Event number 288: 14th March 2020

This week 193 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 37 were first timers and 8 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

At last it was dry and virtually windless.  The course was sadly still waterlogged in places so it was again a four lap route.  

The runners mingled and elbow bumped glad that they could take part this week.  Who knows what the future will hold, but I know all of you want parkrun to continue every week.  Not only is it a great physical activity but the benefits to our mental health are well known.  We will miss parkrun if it is deemed we cannot meet.  Watch this space for breaking news...

We gladly welcomed Harry  LELEU , who should have been representing Great Britain at a triathlon in Spain, but it had been cancelled.  He had an awesome run and made it look effortless. There were quite a few tourists, even a participant from France joined today’s run. 

Congratulations to Ian Stevens who completed his 250th Park Run and thank you for the delicious cookies.  

Several dogs enjoyed their park run and a new puppy was introduced to everyone.  

Lots of runners and volunteers met in the Theatre Cafe afterwards.  I too enjoyed a delicious cappuccino.  

Helen Stiles

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Mike HOUSTON • Victoria IRWIN • Wendy WHELAN • Lynette WOODWARD • Lis PESKETT • Aaron BAKER • Alex MEDHURST •Peter CARVER • Jeremy HARRISON • Steve WHITMEE • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Lisa ENGLISH • Jack ENGLISH • Michael JOHNS • Matthew O'SHEA • Tony HACK • Thomas HOUSTON • Donna LELEU • Helen STILES • Sue FOOTT • Fiona O'SHEA

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chichester parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Steven NAYLOR who recorded a time of 15:39 on 1st November 2014 (event number 14).

The female record is held by Rebecca MOORE who recorded a time of 17:20 on 13th August 2016 (event number 106).

The Age Grade course record is held by Helen DEAN who recorded 88.28% (22:37) on 5th January 2019 (event number 229).

Chichester parkrun started on 2nd August 2014. Since then 7,835 participants have completed 47,440 parkruns covering a total distance of 237,200 km, including 7,538 new Personal Bests. A total of 609 individuals have volunteered 5,011 times. 

Thanks so much, Helen, for a lovely report. Today we had such a lovely parkrun and it had a great atmosphere. We do hope to see everyone next week, but please keep an eye on the news and the website as well as our Facebook page for any developments.



Cancelled 15th February 2020

We are sorry to report that Chichester is cancelled this Saturday 15th February 2020. Chichester District Council have asked all sports clubs and teams who use the parks to cancel their events this weekend due to the weather warnings from the Met Office in the interests of safety. Hope to see you next Saturday!



Another Saturday, another 5km

Chichester parkrun is clocking up the miles (or is it kilometres) week by week; everything is in order and everything runs like clockwork. Familiar faces and routines, slick organisation from the merry band of volunteers, relatively predictable times and positions (albeit the prospect of PBs, Visitors and First Timers) and an overall sense of wellbeing and order.

However what I have learnt is that the parkrun creates the opportunity for new conversations and perspectives each week. Depending upon your position in the pack or on the course as a volunteer, there is always someone new to nod to, smile and say hello (or sometimes grunt between breaths). The diversity is diverse and with no pecking order, new connections are made. This is the beauty of the parkrun and is just as important as the physical fitness that often first motivates individuals to do the 5km parkrun challenge.

This week we saw 207 parkrunners, including 24 First Timers and 20 Personal Bests (which technically means there were 44 PBs this week -or 21% of this week's pack!). Chichester parkrun legend Mike Houston led us all in , Joshua Collins headed up the junior section in an impressive 21.15 on his first outing at Oaklands Park and Fray Cripps was our first female finisher.

However, another perspective is to consider the order by age ranking, which sees Keith Toop romping home in 73.17% and Liz Phelps notching up third place in 71.37%.. Perhaps this is much better way of recognising our diversity !!

Most pleasantly pleasing time was clocked by Jessica Brown in 23.23

Final shout out goes to our volunteers - namely: Aaron BAKER, Sandra BALCOMBE, Guy BLACKMORE, Paul BRANLEY-JONES, Jane BUCKLEY, Peter CARVER, Neil DAVIES, Jonny GARDAM, Ivan GARDNER, Grant HARRIS, Jeremy HARRISON, Johanna HARRISON, Jan HILL, Keri JOHNSON, Ruby JOHNSON, Phillip LOW, Henry MAGRILL, Mike MOORCROFT, John ODDE, Peter SHAW, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, Ian STEVENS and Simon WEAL


Chichester parkrun #283

Is there a better start to a Saturday morning than being told that you are going to run 4 times around the vegetable patch? I love many things about parkrun, but one of the top ones is discovering gems of parks in new cities and Chichester you did not disappoint. What a great idea to use a patch of ground for a community vegetable garden.

