris ARMSTEAD • Jeremy HARRISON • Louise FLUDE • Colin ANCKORN • Peppy ANCKORN • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Trevor BAKER • Warrell HARRIES • Tony HACK • Johanna HARRISON • Bertie PARADISE • Sandra L YOUNG • Debbie BUCKLEY

So until next week, happy running to you all!


PS my new shoes did get  me to within 10 seconds of a PB!  I must try harder next week…


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