Current Diversions until Autumn

If you are coming to our Parkrun we currently have a long term diversion. If you are coming from Worcester you will need to turn left at Church Lane WR3 8TQ opp the boarding kennels just outside Fernhill Heath, and follow the signs.

If you are coming from M5 jun 6 follow signs to Droitwich until you get to the lights where you need to turn left towards Worcester then 1st right passed the aquatic centre, onto Church Lane. WR3 8TQ

If you are coming from Droitwich you need to come up to New Chawson Lane post code WR9 0AQ and follow the signs left at the bottom of the Lane.

This will be until autumn unfortunately.


A very windy #18th run!

We got out of the car at Parkrun to a surprisingly blustery and cold morning. Yet despite the weather, 66 people had turned up for the run (including 14 first timers) and we were greeted by an upbeat and welcoming briefing. We clapped someone’s 50th - Parkrun, not birthday, the run director clarified. Not the ideal weather for a milestone ice cream!

There were plenty of cow pats in the first field, creating an added incentive to concentrate on exactly where our feet were going.  Then out of the field and down a steep hill, which we were obviously going to have to run up at the end.

We enjoyed the twists and turns of a proper cross-country course, though perhaps the hills were more character building than enjoyable. There were lots of friendly marshals, which was a good thing too as we’d have got lost otherwise!  They were also impressively noisy with cowbells and other musical accompaniments.

Sure enough, after the final turn we were faced with the final hill up to the finish line.  Steep uphill finishes seem to be becoming a bit of a thing for us, with Wyre Forest not far away and our experience last week at Tamar Trails in Devon. In comparison, this one is mercifully short! We witnessed some pretty impressive springs up the final hill and ten people gained a PB today.

Thanks again for packing an interesting Parkrun and for sharing it with us. We were sorry not to be able to stop for breakfast, which sounded as substantial as the Parkrun.

Harriette & John Drew 


Blowing a Gale #7

Despite hurricane-force winds today, with the course threatening to tear itself out of the ground, the intrepid runners tried their hardest to keep moving forwards around the course. With impressive times considering the conditions! A special thanks goes out to those who have travelled from far and wide to run with us this morning.


 With 48 First Time runners and 109 runners in total, 9 of them, undeterred by the weather, got themselves a PB. Andrew Trigg completed his 300th Parkrun at Churchfields today, thank you for picking us for such a big milestone!

Thank you to all the volunteers, those who froze this morning so we could run the Parkrun: Paula Brass, James Brass, Stuart Brooks, Abbie Chambers, Ellie Clark, Sadie Clark, Amanda Cooper, Richard Cundy, Emily Elsdon, Karen Hinks, Bethan Hobbs, Liz Jenkins, Jennifer Kerton, Will Kerton Gillian Kerton, Louisa Kerton, Kevin Lambe, Kevin Parsons, Stephen Sherry, Hayley Sherry, Rebecca Terry, Owen Thompson, Lisa Walton, Guy Walton, Phillip Whelan, Alex Winwood, Ben Wood, Michael Woodall and David Wright. We couldn't have done it without you all.

After the run a lot of us thawed ourselves off inside the cafe with a warm drink and breakfast, marking the end to another successful, but windy, week of Churchfields Parkrun.
I hope to see you all again next week, hopefully in warmer weather.

#6 Cold and bright morning for it.

Today was certainly a fresh one, the ground was frozen and the sky was blue. A perfect morning for a run, plenty of folks made the journey from far and wide to run this morning and braved the cold. I think the furthest was from Brighton, which is a fair old trek, .so thank you for coming to our Parkrun.

fresh start

There were 116 runners, 60 first timers from 23 different clubs and 43 PB's, well done to those who got PB's. Also a shout out to Shelia LAMMAS who has set a new ladies record of 23.20. and next week will be her 100th Park run, so Shelia if you are with us again let us know. Other miles stones this week are Jamie SMITH on his 50th and Jackson CUNDY (junior) on his 10th, a t shirt will be on it way to you soon.

Special mention to Ian and Emma Shepard who have travelled from their home run of Thornbury. Ian completed his 50 Cowell run and Emma completed her Pirate challenge with Churchfields being her last 'C'. Pictured below with ED Will Kerton and RD Gillian Kerton, with their free ice cream, Don't forget if you have a milestone to let us know as you get a free ice cream of your choice.

ian and emmaAll Posts


Once again the run could not go ahead without our special high vis hero's, today we had 26. Thanks to the following people.

