The Running Commentary #362 – 19th October 2019

This week 218 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 23 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Sheelin MCKEAGNEY • Karl DUNN • Dale MCCRORY • Éireann O'CARROLL • Amber MULHOLLAND • Marina MCGURRAN • Zoe MCCRORY • Gordon MULHOLLAND • Caroline MCGURRAN • Elizabeth DEACON • Michelle HANNA • Jason MCGURRAN • William MARSHALL • Joanne O'NEILL • Patrick CONWELL • Robert MCCUNE • Briony VERNON • Cathy NELSON • Zac MCCRORY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Citypark parkrun, Craigavon Results Page.

First Timers

Rebecca Janet ALLISTER 21:04
Conor MCCANN 21:48
Matthew JOHNSTON 22:51
Ronan BLANEY 24:00
Mike GOAN 24:01
Rachael BARTON 25:33
Seamus MCCANN 25:39
David HAMILTON 25:56
Rachael JARDINE 26:38
Kathryn GILMORE 27:33
John DONAGHY 28:38
Adrian HUGHES 28:59
Sherrie PERCY 29:28
Rebekah JARDINE 29:41
Andrea DEVLIN 30:01
Sean MCCANN 30:16
Adrian HAUGHEY 30:26
Patricia BLANEY 33:48
Denise FITZPATRICK 34:06
Patricia CRANGLE 34:21
Linda MILLAR 38:53
Lorna Elisabeth HARRIS 41:59

Personal Bests

David HAMILTON 16:22
Ruairí DONNELLY 17:57
Tiarnan CAWLEY 19:18
Daniel CULBERT 20:05
Jack DEE 21:06
Paul MCDONALD 21:22
Catherine DOWNEY 21:32
Cormac CARMICHAEL 21:40
Conor LITTER 22:00
Pj NEILL 22:14
Ruairi MC MAHON 23:19
Samuel HARPER 23:23
Ivan STRINGER 24:25
Jane HENDERSON 24:33
Mark HENDERSON 24:36
Helen ANDERSON 26:38
Margaret LESTER 31:30
Margaret O'HARE 32:19
Elaine DORAN 33:36
Julie TELFORD 34:04
Sophie WYLIE 35:06
Ann WYLIE 35:07
Tom LYTTLE 41:05

The Podiums


1 David HAMILTON 16:22
2 Ruairí DONNELLY 17:57
3 Jonathan MCGREGOR 18:00


1 Rebecca Janet ALLISTER 21:04
2 Catherine DOWNEY 21:32
3 Mairead MCMANUS 21:50

Age Graded

1 David HAMILTON 16:22 SM30-34 79.43%
2 Ken SIMPSON 19:51 VM55-59 78.76%
3 Ruairí DONNELLY 17:57 VM35-39 73.44%

The male record is held by Craig RUDDY who recorded a time of 15:44 on 23rd June 2018 (event number 295).

The female record is held by Fionnuala ROSS who recorded a time of 16:45 on 21st July 2018 (event number 299).
The Age Grade course record is held by Susan LINKLATER who recorded 89.15% (22:44) on 1st January 2019 (event number 322).

Citypark parkrun, Craigavon started on 11th August 2012. Since then 7,315 participants have completed 57,702 parkruns covering a total distance of 288,510 km, including 10,435 new Personal Bests. A total of 585 individuals have volunteered 5,002 times.


The Running Commentary #361 – 12th October 2019

The Starting Line

What an historic weekend for running. The 2 hour barrier was finally broken for the marathon by Eliud Kipchoge in Vienna. In Chicago, Brigid Kosgei smashed Paula Radcliffe’s 16 year-old record to become the fastest ever female marathon runner in 2hr 15 minutes. And in Craigavon, 254 runners, joggers and walkers completed the 361st City Park parkrun.

The Volunteers

parkrun of course can’t happen with our volunteers, and it was great to see a few new faces among the hi-viz heroes. We need helpers every week, and if you’re new to any role you’ll be guided by one of our old hands. Get in touch via Facebook, or by leaving your name on the whiteboard. We get so much good feedback from our new helpers every week.