Picture3 Picture4 Picture1 Picture2

Chichester parkrun #283 started on a slightly foggy morning, when 227 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part. Visitors came from Yorkshire, Lancashire, London and Surrey.

New to parkrun were Mark Watson, Gur Wadge, Daniel Cobden, Lewis Wwatson, Lewis McLeod, Richard Yeomans, Gustav Verster, Annelize Meyer, Izzy Stuart, Darah Davis, Rebecca Clark and Philip Clark. Well done on your first parkrun and we hope to see you back again soon!

Congratulations to Danielle Allen on reaching the 50 club, and Jan Hill and Mark Gibson on reaching the 100 club.

Today’s event was made possible by 19 volunteers, ably lead by Run Director Lynette Woodward.

Kate HICKEN • Dave BARTY • Lynette WOODWARD • David PIKE • Susan Jayne PIKE • Aaron BAKER • Neil WORGAN • Robert MALLETT • Peter CARVER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Phillip LOW • Colin HANCOCK • Jane MOODIE • Lee MOODIE • Tony HACK • Benedict GODDARD • Felicity NOWELL • Jane BEAN • Guy PHELPS

We did have a last minute marshal have to come forward at 7:30am on Saturday in order for the run to go ahead.  parkrun cannot happen without volunteers and it is very stressful to have to wait until the last minute to fill the rosters. If you would like to volunteer you will be given full instructions and delightful hi-vis vest to wear for an hour and a wonderful feeling of gratitude of 200 parkruns to start your weekend with. Remember to fill in the volunteer board if you can help out in the coming weeks (and if you did fill in today remember that it starts on 8th Feb as next week is already full).

The first male over the line was Mike Houston of Chichester runners and AC in a time of 18:45, and first female was Rosie Hiles in a time of 20:21.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chichester parkrun Results Page.

Great running everyone! Thank you for such a great parkrun and such a friendly welcome

#DFYB Don't Forget Your Barcode!



With thanks to Kate who came to visit from Homewood parkrun and kindly wrote the report for us. Apologies that I forgot to ask all our visitors where you had come from to visit today. We do hope you come back soon and to our more expansive 3 lap route.



#281 The one with the 4-lap reminder

They say that 10th January is the day that most people break (or give up completely on) their New Year’s Resolutions.  I say ‘Phooey’ to that….the numbers of parkrunners attending Chichester’s best free weekly timed 5k run is still well over 200 with lots of new faces and lots of volunteers too!  Let’s keep it up readers – they also say that it take 66 days to make a habit….that leads us into March so we hope to still see you at #289 on 7th March where the lovely Lis PESKETT will welcome you all!  (Who are the ‘they’ that I speak of??  Answers on a postcard please!!!)

Today’s welcome was from RD Jeremy HARRISON who was aided by his gorgeous set up crew of Peter and Nadia ANDERSON – I’m putting my Recruitment hat on here:  The set-up crew is a vital role to each week’s parkrun – it’s also a role that you can do and still run so you don’t lose out on either front – warm and fuzzies from Volunteering and slightly smug face from getting some Saturday morning exercise before going home for breakfast in bed, isn’t that right Nads?!!  Once Jeremy had briefed his volunteers, it was over David POLLOCK to give the New Runner’s Brief, another Volunteer role that doesn’t stop you running!  That done Jeremy  welcomed all to the park and explained our Winter course to our newbies and Tourists and the important Safety information.  He then sent us off to the Start where we eagerly awaited the off…  That first run up the ‘Hill’ is always a bit of a shock to the system – it’s still a bit sticky and slippery but on the whole it’s an improving surface to run on – I’d still say it’s probably soft, but good to soft in places.

At the first corner we came across Lis PESKETT marshalling us round and onto the path – Lis was brilliant in reminding us that the Winter course should be run on the RIGHT and that it was FOUR laps….how many???  FOUR!!!!  It’s really important that we keep right – head on crashes would be uncomfortable for all and would inevitably lead to the RD having to make an incident report which is something they always try to avoid if possible as it might delay the results…joking aside, please try to give each other the space needed to run – the first lap is always a bit cosy.  If you’re needing to overtake runners, please take to the grass to pass!!  The next marshal encountered was Lauren COLLINS, then Guy PHELPS, Emma WICKENS all giving us the much-needed encouragement around the Allotment and the back to see Lis again for another 4 lap reminder!!  Up the long slope, it’s not a hill – that’s all in the mind, and then the relief of the downhill run past Tina WEBSTER and Philippa FRANCIS for the start of another of our FOUR laps.

