Chipping Sodbury parkrun is cancelled on 2021-04-17 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

A non-parkrun run report!

Normally on a Saturday afternoon, the run director for the week would be thinking about what to write in that week's run report (or trying to convince someone else to write it!) Obviously due to lockdown, this hasn't been an issue for us recently. But today's run report is a special one...

Gabriel volunteered with us for his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. He had completed 11 weeks of the 12 weeks he needed for the award when parkrun paused for lockdown. But we like to think creatively at Chipping Sodbury parkrun so we suggested that Gabriel wrote a run report for his final volunteering session. And here it is! Thank you Gabriel for all your time volunteering with us and for writing about it in this report. We hope it inspires lots of other people to volunteer with us when parkrun returns.

My experiences as a DoE  parkrun volunteer 

When I first approached Chipping Sodbury parkrun via email, I got a response within 24
hours and that really set my mind at ease knowing that I had my volunteering section sorted.

It was really nice when I turned up for my first volunteering session. Everyone welcomed me and gave me lots of encouragement and supported me throughout the whole run. At the start of every run they were very helpful, explaining to me what my role was and why it was important to make sure I did it correctly. The only pain was getting up early on a Saturday morning to meet everyone at 8.15!

It was really nice volunteering at parkrun as all runners and volunteers all say thank you and give you lots of praise and make you feel part of the team! parkrun is really organised and well prepared and so I know every week what I am doing and so when I arrive I know who to find and what to do for my new weekly role. Also when I am really busy with school sport matches that may appear last minute, parkrun are always really understanding and find a replacement.

I would recommend anyone doing DofE to volunteer with parkrun as you meet lots of
people in your community and feel like you have done something good with your life.


The big 300 and International Women’s Day

It was a big week this week, celebrating our 300th event and International Women's Day! There was a prize for the 300th finisher, which was young Dexter McVeigh, and there were selfies galore with our one off #IWD selfie board. Thanks as always to our wonderful volunteers and well done everyone on a great morning.

This week's run report was written by Joy Fussell - thanks Joy...

It was a chilly and cloudy morning for the 300th Parkrun at Chipping Sodbury on International Women’s Day. It was a definite improvement on the hail of last Saturday morning.

There were 428 participants of all ages and abilities. And on International Women’s Day it was good to see so many female runners taking part, 182 recorded in the results in fact - a big increase on the 83 females who took part in Chipping Sodbury’s first event in 2014.

It is encouraging to see the number of people taking part in parkrun increasing and new events being set up across the country. A big thanks to all those who commit to being part of the organising teams and to the many, many volunteers without which parkrun would not be able to be held.

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87799450_2562623087308443_7592701378380693504_n 88253750_131314671650846_2463359736498618368_n 88265902_628975331256760_6799248321253736448_n

For some people parkrun is a daunting challenge, whether that be for turning up for a first event or returning after illness or injury. So well done to everyone who took part at Chipping Sodbury’s 300th event. To Katherine Cliffe on her 50th parkrun, to Dexter McVeigh the 300th finisher as well as Rob Biggs who volunteered for his 50th event and his 200th run today.

89379506_1450116361833005_4587992303058026496_n 89416941_1450116385166336_1998835826317852672_n 89103194_1450117611832880_8754171972440555520_n

If you didn’t get a personal best or if you get slower week by week like me, don’t be discouraged; it’s good for physical and mental health to just take part. I was especially encouraged this morning by three or four different young runners who overtook and encouraged me. Isn’t that what parkrun is all about, encouraging, cheering on and making participation in this event accessible to people of all ages and abilities. I hope the children and young people who took part today will continue to run for the rest of their lives, reap the benefits for their health and encourage lots of people along the way.



Event Number 299

Today was the first ever parkrun on 29th February, and 388 of you were very keen to get this on your stats – it won’t happen again until 2048. I’m not sure anyone was expecting the hail storm just after the start, the flowing water towards the tennis courts or the occasional wave over the hedge on the first straight as vehicles hit the standing water on the Wickwar Road.

It was however a pleasure to welcome 17 first time parkrunners, and 45 first timers at Chipping Sodbury – you were all very welcome. And perhaps the prospect of more hail motivated some of you, as 45 of you clocked up PBs.

First finisher this week was a male, on his first time at Chipping Sodbury, so well done to Gary DUNSTONE with a time of 17:58. Gary also attained the highest male age grade result today at 80.80% in his VM45-49 category. First female was Hannah ALDERSON in 18:37 and first junior Seamus ROBINSON in 18:27. The highest female age grade result was obtained by Valerie BROWN with 79.71% in the VW 75-79 category.