  • Sarah Alice BELFORD
  • Patrick CONWELL
  • Neil COOKE
  • Jonathan DEWART
  • Karl DUNN
  • Sam FOSTER
  • Ronald GEMMELL
  • Angela GEMMELL
  • Dale MCCRORY
  • Caroline MCGURRAN
  • Eamon MCGURRAN
  • Marina MCGURRAN
  • Jason MCGURRAN
  • Owen MCNEILL
  • Wendy MCSHANE
  • Cathy NELSON
  • Joanne O'NEILL

First Timers

We’d 20 first timers this morning, with visitors from Dublin and Huddersfield, plus a half dozen individuals completely new to the parkrun family.

Phil CLARKE 17:12
Edward PRITCHARD 19:14
Louise BROWNE 22:36
Niamh DOLAN 23:42
Gary ELLISON 24:45
Conor PATTON 27:13
Drew MAGEE 27:23
Shelly HASLAM 27:33
Fintan HURL 28:08
Marion DEVLIN 28:24
Catherine REID 30:23
Gary WHITE 31:16
Hayley LEE 31:19
Margaret LESTER 32:42
Mary Margaret MCCANN 33:26
Matthew LOWE 33:46
Amy LOWE 36:35
Isabelle LEE 46:24
Katie ARMSTRONG 46:25
Kathryn KERR 54:31


Personal Bests

43 treat earning, PB performances.

Scott OWEN 19:06
Tiarnan CAWLEY 19:30
Caelan MCCRACKEN 21:02
Lily RIMMER 21:13
Andrew GRACEY 22:08
Stuart DICKINSON 22:27
John KING 23:03
Clare RIMMER 23:17
Ruairi MC MAHON 23:31
Don MCMAHON 23:35
Andy FLEMING 24:01
Michael Siu Men TSANG 24:04
Dominic KELLY 24:10
Sean COYLE 24:26
Brendan MCMAHON 24:27
Ellen MCGRATTAN 24:28
Claire CALDERWOOD 26:11
Wendy MCSHANE 26:18
Martin LOWE 27:14
Gareth HANLON 28:12
Andrew MILLAR 28:38
Marc MURPHY 28:39
John GREER 28:55
Arfon JONED 29:01
David BURROWS 29:03
Anna COLLINS 29:04
Violet MCNEILL 29:15
Caroline MCGRATH 32:06
Brid BIRCH 32:33
Margaret O'HARE 32:46
Debbie HUGHES 33:17
Diane WHITE 34:14
Gemma LOWE 34:44
Ruth GREER 35:23
Julie TELFORD 35:43
Arnold AGNEW 37:47
Sophie WYLIE 37:55
Ann WYLIE 37:56
Glenn MARTIN 39:58
Tom LYTTLE 41:08
Fiona KEENAN 44:03


The Podiums


1 Phil CLARKE 17:12
2 Stephen LUNN 17:35
3 Jonathan MCGREGOR 18:07

Phil finishes first in his first ever parkrun!


1 Lily RIMMER 21:13
2 Martsje HELL 21:32
3 Louise BROWNE 22:36

Lily finishes as first girl with a PB performance.

Age Graded

1 Scott OWEN 19:06 JM11-14 80.10%
2 Stephen LUNN 17:35 JM15-17 76.78%
3 Lily RIMMER 21:13 JW11-14 76.75%

The age grade podium is dominated by juniors.

The Finishing Line

Well done to Siobhan Hanna who has reached the 50 Club and to Roisin Peden who completed her 200th run last weekend in Bangor.

Get well soon Alan Wilson who took ill on Friday. He is in good spirits and should be out of hospital in the next day or so. Alan is a regular among our pacers every month and he has been very appreciative of all the messages of support.

Finally, as there was no run report last week, and if you missed it, parkrun turned 15 years old on the 2nd October!

Happy running,

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #359 – 28th September 2019

A perfect morning round the lakes and 184 runners and walkers joined us this morning, We were a little short on volunteers today so thanks to all those who stepped in at the last minute. Please try to help out a few times a year and that way we will always have enough volunteers. You can sign up at the end of your run on our white board or contact us on facebook. Thanks to this morning's amazing bunch:

Run Director Gillian MCCRORY
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Timekeeper Patrick CONWELL
Finish Tokens Violet MCNEILL
Finish Tokens Kelly WYLIE
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Owen MCNEILL
Barcode Scanning Patrick MC EVOY
Marshal Ruth COUSINS
Marshal Briony VERNON
Tail Walker Cathy NELSON
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Volunteer Co-ordinator Marina MCGURRAN
Results Processor Marina MCGURRAN
Token Sorting Jason MCGURRAN
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY


