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Please note that Chipping Sodbury will be running an event on Christmas Day at 9am.

We will not be running a new year's day event this year. There are other local events all with 10.30am starts. Maybe a good day to try a little tourism!

An early Merry Christmas from the Chipping Sodbury Core Team!



What a day! Event number 281, 26th October 2019

Our run report this week written by Jenny Green


What a day!


It was one of those mornings that test your love of parkrun. It’s definitely that bit harder to find the motivation to get out of bed on a Saturday morning when it’s cold and wet outside, oh and the rugby was on!


It would have been easy not to show up this week, so a huge well done to everyone who got up, got dressed and braved the rain. It might have been hard, but I bet you didn’t regret it!   As expected, it was a smaller turn out than usual. This week 235 people ran, jogged and walked the course. 10 were first timers to parkrun and 14 were new to Chipping Sodbury. We also had 24 new personal bests. There were tourists from Sheffield and as far away as Australia. Well done to everyone.




It was also the last Saturday of the month, also known as pacer day! Volunteer pacer results as follows. Well done everyone, thanks for giving up your time for a tough but rewarding job.

21 Thomas Reed -3sec
23 Michael Heffernan, bang on
25 Mark Watts -3sec
27 George Clarke -13sec

29 Howard Jameson +9sec

33 Darren Gaulton +2 sec

35 Soos Moss +32sec

37 James Sage -6sec

Run Walk Claire Adams 40:24


Thank you


We’re always grateful to the volunteers who give up their time to make parkrun possible, but I’d like to give them an even louder round of applause this week. It wasn’t just raining, it was pouring! Our high vis heroes must have been absolutely soaked, but they still gave up their Saturday mornings to set up, marshall, time keep, scan our tokens and carry out all the other crucial roles that are needed to ensure parkrun can take place. A big THANK YOU from us all! A big shout out also goes to Howard Jameson for his 25th parkrun volunteering stint, huge thank you.




There were 2 milestone achievements this week. Cat Moore ran her 50th and Ian Nelson also completed his 100th parkrun (you hid for a pic!). Congratulations to you both!


This event was made possible by awesome 39 volunteers:


Claire ADAMS, Andy AIREY, Sarah ASHBY, Val BARNES, Jack BRIMSON, Claire BROWN, Christopher BROWN, George CLARKE, Noah COLLIER-KING, Ellen DEVINE, Natalie EVANS, Sally GARNETT, Darren GAULTON, David GOODWIN, Holly GOODWIN, Jenny GREEN, Maisie GREGORY, Emma HARDING, Jeffery HARDY, Mike HEFFERNAN, Gabriel HENNIKER-HEATON, Hayley HODGES, Howard JAMESON, Isla KELLAWAY, Kim LEONARD, Dave MEDCROFT, Suzanne Louise MOSS, Clare NICHOLS, Shelley OCALLAGHAN, Margreth PRICE, Lisa REED, Thomas REED, Rachael RUSHENT, James SAGE, Stewart THOMAS, Andrew TURNER, Millie TURNER, Mark WATTS, Stu WILKIE


Event number # 280, by Sophie Sparks

19th October 2019

A bright cold autumn morning met Chipping Sodbury's newest run director Andy Barton and his team of 30 regular volunteers for this week's event number #280 at Chipping Sodbury.
30 volunteers all smelling fresh wearing freshly laundered hi viz vests; A big thank you goes out to Wendy!
There was a high turnout of 55 first timers, and this week saw tourists from close by Thornbury parkrun (the event was cancelled this week) and neighbours Pomphrey Hill parkrun.
422 parkrunners lined up at 9am in the sunshine to a slightly delayed start due to several latecomers walking down towards the start line.
The course was dry this week, not a puddle in sight and the “ keep off the grass sign” placed down the straight from the woods towards the tennis courts seemed to be doing the job well.
Milestones this week were;
50th parkrun for Carol Smith, Sam Norster, Simon Kilburn-Bond and Lydia Jones.
10th junior run for Megan Troughton. Well done everyone!
63 people recorded new personal bests this week and representatives from 34 different clubs took part.
The first finishing male was Maciej Bialogonski in 16.10 and the first finishing female was Helen Newberry in 18.37.
Bacon sandwiches were being sold to hungry parkrunners after the event to raise money for 1625 Independent People charity and they certainly were very busy and they smelt delicious!
Did you know that Co-op supports parkrun the UKs largest running movement! Together with parkrun they want to create a healthier community through food, exercise and lifestyle.
Regular parkrunner Sara De Barros has signed up to #healthyswaps and wants to encourage as many of us as possible to do the same.
When 50% of your parkrun attendance has signed up to #healthyswaps the Co-op will visit Chipping Sodbury parkrun with healthy snacks, food boxes and recipe ideas as well as making a donation to our parkrun!
For those who are interested you can sign up via the link below.
Co-op & parkrun - #HealthySwaps

