A big parkrun THANK YOU

Well our 320th event was certainly a cold one! I'm writing this run report at 5.30pm on Saturday afternoon and I think I might still be thawing from this morning's parkrun! We had sleet, a bitter head wind and the odd moment of blue sky! But nothing was going to dampen our parkrun spirits. Sometimes bracing ourselves against the elements makes us even more grateful for the things that bring us joy, and for that reason this run report is one big THANK YOU...

THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers who really went above and beyond today.

  • To Karen, our run director, and Sarah, our volunteer coordinator, thank you for coordinating all the volunteers and looking after us all - checking we were warm enough, offering to swap in with us, opening your car to provide shelter, handing out chocolates to keep our spirits up
  • To all the volunteers who were there at 8.15am setting up the course, working out how to stop cones blowing away and fix signs so they didn't fall straight over, and parking cars, thank you.
  • To my dad who jumped in the car and drove the finish tokens to us just in time (because this event director knew she's forgotten something...ooops!), thank you for saving the day.
  • To Kim who did a grand job of the first timers briefing (yes we were super impressed there were first timers too, more on that later), thank you for bringing enthusiasm and encouragement.
  • To all the marshals who jumped and jogged and clapped on the spot and didn't once stop cheering on runners and making sure everyone was safe and well in the blustery conditions, thank you.
  • To the amazing group of volunteers who managed the funnel timing us in as we crossed the finish line, keeping us in check in the funnel, handing us our finish tokens, scanning our barcodes (even when you'd lost all feeling in your fingers), thank you.
  • To the volunteers who stayed right to the end and packed up wet (and cold) tape, cones and kit (even when you were wet and cold), thank you.
  • To Skye who kept me company as my co-tail walker and remained cheery and supportive of all the runners for three chilly and wet laps, thank you.
  • To Tom who processed the results with me (we did our best!), thank you - I hope the hot chocolate made it worth it! ;-)
  • To Julie who is, as I write, drying hivis vests and a rather damp tail walker tail on every radiator in the house and will shortly be token sorting, thank you.
Debbie and Chloe brace themselves against the wind and snow as they timekeep

Debbie and Chloe brace themselves against the wind and snow as they timekeep

THANK YOU to the 187 people who ran, jogged and walked today, 21 of you who were visiting Chipping Sodbury parkrun for the first time. An extra thank you to:

  • Everyone who said thank you to a volunteer
  • Everyone who emailed us to say thank you following today's event
  • Everyone who showed patience and consideration to other parkrunners and volunteers, who understood if things didn't go exactly to plan and offered to help out.


  • The JustRun Bristol group who completed their couch to 5k course by graduating with us this morning. You guys are incredible! Please come back again soon and hopefully when it's sunny!
  • The 11 people who recorded new personal bests (erm...how did you manage that with such a strong wind?!?!)
  • Oscar Clausen who joined the 10 club
  • Joseph McEntee and Natalie Evans who joined the 50 club
  • James Petty who joined the 100 club
  • Matt Smith who completed his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award for volunteering

And finally a personal thank you from me. Being part of Chipping Sodbury parkrun brings me so much joy. Seeing your friendly faces, feeling part of the CSp family, watching amazing people show such kindness towards each other, really is the best, and only, way I want the weekend to begin - even when it's chilly-chilly-brr-brr!!!

See you next week,

Ellen (Chipping Sodbury parkrun event director)

This event was made possible by 29 volunteers: 

Phil SLATER • Kirsty LEWIS • Julie BOYNES • Kevan ALLINGTON • Bill SHACKCLOTH • Jan MCALL • Karen BATEMAN • Debbie YOUNG • Peter COOMBS • Ellen DEVINE • Tracy WATSON • Henry WATSON • Matthew ELMORE • Kim LEONARD • Ewan RUSSELL • Leyton BATH • Thomas PEASTON • Robert PEASTON • Sarah ASHBY • Helen HINE • Julie DEVINE • Margreth PRICE • Chloe EMERY • Rachael RUSHENT • Amy TAYLOR • Carly THOMAS • Matthew SMITH • Andrew GRIFFITHS • Skye MATTHEWS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chipping Sodbury parkrun Results Page.


Chipping Sodbury parkrun 20th November 2021

Thank you to Debs Airey for doing a double volunteer stint this week tail walking and writing our run report :-) 

35 days to Christmas! Just in case anyone needed a reminder. Where will you be running on Christmas day? This became the one of the topics of today's “Tail Walkers Chat”, plus what crazy outfit will be donned? Who knows, tune in on Christmas day to find out.

