Chipping Sodbury parkrun #344 21st May 2022 – Lots of milestones (and cake!)

Well this event couldn't have been more packed of milestones, but before we kick off with the roll call of parkrun smashers, let's hear it for a fun fact.
Did you know that in Sweden, a Saturday is usually the only day of the week where children are not allowed to eat sweets? Imagine completing your parkrun event and not being able to chow down on the free cake! I'm not sure how we would cope, to be honest. I thought cake post parkrun was a golden rule. In that case, we will all have to be very careful to honor this tradition on any tourist trips that we take to a parkrun in Sweden.
So, fast forward to today. The morning was bright and warm. The core team had everything organised with precision planning overseen by Rachel Bramwell, todays RD. We had a few special milestones today with Stu Wilkie and his 250th Volunteer event & Run- yep, he smashed the double. Stuart was one of the original founders of parkrun Chipping Sodbury. He is usually found running 100's of miles around the world for "fun" but today he spent his special day with his home run. A further milestone for our very own parkrun extraordinary gentleman went to John Francksen with his 250th Run. A lesser-known parkrun tourist "cough cough" who achieved her 50th Volunteer milestone was Debbie Airey (me). In true form, I'd completely forgotten until Rachel called my name during the run briefing. Colin McCord and Danny Champion achieved their 25th parkrun which is awesome, welcome to your first milestone!
(l-r: John, Rachel and Stu)
Today was the 2nd largest attendance since March 2020.
Chipping Sodbury has become home to two very new guests who have moved here from the Ukraine. Krystina and Bogdan have completed their second event and were welcomed by the full parkrun family today. Thank you to everyone who said hello and wore a special Ukrainian ribbon badge to support them. It is no surprise that the town has pulled out all the stops to support its new visitors. Krystyna is amongst many mums and children who have fled their home to find safety here.
And finally a huge thank you to the volunteers who make this happen - each week, come rain or shine.
Debbie Airey (A3429659)
Here's the volunteers register for this week:
This week 317 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom, 38 were first timers and 40 recorded new Personal Bests.  Representatives of 46 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 35 volunteers:

Malcolm Kevin WHITE • Stu WILKIE • Andy BARTON • Sonia CROSS • Gary BIRCHER • Guy HALLEY • Jacob CRAWLEY • Bill SHACKCLOTH • Mike MITCHELL • Rachel BRAMWELL • Nick PHILLIPS • Karen BATEMAN • Debbie YOUNG • Ellen DEVINE • Jeffery HARDY • Rob BEAZLEY • Ian CRABBE • Colin HARE • George CLARKE • Ruby SPRING • Linda ASHFORD • Robert PEASTON • Sarah ASHBY • Debbie AIREY • Richard DUNNING • Margreth PRICE • Chloe EMERY • Rachael RUSHENT • Amy TAYLOR • Mark BATEMAN • Skye MATTHEWS • Louise BECK • Emily PALMER • Stephen SELWOOD • Arran FITZGERALD


Saturday May 7th Chipping Sodbury parkrun event 343

A beautiful May morning with sunshine and a light breeze as I set off to Chipping Sodbury on my way Badminton Horse Trials. The web and facebook pages are full of so much detailed information that I was never in any doubt of getting lost.

I parked in a large free carpark near to Waitrose. There is parking on site but it closes before 9 and re opens after 9:35 ish. There are public toilets in the town a minute or so walk away, what a lovely town too. I headed to The Ridings and could see multiple signs up ahead as I approached the mini roundabout.

Chipping Sodbury has a large team of super friendly marshals or high viz heroes and all were smiling and happy to help. Thank you for the directions to Badminton! The first timers briefing has signs with the parkun code of conduct and as we assembled it was great to see that 12 hands were raised when asked if it was their first ever parkrun. As a tourist I felt at ease and the familiarity of how each venue has the same set up is one of the success stories of parkrun but I have to say that this venue is amazing in how many signs and marshals there are - brilliant to see.

The RD gave the run brief and then we were off to the start where we lined up in a rough idea of time. Keep left was what I had in mind as we set off on the first lap. It is a three lap course and the lap follows the park around on a very obvious path. There were many marshals on course including one with a bell which made me smile. The slight downhill was nice and thanks to the marshal near the speed bump I didnt fall over. The super cheery marshal on the last right turn was clapping and cheering us on every single time.

The laps seemed to go quickly and I was grateful for the company of runners who pushed me along. At the end of the third lap you move to the right and the timekeepers click you across the line. Time to stop the watch and follow the finish funnel around to get the finish token. There were several barcode scanners - runner barcode first then token, then token is dropped into the bucket - they are not souvenirs!

It was great to see so many people smiling their way around the course and the blind runner and the guide runner were pretty speedy and lovely to see.

After I scanned I had to leave and head back to the car to head to Badminton.

Thank you for a really lovely parkrun, this was my 75th different venue and I loved it. The park is nice, the track is wide, the marshals are friendly and the signs a plenty!

Nikki Yeo - A363772CSP Montage


Special shout-outs to Run Director Jeff who celebrated his 100th volunteer stint this week and the ladies from Frome Valley Medical Centre who made up a large contingent of the 35 people who joined us for their first parkrun!  We look forward to seeing you all again soon!  Also to Layla-Rose Day and Kerry Doherty who both ran their 100th parkruns but were too shy to let us embarrass them on the day!