Paula BRASS • Karen HINKS • Richard CUNDY • Sally THOMPSON • David WRIGHT • Archie WRIGHT • Bethan HOBBS • Rachel REAN • Peter REAN • Mia PHILLIPS • Stephen SHERRY • Hayley SHERRY • Jack SHERRY • James BRASS • Will KERTON • Kevin LAMBE • Gillian KERTON • Sadie CLARK • Louisa KERTON • Jennifer KERTON • Abbie CHAMBERS • Owen THOMPSON • Ben WOOD • Phillip WHELAN • Alex WINWOOD • Michael WOODALL.

Right i'm off to watch the rugby and warm up.

See you all next week

Hayley Sherry (Timekeeper and RD)



Run report #5 26th January 2019

The weather was grey and a bit damp with a few spots of rain in the air, but not too cold. Good conditions for running. the ground was slippery, very slippery in places. I saw one faller towards the end of the course. This is definitely a course for trail shoes (or spikes after rain) and cautious running.

I plodded around the course at a slower pace than recently here, but that gave me time to listen to the green woodpecker, admire the wonderful banks of snowdrops near the northern end of the course, check for swans on the canal (none today) chatted with another runner and looked at the views across to Malvern and Abberley hills in the distance.

I love this course. It is challenging with its 6 uphills, but it is such a pleasure to run round the fields as I did when I was young. I am extremely grateful to Will and Gillian. for encouraging Parkrun on their working diary farm.

Thanks to all out volunteers

Abbie CHAMBERS  •  Alan STANLEY  •  Amanda COOPER  •  Archie WRIGHT  •  Ben WOOD  •  Clare KIDD  •  David WRIGHT  •  Emily ELSDON  •  Gillian KERTON  •  Hayley SHERRY  •  James BRASS  •  Jan PINFIELD  •  Katie COTTON  •  Kevin LAMBE  •  Kevin LEWIS  •  Louisa KERTON  •  Natalie CUTLER  •  Nathan MOORE  •  Owen THOMPSON  •  Paul CHAPMAN  •  Rebecca PAYTON  •  Rebecca TERRY  •  Richard CUNDY  •  Sadie CLARK  •  Samuel ELSDON  •  Stephen SHERRY  •  Tegan MOORE  •  Will KERTON

This is a course that looks like a plate of spaghetti on the map, but people I spoke to after the run (waves to Run Studley) said how well organised it was and how clearly marked out and marshalled the course was. Nobody gets lost here.

Parkrun depends on its volunteers, so why not give it a try yourself one week!

The Statistics

28 volunteers (we could always use more)

145 runners/Joggers/walkers

72 were first timers at this course, 8 of those were on their very first Parkrun.

23 people improved their times with a new PB for this course.

21 different clubs were represented, including from as far away as Plymouth.

Only 5 people didn't have a barcode, so didn't have a recorded time.

Congratulations to Joe CUNDY JM11-14 who ran his 10th Parkrun and can now claim his 10 Club T shirt

After the run checking my barcode, a very welcome coffee from the coffee shack and chatting with other Parkrunners, I relaxed in the cosy Barn Cafe. My late breakfast/ early lunch of eggs Florentine and a pot of tea was delicious and I enjoyed those too.

This is one of the important things about Parkrun - the sociability of it all. Churchfields Farm Parkrun is a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.

Jan Pinfield



Cold and damp run report 19.01.19

Run Report 19.01.2019

As I approached Churchfields Farm from the A38, I could see that many of the fields were really wet.  This was going to be fun!  I had worried that it would be frozen and hard to run on, but it was almost mild compared to the previous day and I was so looking forward to this one.  I needed it to complete regionnaire status again, but would have done it anyway as it sounded so good.

The RD and volunteers were all very friendly and positive, the café looked great for afterwards and the participants were arriving.  I saw lots of runners/walkers who I know from different parkruns, and chatted to some other tourists who I had not met before.  We went to the First Timers Briefing, and I loved the look on some people's faces when the 6 hills were mentioned!  Then it was the full briefing and then we were off.

I am not going to attempt to describe the course except to say that is was very well marshalled and there were no problems getting round it in terms of route.  I enjoyed the course, but was carrying an injury and found the bit after the white house and on the camber quite painful.  Other than that, it was a fun, hard course that was never going to be a PB one for me this week.  Very muddy.  We ran past the cows who looked on as if to say we were all potty.  Up and down the hills, around the fields and eventually back by the woods and up the final hill to the finish.

Looking at the results I think there were 7 new parkrunners - so welcome to the parkrun family all of you.  There were 3 who completed their difficult second parkrun - has anyone warned you that this is addictive?   As proof of that there were a large number of tourists - I think something like 78.  Special mention has to go to uber-tourist Paul Freyne who was completing his 494th parkrun at (I think) his 348th different venue.  I'm sorry if I mis-counted Paul - there are a lot on the list.

Congratulations go to the 26 runners who got PBs this week.

Many runners, joggers and walkers then took advantage of the lovely café afterwards.  Again the staff were really helpful and friendly - a place to remember when looking for a coffee in the area.