Enough of that festive chit chat and on to an interesting fact about today's date. Did you know that on the 20th November Al Gross invented the walkie talkie. (fact from Wiki, so forgive if slightly wrong), but a nice Segway on to Chipping Sodbury’s use of the walkie talkies and how the marshals use them to stay in communication throughout the parkrun. At specific locations around the parkrun a marshal will hold a walkie talkie to check on the progress and update the RD & ED at all times. If an issue or problem occurs the core team can leap in to action. Of course, this does not stop us having a little fun with the radios but that’s a secret! If you would like to volunteer email the Chipping Sodbury email address (chippingsodbury@parkrun.com). Volunteers and chief walkie talkie holders are always welcome.


  • 247 parkrun attendees
  • 19 of which were first timers
  • 38 parkrunners recorded PB’s
  • Representatives from 24 different running clubs took part
  • 33 volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who attended the day, it is always wonderful to see some familiar and new faces. Well done, and see you next week.



Thank you to Stephen Selwood who took some really wonderful photos this week - have fun trying to find yourself in them! They're all available in the Chipping Sodbury parkrun group on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/chippingsodbury-parkrun/pool/



New Year’s Day parkrun

Start 2022 in the best way possible...with a parkrun at Chipping Sodbury!

Start time will be as usual (please arrive no later than 8.50am for the briefing and be ready to start the run at 9am).

Get your volunteer credits in early by helping us fill the roster....email us at chippingsodbury@parkrun.com to put your name down.



Christmas Day parkrun!

We are excited to welcome you to a Christmas Day parkrun at Chipping Sodbury! Start time will be as usual (please arrive no later than 8.50am for the briefing and be ready to start the run at 9am).

We need lots of little elves to help us fill the roster so don't be shy....email us at chippingsodbury@parkrun.com to put your name down.

Merry Christmas!


A fang-tastic parkrun

Chipping Sodbury parkrun
Event number 316
30th October 2021

I do have a few vampire puns.... but they suck, so I'll stick to a regular run report...

After the very heavy rain during the night, I'm sure everyone was very relieved that the rain held off for the duration and the sun even came out by the end which was lovely to see. There were of course a few puddles on the course, nice and refreshing so I hear!
Tom Peaston took on the role of Run Director today, I'm sure you'll all join me in congratulating him on his first and very well presented address to the crowd.
Tom Peaston giving the pre-event briefing

Tom Peaston gives the pre-event briefing for the first time

Well done to the 204 brave souls who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 14 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

Congratulations to Rob Peaston and Avis Noott who both celebrated their 100th parkrun today. Avis and Rob have both done the majority of their runs at Chipping Sodbury parkrun. Avis is in the 80-84 age category and only took up running three years ago. She finished today with a more than respectable 71.89% age grade! Rob started running at parkrun when his son, Tom, joined us to volunteer for his Duke of Edinburgh award. Rob got the volunteering bug too and as well as clocking up 100 runs, he also volunteered for his 30th time today.

Avis Noott celebrates her 100th parkrun

Avis Noott celebrates her 100th parkrun

Rob Peaston celebrates his 100th parkrun

Rob Peaston celebrates his 100th parkrun

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Kathryn CHALLIS • Kevan ALLINGTON • Bill SHACKCLOTH • Rachel BRAMWELL • Debbie YOUNG • James PETTY • Ellen DEVINE • Matthew ELMORE • Andrew DAVIES • Kim LEONARD • Linda ASHFORD • Thomas PEASTON • Robert PEASTON • Claire THOMAS • Stewart THOMAS • Pat THOYTS • Julie DEVINE • Carol SMITH • Val BARNES • Karen SMITH • Michele GRATTIDGE • Chloe EMERY • Rachael RUSHENT • Matthew SMITH • Sean HERSHAW

Halloween volunteers

Volunteers and runners in Halloween fancy dress

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chipping Sodbury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Benjamin TOOMER who recorded a time of 15:25 on 15th April 2017 (event number 161).
The female record is held by Zoe WASSELL who recorded a time of 17:01 on 22nd December 2018 (event number 239).
The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline LAVIS who recorded 97.88% (24:20) on 16th October 2021 (event number 314).

Chipping Sodbury parkrun started on 22nd February 2014. Since then 11,588 participants have completed 91,195 parkruns covering a total distance of 455,975 km, including 15,709 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,084 individuals have volunteered 7,343 times.

Have a fang-tastic Halloween!

Thank you to Kim Leonard for writing this week's run report. If you'd like to volunteer for any of the roles, drop us an email at chippingsodbury@parkrun.com 

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