We had 17 first timers this morning which included 10 doing their first ever parkrun and 7 visitors, welcome to:

Eamon MCALORAN 23:00
Keeley PHILLIPS 24:25
Joan REID 24:52
Niamh MC CABREY 26:39
Thomas TOLAND 27:43
Jacqui LAVERTY 29:09
Shelby HANNA 29:38
Linda SPENCE 29:39
Rhonda ARMSTRONG 29:57
John GREER 30:06
Peter GREER 30:57
Ruth HALL 33:46
Ruth GREER 37:08
Jennifer F 37:09
Libby MCCUSKER 39:22
Frances GREER 42:27
Clair MCCONNELL 42:29

We had an amazing 33 PBs this morning:

Jonathan MCGREGOR 17:33
Thomas JOHNSTON 19:29
Bernard MCCOMISKEY 20:41
Brian COULTER 21:01
Gavin MILNE 21:29
Stephen MCMORRIS 22:16
Owen HUGHES 24:25
Niamh MORAN 25:09
Ellen MCGRATTAN 25:19
Ciaran DEVINE 25:31
Rosie HANNA 25:43
Ryan LONEY 25:47
Christine MARSHALL 27:04
Ciaran MURPHY 27:27
Hannah FERGUSON 27:36
Benjamin JONES 27:53
Will JONES 27:54
Sinead COLLINS 27:54
Róisín UÍ CHOINN 27:59
Helen ANDERSON 28:03
Andrew MILLAR 29:10
Zoe MCCRORY 29:33 Amazing PB by little Zoe, massive thanks to her running partner Dale
Fiona VERNON 30:18
David BURROWS 30:50
Ryan MCCLUSKEY 31:00
Carolyn GILBERT 31:56
Mark JAMISON 32:09
Margaret O'HARE 33:13
Debbie HUGHES 34:36
Tom LYTTLE 40:28
Cathy NELSON 48:04 Brilliant PB again Cathy


The top three males, females and age grades were:

1 Jonathan MCGREGOR 17:33
2 Brian YOUNG 17:58
3 Sean MCDAID 18:16

Jonathan with a new PB too.

1 Judith NIXON 21:56
2 Catherine MCDAID 24:14
3 Keeley PHILLIPS 24:25

Judith topping the ladies for the 17th time.

1 Ken SIMPSON 18:34 VM55-59 84.20%
2 Brian COULTER 21:01 VM60-64 79.06%
3 Sean MCDAID 18:16 VM40-44 74.73%

Ken on top in the age grades again.


One landmark this weekend, congratulations to Danielle MCCONVILLE who completed her 50th parkrun:



Tomorrow morning if you know any juniors please tell them about Lurgan junior parkrun, it's a 2k run for those aged 4-14 years. Starting just beside the cricket club in Lurgan park at 9.20 for a warm-up. Also tomorrow afternoon another one for the kids the doughnut run in Moira park, full details below:   71345036_395151824517726_6364716313729826816_n

Next week there is lots going on. It's the first Saturday of the month, so it's pacer week, we'll do a shout out in the middle of the week on facebook, but it's a great way to volunteer and still do your run while helping someone else to get a PB. Secondly we have a video crew coming to shoot a promotion Christmas video for ABC council, Santa hats are entirely optional. And last but by no means least, it's 15 years since the very first parkrun took place in Bushy with just 13 friends and 5 volunteers. Now, 4,029,568 different people have completed a parkrun, with 515,283 volunteers! We are going to celebrate 15 years with a party, so if anyone can make, bake or buy a little treat we'd really appreciate it. Thanks





The Running Commentary # 358 – 21st September 2019

Starting Line 

What a glorious sunny day greeted our 216 runners, joggers and walkers to the Lakes for City Park parkrun event number 358. 

The Volunteers 

Thanks as always to our wonderful volunteers who did an excellent job in making parkrun run smoothly. We do need help every week so please look to help out if you haven’t done so recently. Get in touch through Facebook or check outthe rosterpage to see what you can do. 