As we know, parkrun is not a race but a free weekly timed 5k run – kudos go the our first three chaps past the Finish line:  Mikey NEVILLE, Jon GRAVE (with a new nicely palindromic PB of 20:02 – well done Jon!!) and Joe SOLTI; even more kudos to our first lady, Rosie HILES who actually came in front of Joe in finishing order.  There are also major kudos for Rosie as she then volunteered by Barcode Scanning - the speedy runners amongst you might want to consider one of the finish line volunteer posts in future, like Rosie!  Our 2 following ladies were Fay CRIPPS and then Cerys DICKINSON.  We had 15 new PBs – impressive with the going being so challenging!  We also had 5 of the stars of the future – our Under 11 runners – please remember you must keep your responsible adult with you at all times and please advise the RD if your names are different – it’s all so we can keep our T’s crossed and I’s dotted for parkrunHQ.

As always there’s a special mention for our Hi-Viz heroes – this week Jeremy was joined by Jill RENSON • Lis PESKETT • Nadia ANDERSON • John WAITES • Peter ANDERSON • Jeremy HARRISON • Eleanor HARRISON • Tina WEBSTER • Lauren COLLINS • Emma WICKENS • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • David POLLOCK • Tony SPOONER • Philippa FRANCIS • Sarah CUTLER • Johanna HARRISON • Benedict GODDARD • Rosie HILES • Guy PHELPS

One of the final tasks of my parkrun week is to choose the Aesthetically Pleasing Time of the Week!  I do love this bit (yes, I’m that sad!!!) – as most will know the palindromes fascinate me so it’s tough to move past Jon Grave’s 20:02 or Kate HABASHI’s 35:53 but I shall…  Jenna OTTLEY – your 30:00 is my APTOTW – it’s also my goal for parkrun 2020! Oh boy – I’m not sure I should have put that in print but hey ho, it’s there for all to see!

The last thing to do is to wave a fond farewell to Margaret ENSTONE who is leaving the Chichester parkrun family to move north!!!  Margaret’s first parkrun was also Chichester parkrun’s first event in August 2014 and she’s been a smiley face here ever since – she’s always been super supportive of new runners and we will miss her!  We’ll just have to do some parkrun Touristing to somewhere called Darlington….I’m told it’s north of Watford but my UK geography is useless.  WISHING YOU MASSES OF LUCK FOR THE MOVE, MARGARET – keep in touch please!!!!

See you all next Saturday…


#280 The back to normality one

Neil Worgan - 04/01/20

The first Saturday parkrun of 2020 is now completed and Christmas seems like a distant memory (well for me anyway). We are now back to the normal schedule of ONE parkrun per week after the last few weeks where some lucky people managed to clock up SIX. The new winter FOUR-lap course is doing well and I for one enjoyed seeing everyone as we were passing on the gravel path before going up THAT hill. Today the course was relatively dry if not a tad muddy but 16 people still managed PBs. Well done.

Welcome to the parkrun family the 21 people who joined us for their inaugural parkrun. Congratulations on choosing the best free weekly timed parkrun in Chichester. We hope to see you back again soon.

My most aesthetically pleasing time prize for today is shared between Lisa SUTHERLAND and Mrs BRID at 37:37. I like the fact that two people can share this week’s greatest honour.

Whilst parkrun isn’t a race the first three gents to finish were James BAKER, Mike HOUSTON and Stewart ELLABY. The first three ladies to finish were Rosie HILES, Grace BIRD and Jessica EARP. Whatever your time today, well done to all of our 287 finishers.

Congratulations go to Thomas BRIXEY, Michael JOHNS, Gideon SHERWOOD, Mandy WALDON and Alessandro AGOSTI for completing their 50th parkruns today. Joining the 100 club today was David POLLOCK and Johanna HARRISON.

A big thank you to everyone who volunteered today. parkrun would not exist without the volunteers. If you are willing and able to, please consider volunteering. Full training is provided and it is incredibly rewarding. After volunteering 25 times you even get a free t-shirt to say thank you. There are even some roles that can even be completed as well as running. Today’s hi-viz heroes were: Peter BIRD • Eric WOOD • David PIKE • Lis PESKETT • Geoff SUMNER • Neil WORGAN • Chris ARMSTEAD • Jeremy HARRISON • Louise FLUDE • Joely WHARTON • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • David PHIZACKERLEY • James STANBRIDGE • Sandra BALCOMBE • George STANBRIDGE • Marieann DICKER • Carly SOFFE • Rob GOLDSMITH • Theo WEST.