This was a brilliant parkrun in a great setting which, as a lover of mud and slosh, I would highly recommend.  I will be back - hopefully without injury so that I can also claim that PB and justify some of that fantastic looking ice cream.  Thanks to everyone at Churchfields Farm.




Event #3 – 12th January 2019 – What a breakfast!

Event #3 – 12th January 2019 – What a breakfast!

 For my family, today was a massive treat for many reasons.

The first reason was that for the first time for ages we could leave the house after 7:30 and have less than a 45minute drive to a parkrun.  A massive parkrunday lie in! For many the idea of travelling 45minutes to run 5km may seem strange especially when you could run to your nearest parkrun in the same time! But over the last three years my wife has indulged my parkrun tourism and has herself clocked up over 50 different venues.  This does mean that parkruns that I haven't visited (yet) around my home run of Coventry are increasingly becoming more distant.  So when Churchfields Farm parkrun started at the end of 2018 and was to be the location of a Birmingham League Cross Country venue it was a double bonus – less travel and less Sounds of the Sixties!

Arriving at the car park, I had no worries about struggling to find the start as the parkrun start popup was placed right by a giant tractor tyre.  As RD and carpark marshals directed the steady flow of cars I had time to wander over to the coffee hut and capture a picture of many of the marshals before they spread themselves around the course.  I then went to check the café served a full English breakfast – I am not sure that this should be so high up on my list of parkrun priorities but it definitely helps motivate my son on his run and anyone with a 13 year old Fortnite addict will be grateful of anything that makes them willingly leave their Playstation.

It seemed that a lot of tourists also came to visit as there were 91 first timers as well as another 13 brand new barcode users.  So a huge WELCOME to: - Edwin MOORE, Adam BOURNE, Eamon THOMPSON, Ashley MOORE, Jamie WING, Martha STEAD, Joe BROOKS, Josh WING, Mitchell ROUSE, Jamie CORNISH, William STEAD, Matilda STEAD & Richard STEAD.  I hope you enjoyed Churchfields Farm parkrun as much as I did.

After listening carefully at the run briefing – Keep the hedge on the left and only go through gates with marshals, don't climb gates and beware of the badger set, I was ready for whatever Churchfields Farm parkrun could throw at me.

The flat tarmac start lulled me into a false sense of what was to come, soon we turned into the first field and made a lap around the wooden marker posts which cleverly spread the runners out before the steep downhill section.

I love trail runs.  I love muddy sections where I get to enjoy running in my trail shoes.  I wish I had come to Churchfields Farm after a week of rain as I bet it would be even better. Turning into the woods a team of mini marshal's cheered on all the runners armed with a large cowbell – their sensible mum was a little further on!  Watching carefully but avoiding the cheery clanging of bells.

At the new runners briefing we were promised 6 uphill sections.  Will KERTON did not lie!  After storming up the first HILL I was feeling good, and even managed to thank a marshal after the downhill recovery.  By the third hill I was less able to communicate.  Which is one of reasons that on my travels I offer to write the report so I can offer thanks to all the#HiVizHeroes that make these events possible.  So a huge thank you to:- James BRASS, Poppy BROOKS, Connie BROOKS, Lucy BROOKS, Abbie CHAMBERS, Sadie CLARK, Nick CLARK, Amanda COOPER, Richard CUNDY, Emily ELSDON, Jonathan HARRIS, Dawn HILL, Louisa KERTON, Jennifer KERTON, Edward KERTON, Gillian KERTON, Will KERTON, Kevin LAMBE, Kevin LEWIS, Lydia MCEVOY, Scott NEWELL, Luke NEWELL, Mia PHILLIPS, Rhian PROTHEROE, Rachel REAN, Peter REAN, Jacob ROSSER, Amelia ROSSER, Andy ROSSER, Jack SHERRY, Stephen SHERRY, Hayley SHERRY, Sally THOMPSON, Phillip WHELAN, Ben WOOD; today's team who made this event possible for all us 160 runners.  As with parkruns around the world if you fancy giving scanning a go, fancy being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please look on the roster and e-mail -

My Garmin trace around the fields of Churchfield Farm looks totally confusing.  If you could run it on your own I am sure you would get lost.  However, the course was excellently marked and marshalled all the way around, with cheerful encouragement as well; you were well looked after.

As I probably was walking up the fourth hill – I needed a slight speed reset... Robert MOLE (VM45-59) from Bromsgrove & Redditch AC was charging up the last slope to take the first finish token in 20:01.  Cobra RC's Joan CLARKE (VW60-64) took the honour of first lady in a time of 27:02.  Great running!

