Blowing a Gale #7

Despite hurricane-force winds today, with the course threatening to tear itself out of the ground, the intrepid runners tried their hardest to keep moving forwards around the course. With impressive times considering the conditions! A special thanks goes out to those who have travelled from far and wide to run with us this morning.


 With 48 First Time runners and 109 runners in total, 9 of them, undeterred by the weather, got themselves a PB. Andrew Trigg completed his 300th Parkrun at Churchfields today, thank you for picking us for such a big milestone!

Thank you to all the volunteers, those who froze this morning so we could run the Parkrun: Paula Brass, James Brass, Stuart Brooks, Abbie Chambers, Ellie Clark, Sadie Clark, Amanda Cooper, Richard Cundy, Emily Elsdon, Karen Hinks, Bethan Hobbs, Liz Jenkins, Jennifer Kerton, Will Kerton Gillian Kerton, Louisa Kerton, Kevin Lambe, Kevin Parsons, Stephen Sherry, Hayley Sherry, Rebecca Terry, Owen Thompson, Lisa Walton, Guy Walton, Phillip Whelan, Alex Winwood, Ben Wood, Michael Woodall and David Wright. We couldn't have done it without you all.

After the run a lot of us thawed ourselves off inside the cafe with a warm drink and breakfast, marking the end to another successful, but windy, week of Churchfields Parkrun.
I hope to see you all again next week, hopefully in warmer weather.