A special thank you goes to Chris ARMSTEAD for being our RD this week. (Honestly I was last one out of the room! - Chrispy)

This week 287 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers including 21 new to parkrun and 16 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.




#279 The one welcoming in the New Year (with a Resolution)!

Seems like only yesterday since we were in the park running up that hill…if only I could, I’d be running up that hill! I always try to get you singing and after my slight misquote on Saturday, I know for a fact this one is Kate Bush!!! So who’s done 4 parkruns in 11 days then?? More importantly, who’s got more bragging rights and done 5??? Hope those that did enjoyed the Chichester/Bognor Regis double today!!! Was there anyone mad enough to do the double and then the WSFRL Hangover 5??

Enough bragging, here’s some details about our first parkrun of 2020!! Our RD for today was Aaron BAKER and I think Aaron may have been a little jaded after his prize-winning efforts at The Bell’s Roaring Twenties Fancy Dress NYE party but he was onsite early with his set up crew of Andrea TEE and Stephen TEE to prepare everything for us to safely run. Catherine CANNON happily welcomed our New Runners and Tourists during her brief and then it was over to Aaron for the RD Brief on our (not-so) new course and all the usual information including milestone runs for Louise FLUDE (100); Abby CORBIN (50) and Gabriella SPANDLEY (Junior = 10) and a special birthday shout out for Jane TAYLOR and no, I’m not going to mention her age – that would be just wrong!!!

Without much ado we were off to the start and running up that hill again… Even the Winter Course was a bit muddy last week but the lack of rain since Saturday has allowed it to dry out on the first hill so the going wasn’t too heavy. I do like parts of the Winter Course – you get to high 5 people on the path and sing along to some music by the allotments (thanks Kevin!!), I’m just not so keen on the slopes! We had 212 parkrunners around the 4 lap course today – we had 30 first timers with 6 brand new to parkrun - including Alwyn WORGAN and Ieuan WORGAN who finished their first full 5k today - Alwyn and Ieuan aren’t new to Chichester parkrun though, they are regular volunteers with their Mum, Rebecca WORGAN, and today’s Tail Walker and Dad, Neil WORGAN.

As we know, parkrun isn’t a race but we do like to give bragging rights to our Gazelles – our top 3 for the boys was Matt JOLLY, Ben PARKER and Jon GRAVE, with the ladies being led home by Rosie HILES (on only her second parkrun!), Emily MOORE and Emma WICKENS. 14 PB’s were recorded – well done to you all, what a way to start 2020!! As always, onto the hotly anticipated (well by me anyway!) Aesthetically Pleasing Time Of The Week award which goes to Abby CORBIN’s 24:48! I know it’s odd for me especially in a week where there are 4 palindromic times (James BEAUMONT, Roxana SIMCOX with a new PB too, Bruce RATTRAY and Ben PARKER)!

Now, onto the Resolution part of my Run Report. When you write the report you get an email from the RD and parkrun that lists all the volunteers for that week and without wanting to sound too judgemental it’s usually a regular bunch of heroes! Perhaps all runners would consider volunteering just once over the coming year. If that happened it would mahusively increase the volunteer pool and give all those who volunteer the ‘Warm and Fuzzies’ for the rest of the day. I really do know the feeling – you just want to run…either chasing the PB or it’s your only chance to run in our ever-so-busy lives but whether you’ve done 352 parkruns like David MASON or just 1 you’ve experience the power of the volunteers – without them parkrun just wouldn’t happen and the world would be a poorer place – so much good is done in and around the parks and promenades of the UK during the parkrunhour on a Saturday morning! Please just consider it….you can always go for that PB next week!!! Don’t forget, there are also roles where you can still run – these include Set Up Crew, First Timers Brief, Take Down Crew and this role, Run Report Writer – so more opportunity for the warm and fuzzies….

Speaking of hi-viz heroes – today’s were Kevin WILLIAMS • Wendy WHELAN • Susan Jayne PIKE • Tom BLAYLOCK • Neil DAVIES • Aaron BAKER • Neil WORGAN • Alwyn WORGAN • Ieuan WORGAN • Stephen TEE • Catherine CANNON • Amelie CANNON • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Phillip LOW • Ivan GARDNER • Andrea TEE • Marieann DICKER • Jackie WILLIAMS • Sue FOOTT – Thanks to all!!