Heading down the hill I could see the finish... at the top of the hill in front of me!  I glanced at my watch...  'Oh dear!'  It looked like the course would be a little short.  Luckily the clever Core team had obviously realised this and added a whole other field and additional uphill – wow!

At the bottom of the final slope I was given the encourging shout of, "Keep going! Only 150m to go!"

I walked!

Churchfield Farm you beat me...  But Ellie CLARK, Bryn LAMBE, Steven PEACE, Harry CHEVASSUT & Peter LYMER weren't beaten as this week they set new PBs.  Respect!

While I like to write the weekly report, my wife and daughter love token sorting.  So as I watched and cheered other runners in they chatted away to a local as they reordered the tokens ready for next week.

There are many milestones that parkrunners achieve.  Some recognised by t-shirts like Paul PUGH who ran his 50th parkrun and so soon will be the proud owner of a red 50 t-shirt.  Unofficial like Jim WHITESIDE who ran his 150th parkrun – no T-shirt but that is at least 3 years of parkrun.  Also a mix of official and unofficial...  As Ewan O'DONNELL, will now find his name on the parkrun UK most events list having run his 20th different parkrun event and was given by his dad a Cow Cowl that identifies parkrun tourists.

Over the last few years of very dedicated (possibly rather extreme) parkrun tourism the post run café visit is a must for our family.  After the treat of a fabulous off road farmrun (a parkrun on a farm!)  my family had the delightful treat of an amazing café.

I was going for a full English but the Eggs Florentine is even better, especially when followed by a two scoop ice cream.  If only this parkrun was just a little bit closer I might even break my run of constant touring so that over the weeks I could try all the flavours.  I am not sure many if any could be much nicer than the Brandy Snap and Clotted cream and Double White Chocolate but I would be willing to try them all just to find out.

As parkrunners drifted off home, I sipped my tea and prepared for the Birmingham League Cross Country race.

My family and I really enjoyed our visit to your lovely parkrun. Happy parkrunning.

Daniel Connolly


Video of our course

Below is a link to a youtube video made by Andis Ozols. This gives a runners view of the course.

Thank you very much for doing this.

Hope to see lots of new runners in the coming weeks.


Run Report #2

Churchfields parkrun #2
The setting is rural Worcestershire, on a working farm, perfect for families to meet up and have a proper day out, meeting at the Barn Café, solving the Maize Maze, perhaps a little gin tasting session, or, if you’ve been really good, home made ice cream: 36 flavours = 36 visits. Right?


There’s plenty of organised parking, toilets too and a few places to congregate in the dry and warm before the RD calls “time” and gets matters underway.


This parkrun really does take place within the private farmlands of the event directors Will and Gillian Kerton. It’s challenging, due to the undulating course, rough grassy surface, some mud (but could get worse!) and knowledge that you finish on a proper uphill, but it’s rewarding too. Off road shoes, or spikes, were in order today and just a couple of puddles to splash through.


For each of the 6 fields there’s a marshal reminding you to keep left. On all field corners there’s a stake to run round and avoid corner cutting (I recorded 5:07km today – outrageous!) and despite some apprehension there was no chance of getting lost. It’s a well conceived and thoughtful run, which has been practised for a good year before going live.


The results show 109 finished today, with, sadly, 12 not having a barcode. Nevertheless the field also included 6 first timers popping their parkrun cherry and choosing the home of an award winning ice cream maker to do it. Hmmmmm!!


First home was Guy Walton in 21:42, but pushed hard by Shane Chapman just 3 seconds behind. Our First Lady home was Alex Dentith in 26:27; just a shame that Mr Dentith sprinted ahead at the end to ‘win’ by 3 seconds. Hope the rest of your weekend went well! Special mention also to young Jack Sherry earning his 10 t-shirt today. Finally, there was an eclectic mix of clubs here today, including the UK Mudd Queens, Lonely Goat RC and the well known Crazy Flying Monkey Space Invaders.


Thank you Droitwich AC and all those associated for bringing this parkrun together. There was a strong positive spirit here today; 27 outstanding volunteers of all ages including meeting the wonderful lady scanning in her 70’s and the boys who were ‘freezing’ in the car park! Also big thanks to Will Kerton and Steve Sherry ED for setting up the course in the dark.


This seems to be more of a day out than a parkrun, with the right conditions and maybe some sunshine too it’ll bring back some fond childhood memories of farms and fields, ice cream and sun screen. In the meantime, and whilst it’s a bit cold and damp, come down and enjoy the simplicity of running.


Martyn Clarke (A489336)


Thanks to our Volunteers

Our volunteers have been out again this week clearing the course.


We want to give them a big shout out of thanks as without them we would not be able to hold our Parkrun.

We are still two Marshals short this week. Also a report writer.

If you are free please drop us an email.

Luck forward to see you all on Saturday.

Churchfields Team


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