Please note there is no parkrun at Chipping Sodbury on 14th May, so you have an opportunity for a bit of tourism!  Please let us know on our Facebook page where you're heading.


Chipping Sodbury parkrun Event #342 (Run) Report, 30 April 2022 Give it a go!

Thanks to Rob Biggs for this weeks' run report (and also volunteering to wash our pacers tabards!...)

Warm in the sunshine with little breeze made it great conditions for parkrun this morning. 245 parkrunners lined up to complete their Saturday morning 5k journey to better fitness in body and mind.   

Six people ran their first ever parkrun, and another 14 made their first visit to Chipping Sodbury.  Several official milestones were reached today.  Sally Eatock completed her 50th parkrun and earned the red milestone shirt.  Purple 25 shirts will be available for Francesca Davies and Jane Massey in recognition of completing 25 parkruns.  Julian Livitt notched up a notable personal milestone, finishing parkrun for 150th time.  There were also two hi-vis heroes recognised for reaching 25 volunteering days, Mark Bateman and Chloe Emery.  Well done all of you!

Today, as is usual for the last Saturday of the month we had pacers from 20 -38 minutes to support runners in improving performance.  Amongst these was Karen Bateman pacing for the very first time.  With a combination of maths (to work out the split times at distance) and encouragement (to counter the natural nerves of a first time pacer), Karen did a magnificent job coming in at 37:48, a small margin of just 12 seconds inside her target time.  Well done! 

For the first two laps of my pacing role today, I was running alone and being teased by some of the marshals for being friendless!  I was fair game, as I had been teasing someone else in an effort to get them to give pacing a try.  However, to save my blushes, I was joined on the last lap by a young lady parkrunning as part of training for a 10k Race for Life event in July.  Fabulous job, and good luck as you continue to prepare to support this worthy cause.

If you’re a bit nervous about pacing, timekeeping (note to self) or volunteering in any role… just give it a go!  You’ll open up new dimensions of confidence and camaraderie. ☺

Rob Biggs, A1724256



Parkrun Report – 23/4/22

This week's run report is a poem! Thank you to Nic Harvey, our parkrun poet in residence! 


231 took part on this cool, breezy day,

Perfect conditions for a run some would say


3 laps of the course we complete,

Some with a time they were determined to beat


All starting together then a large spread,

With thanks to the marshals for the encouraging words they said


Will Massey (16:50) came in at first place,

Alexander Whittaker (17:12) coming second in the race


For all of those took part, a big well done,

Whether you walk, jog, sprint or run


After running, chatting to others with a shared interest,

Then time to go home for a well-deserved rest


Well done for getting out and taking part,

See you next week at the start


A big thanks to Karen Bateman,

The director of today’s run


Lastly a massive thanks to the rest of the volunteers that gave their time,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the parkrun report as a rhyme


By Nic Harvey


Chipping Sodbury parkrun Report – Event #340

This week our run report is written by Richard Harris and his son Jonah Harris. If you'd like to write a future run report, drop us an email at and we'll add you to the roster - it's a great way to get a run credit and a volunteer credit on the same week! Over to Richard and Jonah...

It was lovely weather for running on Saturday (although the grass was a bit wet for spectators). It was my 50th parkrun, and so I had brought along my family and some running friends to cheer me on and celebrate, and give out cookies and brownies at the end (apologies to lent chocolate giver-uppers).

281 people walked, jogged, ran and pushed pushchairs around The Ridings, including 38 first timers. 42 people got PBs, including the first finisher.

My first parkrun, at Chipping Sodbury was back in 2016. I came along to see if it was true what they said – that you could walk and no one would mind. I was recovering from surgery, and so knew I would be walking, and it was true! I walked around with the tail in a time of 48:18. I then had a stint of volunteering before building up to running. There have been more surgeries since (all to do with Ulcerative colitis) and I’ve completed 34 of my 50 runs at Chipping Sodbury. I’ve parkrun-d near my parents, my in laws in Ireland and at some other local events, and always found it to be welcoming. Particular stand-outs would be for former Run Director Andy who has helped me feel part of the local running community and introduced me to parkrun challenges, and current RD Ellen who inducted me into my first volunteering stints. I’ve also met some great people via the Brimsham Bullets, who I joined via parkrun. Volunteering is really not scary or difficult, and I would recommend it.

On Saturday, my oldest son Jonah (junior parkrun half marathon wristband holder) was very pleased to be able to run back and forward across the Ridings and see me (everywhere at once), whilst youngest son Eli just wanted a cuddle as I ran past, but got one at the end!

First finisher on Saturday was Greg Hayward in 16:12 (a new PB for him). First female was Ella Treby in 19:53 and in 17th place. First junior was Freddie Cooper in 2nd place in a time of 16:37.

Top age grade results – male was, in 3rd place, Phillip Parry with 92.44% in the VM55-59 category and female, in 39th place, Sian Davies at 88.72% in the VW60-64.

Also celebrating milestones were Katie Aries (10 – junior milestone), Jason Moore (50) and Laura Jane Foote (50), Rosalie Hoskins (100), Malcolm Offer (100).

Thank you to all the volunteers this week and every week too.

Richard Harris stands in front of the Chipping Sodbury parkrun sign wearing the red 50th milestone vest.

Richard Harris celebrating his 50th milestone in style - with the milestone vest!

Richard Harris – A2390268

Jonah Harris - A4787039

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