CASEY, Eilish  Tail Walker 
CONWELL, Patrick  Timekeeper 
DAVISON, Philip  Post-event Close Down 
DEWART, Jonathan  Run Director 
DEWART, Jonathan  Run Report Writer 
DUNN, Karl  Pre-event Setup 
FOSTER, Sam  Barcode Scanning 
GEMMELL, Ronald  Volunteer Co-ordinator 
MCCRORY, Dale  Pre-event Setup 
MCGURRAN, Eamon  Post-event Close Down 
MCGURRAN, Jason  Token Sorting 
MCGURRAN, Marina  Post-event Close Down 
MCNEILL, Christina  Marshal 
MCNEILL, Owen  Marshal 
MCNEILL, Violet  Marshal 
VERNON, Briony  Barcode Scanning 
WILLIAMSON, Ben  Barcode Scanning 
WILLIAMSON, Megan  Finish Tokens 
WILLIAMSON, Steven  Barcode Scanning 
WYLIE, Kelly  Finish Tokens 


First Timers 

We welcomed 12 first timers yesterday. 

Shaun GERAGHTY  19:52 
Jacob SWALLOW  22:56 
Martin LOWE  27:23 
Colin GRAHAM  27:24 
Tina HAMILTON  28:59 
Michal ROTHE  29:21 
Gareth HANLON  30:15 
Patricia DONNELL  31:06 
Ann PARKER  33:13 
David BURROWS  33:57 
Gemma LOWE  34:48 
Tom LYTTLE  44:56 


Personal Bests 

There were 21 PB performances. 

Colly MCKENNA  21:11 
Stephen MCMORRIS  23:07 
Justin NANGLE  23:40 
Ruairi MC MAHON  23:47 
Craig WILSON  24:20 
Donal MORAN  24:49 
Ciaran DEVINE  25:54 
Michael CARSON  25:57 
Ryan LONEY  26:33 
Laura FITZSIMMONS  28:37 
Benjamin JONES  28:40 
Will JONES  28:41 
Christopher MEGORAN  30:29 
Katie STODDART  31:11 
Victoria STEVENSON  31:48 
Brid BIRCH  32:38 
Connor LAVERY  32:46 
Tara JONES  33:14 
Elaine DORAN  33:57 
Anna TALLON  36:15 
Inge HAMILTON  53:08 


The Podiums 


1  Barry MC CARROLL  17:46 
2  Ashley CRAWFORD  17:51 
3  Ruairí DONNELLY  18:27 

Barry finishes first for a fourth time (thought it’d have been much more!) as he equals his PB. 


1  Fiona TOMAN  21:00 
2  Judith NIXON  22:24 
3  Jillian REDPATH  23:05 

Great to see a rare appearance from Fiona as she finishes first lady for a fifth time. 

Age Graded 

1  Ken SIMPSON  19:34  VM55-59  79.90% 
2  Barry MC CARROLL  17:46  VM40-44  79.17% 
3  Camron BURNS  19:27  VM50-54  77.72% 

Ken tops the age grades once again. 

Finishing Line 

Only one landmark maker yesterday, with Connor Lavery joining the Junior 10 Club. 

A few upcoming events that might interest you. 

Finally, we’ve lost a fair few finish tokens lately. Could you check your pockets and see if any have snuck home with you? We’ll take them back with good grace next week! 

Happy running, 

Jonny D 


Citypark Parkrun 357 Run Report, 14 Sep 2019

This mornings Parkrun was a little quieter than usual with 191 people taking park. The weather conditions were good and the wind around by the houses didn’t appear to have too much effect on the times.

Ron, back from the Great North Run was once again our Run Director.


Thanks once again to our volunteers. Today we had a good uptake of volunteers including some new faces. This is great to see and it would be good to have some more new faces to complement the volunteer base for our Parkrun.


Today we had 2 milestones. Firstly we had John Lester who was celebrating his 150th Parkrun and baked a cake himself to celebrate the occasion….a man of many talents! From all who sampled John’s handiwork the verdict was ‘excellent’, although sadly I wasn’t back in time from my cooldown run to verify this. Well done John.


The second milestone today was Sam McConnell who celebrated his 250th Parkrun in style. We believe there are only 3 other regular City Parkers who have reached this milestone so well done. Sam marked the occasion by kindly bringing a cake along as well as doing his run in his Superman outfit.


Top 3 Females

1. Jillian Redpath- 20.39
2. Ita McVeigh- 21.29
3. Agnieska Stepien- 21.43

Top 3 Males

1. Gareth King- 17.13
2. Gary Henderson- 17.25
3. Jonathan McGregor- 17.53

14 Sep 2019

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