So until the next parkrun – in another 3 sleeps just in case you’re still disorientated with what day it is….enjoy the rest of your week and please think about the volunteer pledge for 2020!!



#278 The last one of the year…

#278 The last one of the year!
When there seem to be reviews of the year everywhere it only seems right to have a brief running review of the year!  It’s not all about me but I have managed to pass one milestone I set myself this this year - based on last year’s efforts it seemed achievable to get to 500k and I’ve actually managed it with a month to spare as by the end of November I had run 506k with about another 50k to add from December, I’ll have to up my efforts next year…  I realise my target is much lower than a lot of other runners but it is all about the community and support of others to enable you to reach for the stars!!! (who's singing Steps now???)   Thanks to all for the never ending support - it really is appreciated!!!
When I say it’s not all about me, I really mean it!  If it were not for the Chichester parkrun family I’d be wandering aimlessly around Tesco’s on a Saturday morning…  I’ve met so many friendly, inspiring and just plain fabulous people since my first parkrun in August of 2015, I promote it to anyone who mentions fitness to me!
Saturday morning was quite dark – it didn’t really seem to get light until about 8:30am when a fairly large crowd of runners had already assembled, Avenger-like, in front of the Festival Theatre – perhaps the thought of another sausage roll or mince pie tipped them over the edge and out the door…  Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, our RD for the day, ably assisted by fabulous Set-up Crew of Martin EMMETT and Ben RITCHIE (and more help from Peter ANDERSON) was ready to welcome runners from near and far – in fact the New Runner’s Briefing by Lynette WOODWARD was almost better attended than the main brief.  The tourists came from…ooops, the list seems to have mizzled…I know Basingstoke was on it – I apologise most profusely for my memory lapse but the welcome was warm!
Liz started us out on the second running of the new ‘Winter Course’ thus avoiding the Bog of Doom and off we went up the hill.  The new course seems easier to some, to some tougher (including me!) but overall, it seems more friendly as everyone passes each other a little more often – especially now we’re sometimes facing each other!  What do you all think of the course???  Comments on a postcard – please be nice…
First home for the Chaps were Ned POTTER, Harry LELEU and Tom CLEWLEY and they were followed by the Ladies first finishers – Ailbhe BARNES, Charlotte WARREN and Emily MOORE.  I’m super impressed by the PB’s set – in no particular order:  Esca HAYWOOD (27:49); John CIESIELCZUK (27:16); Russell BUGDEN (29:55); Paul HANCOCK (24:02); Barbara GLUE (46:21); Jane BEAN (34:35); Anna MCKENNA (37:40); Melissa RATLEDGE (37:45) and Felicity JOHNSON (26:10).  As always, we like to have an APTOTW (aesthetically pleasing time of the week) and as no-one quite got the ultimate 20:20, yesterday’s went to Johanna HARRISON for her 40:40 which was twice the fun as she was with Frankie HARRISON too.
Finally, a quick reminder for you all – there are 2 extra parkruns this week – Chichester and our friendly neighbour, Bognor Regis are offering the chance to do 10k before lunch on New Year’s Day (that’s in 3 sleeps time if you’ve no idea what day it is….).  Don’t forget Chichester starts at 9am followed by Bognor Regis at 10:30am.  If you’re feeling even more energetic you might like to try the West Sussex Fun Run League’s first run of the year – the aptly named Hangover 5 at Hill Barn, near Worthing – see http://westsussexfunrunleague.org.uk/fixture-list/ for details!
This week’s band of fabulous-ness that were our Volunteers included:  Ian STEVENS • John Martin GARRITY • Jane TAYLOR • Susan BARTY • Jill RENSON (with Delilah) • Dave BARTY • Lynette WOODWARD (with Douglas) • Catherine CANNON • Ben RITCHIE • Jeremy HARRISON (with Boni) • Peter FIELD • Amelia FIELD (with Lola) • Martin EMMETT • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Phillip LOW • Gary DICKER • Marieann DICKER • Tony HACK • Carly SOFFE (with Rocket) • Steve LAWRENCE • Theo WEST.  Thanks to all for giving up their time and runs…
See you in 3 sleeps!!!

A very muddy one!