Co-op & parkrun - #HealthySwaps

Sophie Sparks

Event 279, by Richard Harris

Lots of people are talking about running today, as Eluid Kipchoge managed to complete marathon distance in Vienna in 1 hour 59 mins 40 secs. He managed to keep a very steady pace of between 2:50 – 2:52 minutes per kilometre – at that pace he’d complete a parkrun in 14 minutes 10 seconds.
373 of you walked, jogged or ran at Chipping Sodbury parkrun this morning, on a course described by run director Sonia as ‘soggy – particularly at the back’ in the run briefing. It was chilly start too, and the kit keepers were kept busy as people de-layered after the first lap.

The biggest puddle of the day was just as you entered the woods, and this caused a slight delay as people navigated round or tried to jump over. There were also a few of you with wet feet.

Today we had 44 first timers and 42 PBs -we hope that the first timers will al come back!

Milestones this week were:

50 milestone – Paul COX (34 @ CS)

10 Junior Harry PITTS all at CS

And so to the results!

First Male and first finisher was Benjamin MAHONEY 17:57 – a very well travelled parkrunner with plenty of volunteering under his belt too.

First female was Lucy WALLACE in 19:20 from local club Bitton Road Runners with a PB shaving 22 seconds of her time from March. Lucy also had the second best Age Grading today at 77.33%

Top of the age grading table was Valerie BROWN on her 48th parkrun achieving 84.53%

Tourists were spotted (based on club affiliations) from Yeovil, Leicester, Reading and Lowestoft.

Thanks to all of the volunteers – remember there are roles that allow you to volunteer and participate.

Don’t forget that next week 1625 Independent People charity will be selling bacon rolls to raise funds for the work they do supporting young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Thank you to Richard Harris for volunteering to write this excellent run report. 


Event number 276

Chipping Sodbury parkrun
Event number 276
21st September 2019

This week 353 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 48 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

Rachel Ovens, Lorraine Palmer and Adam Wright-Davies all celebrated their 100th parkrun. Caroline Scapens, Shelley O'Callaghan, Christopher Turner and Mark Wright-Davies celebrated their 50th parkrun. Congratulations to you all.

Some of you may have a different position number in the results to the token you took. This is because a couple of people hopped out of the funnel so we had to adjust the results. Please be assured that your time is correct. If you'd like to understand how the results work, come and volunteer with us and we'll explain it all! (Or at least try to!)

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Mike RICHES • Simon CARDNELL • Martin HERRING • Julie BOYNES • Nicky ALWAY • Bill SHACKCLOTH • Mike MITCHELL • Karen BATEMAN • Ellen DEVINE • Tracy WATSON • Henry WATSON • Oliver HARES • Claire ADAMS • Colin ADAMS • George CLARKE • Debbie BILLINGS • Hannah BILLINGS • Lj CLARKE • Nicki WADE • Mark WELSFORD • Karen WILSON • Maria DYKES • Tristan BARRACLOUGH • Mark WILSON • Chloe EMERY • Rachael RUSHENT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chipping Sodbury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 15:16 on 10th September 2016 (event number 128).
The female record is held by Zoe WASSELL who recorded a time of 17:01 on 22nd December 2018 (event number 239).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline LAVIS who recorded 94.40% (24:23) on 30th March 2019 (event number 254).

Chipping Sodbury parkrun started on 22nd February 2014. Since then 10,051 participants have completed 77,502 parkruns covering a total distance of 387,510 km, including 13,975 new Personal Bests. A total of 920 individuals have volunteered 5,977 times.

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