3 milestones were achieved today, with Eva SANDERS completing her 10th parkrun as a junior, and 100th events for both Sarah PALMER & Vicky WORGAN.

As it was the last Saturday of the month, it was pacer week, with volunteers pacing on odd times for you all. Well done to Thomas REED who was just 3 seconds under his target of 21 minutes.

Target Time Name Actual Time Difference
19 Brad COX 18:48 - 12 seconds
21 Thomas REED 20:57 - 3 seconds
25 Mark WATTS 24:55 - 5 seconds
27 Andy FORSE 26:45 - 15 seconds
29 George CLARKE 28:31 - 29 seconds
31 Steve REYNOLDS 30:36 - 24 seconds
33 Katherine CLIFFE 32:49 - 11 seconds
37 Vicky LEDBURY 37:33 + 33 seconds



Thanks as always to our volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you. And a reminder that this was the last week we are allowing dogs until further notice due to growing numbers of runners.

Author: Richard Harris.



A few of our wonderful pacers posing for a selfie


Happy Birthday parkrunday

42mph hour winds and threat of rain couldn’t keep 399 hardy souls away from the 6th Birthday event. After last week's cancellations and neighbours Pomphrey Hill, Thornbury and Sommerdale having to cancel this week we were all glad that the event went ahead.

a montage of photographs from our 6th birthday

Photo credit: Gary Woodruff

Emma made another fantastic cake of the route with a few stats from the past 6 years.

Stu Wilkie cut the cake in the clubhouse after the event and gave a lovely speech about how this great event came to fruition. Without Stu and the core team Chipping Sodbury parkrun would not happen nearly every week.

This week's attendance was lower than expected and as the rain held off the course did not feel as busy as normal. As next week is the last week dogs will be allowed it was great to see some of our 4 legged friends visiting for one of the last times.


Kim Leonard notched up her 100th run and her 65th at CSp, great to see that she is a proud owner of a V25 Tshirt too.

Liz Child, Katherine Forward, Simon Furber, Joe Thatcher and Vicky Ellis all the BIG 50!

Junior 10s today were Lachlan Buss and Lily Sanders both first timers to us.

The new event at Berkeley Green about 13 miles away has managed to attract some of the regular runners as it’s a fast flat course on tarmac. Our neighbours in Wotton only had 43 finishers today and first lady was 29:25, it’s a great event and if you haven’t had a chance to visit add it to your list.

13 people did their very first parkrun this week, where have you been all these years???

A few of the runners who attended our first event in 2014 were with us today including Peter England, Neil Tiley, Kev Ashfield, Dave Medcroft, Gary Bircher, Martin Wood, Mel Warren and Liz Wilkie.

4 of those visiting inaugural runners now have over 500 events to their name and 43 have got a 250 shirt. That just shows that parkrun is addictive and is an important part of the weekend for many.

The 29th Feb is a unique day in the parkrun calendar for a couple of reasons. The next time a run falls on the Leap Day will be in 2048 so if you miss it this time round how old will you be next time? Also it’s the launch of the 22nd country in to the parkrun family as 6 events start in the Netherlands. The following week another 2 start which is an impressive start to the Dutch parkrun journey. A few CSp regulars are heading over to attend the event near Rotterdam, not sure if we are mad or dedicated!

Remember it’s odd pacer week on the 29th and we still have plenty of volunteer spaces available, even writing a run report gets you a volunteer credit.

Visit the Chipping Sodbury parkrun Flickr group to see all the brilliant photos from our birthday event - thank you to Gary Woodruff for being the volunteer photographer. 

Author: Andy Airey



Dogs at Chipping Sodbury parkrun

The core team have taken the difficult decision to ban dogs with effect from March 1st at Chipping Sodbury parkrun.
This wasn't a decision taken lightly, as we know several people enjoy running with their dogs, but we decided that due to many people being quite nervous around dogs, and to the increasing numbers of runners at our event, it was just getting too risky, especially with the narrow parts of the course and bottlenecks. We have a responsibility to keep runners safe, and parkrun is first and foremost for humans.  Dog runners are of course welcome to attend without their canine friends, so this decision in no way excludes anyone.
We may revisit this decision in the future if/when numbers reduce and/or the much talked about path widening ever goes ahead.
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