Chichester parkrun offers a brief interlude from the outside world. Each Saturday morning, we come together as one nation, for the many and not the few as a green movement - to get the it done (the parkrun) in the best possible time. In doing so, we leave our affiliations behind but remain focused on the task in hand.

Our exit polls this week were roughly correct, with Harry Boulter first past the post, and Rowena Barker was duly elected the first female finisher in am impressive landslide of fifth placing overall. Other notable candidates included Alec Trevelyan achieving a 67.48% age rating and both Jessica Goddard and Joylon Wilson for getting the only PBs - a great result given the turbulent weather conditions

We also welcome a few tourists from other far flung constituencies such as Hong Kong and North Derbyshire and the whole event was ably supported by the Chichester parkrun local party members and activists .. Aaron BAKER, Sandra BALCOMBE, James BEAUMONT, Tom BLAYLOCK, Jo BRINING, Catherine CANNON, Laura COLLINS, Neil DAVIES, Gary DICKER, Nick DOWSWELL, Philip FAULKNER, Jonathan GARDAM, Johanna HARRISON, Jeremy HARRISON, Laura HOLDER, Donna LELEU, Mike MOORCROFT, Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, Brian J SULLIVAN, Theo WEST, Emma WICKENS, Neil WORGAN


Chichester parkrun 275 14th December 2019: The One Where We Turned Up …

It certainly wasn’t the most promising of mornings this morning – after the heavy rain on Thursday there was a sting in the wind and the clouds were lowering, and I for one was wondering whether an extra half an hour under the duvet might have been a better option; but despite that 157 of us were there, including representatives from nine different clubs, no less, 11 first-timers and a visitor from Queensland, who must have been wondering if the culture-shock was worth it. A couple of weeks back I’d swapped running for bar-coding, and it had struck me then that there’s a real difference in perception between watching the start and taking part; watching, everyone seems to start off almost in slow motion along that first stretch, but it certainly doesn’t seem like that when you are in amongst it! And that was particularly true this week when – were I Peter O’Sullevan – I’d have to describe the going as distinctly ‘soft’! Indeed, that first stretch was muddy, slippery with leaves and in places waterlogged, and at one point I thought I was going to lose a shoe, and there was a certain amount of hilarity as everyone bunched and slithered round that first post (which I’ve come to think of as ‘Travellers’ Corner’…). Thereafter it was back to the usual slog, that sharp pull up to the trees and more slippery roots (that bit always takes me back to school cross-country runs, and reminds me why I tried so hard to get out of them; how have I ended up here now?), and the swing round the rugby field and the strategically placed equipment (we get muddy so they don’t have to!). By that point my existential angst regarding my duvet was beginning to resurface, but fortunately was banished by the cheery encouragement of the marshals, and the sight of an enthusiastic dog (and owner) sprinting past me with so much ease that I suddenly became acutely conscious of my age. But, I’d actually managed to get half way round the second lap before James Baker (who was first to finish; how is it even possible to run the whole thing in 16.56?), lapped me, which is always my test of just how slow I’m going. By that time, however, the combination of plain running, trying to balance and keep my feet and swinging my arms on the up-hill was beginning to feel like a full body-work out, so as usual the best bit was reaching the finish, and being able to stop! And we all managed it, too, before a slight spit of rain, and to be rewarded with some particularly nice mince-pies some kind soul had contributed. That’s the thing about parkrun – whatever mood you start out in (and look, I haven’t mentioned politics once!) the easy camaraderie of the event always lifts your spirits, and it isn’t just down to endorphins! Congratulations to Joe Parker, who was second with a new PB of 19.45, and as to ‘most aesthetically pleasing time’, I’m going to go for poptastic Tom Broughton, with 25;25 (anyone remember the song by Zager and Evans? No? Never mind…). And of course none of it would have been possible without our wonderful volunteer high-viz heroes, Claudia MILBURN, Daniel BYE, Lynette WOODWARD, Stephen TEE, Nadia ANDERSON, Chris ARMSTEAD, Eleanor HARRISON, Mark WHEELER, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, David THAIR, Yvette THAIR, Andrea TEE, Johanna HARRISON, Molly BYE, Jonny GARDAM, Helen STILES , Theo WEST and Laura DOWSWELL. With the holiday season looming, there’s sure to be a need for more volunteers over the next couple of weeks, so why not see if you can give it a go?

Ian Knight

thanks for a great first-time report Ian! We are definitely on the lookout for all our events on:

21st; 25th; 28th and the 1st Jan

All at 9 am. Don't forget, we are double events with Bognor again this year (who are going at 10:30). Let us know if you can help!



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