Run Report #332 – 9th November 2019


Well done to all 164 runners and walkers who completed Clair parkrun yesterday on what was a very nippy and misty morning. But a lot of sweeping leaves around the top half of the course soon warmed me up! Well it was certainly a very international affair with parkrun tourists from Italy, Bulgaria, Egypt, Austria, Denmark and Worthing and Reigate! There were no milestones or anniversaries to celebrate yesterday but there was an impressive 22 PBs and 27 first timers! There was also a lot of high fives from one of our supporters!

Despite the cold, it didn't stop a lot of impressive times with Jacob Househam leading the way with a time of 19:25 and a regular runner at Clair, Isobel Russell was the first female with a time of 21:55. Quite a few of our regular runners came in very close to their PBs including Pete Francis, Ian Dumbrell, Kai Robinson and Gayle Tyler. Simon Robinson managed to equal his PB which was set back in 2017, we'll blame the watches Simon! Fast or slow, you all did an amazing job. Talking of jobs, thank you and well done to our wonderful band of volunteers without whom parkrun wouldn't take place; from setting up, marshalling, timing, number-checking, clearing up and sorting the results. If you haven't volunteered before, it is extremely rewarding so why not give it a go?

Have a good week everyone!

Liz Cooper : Run Director


Run Report #330 – 26th October 2019

After a very windy night, I was expecting all the trees to be bare when I arrived at Clair Park today. It wasn't quite that bad, but the path was covered with debris. So armed with a broom, I took the RD course walk to clear the worst of it. Again, we were blessed with a dry course and the autumn air was actually quite pleasant and not too cold. In fact, perfect conditions for a parkrun.

It was great to see so many of you turn up today, 139 to be precise, as there was the pull of the big rugby match. We welcomed 25 first timers to Clair and tourists, Natalie and James from Norwich (Sale of the Century country!), Victor from Oxford and Andy from Hastings. We also saw Graeme Sandwith achieve his 50th parkrun. But most impressive in my opinion was the FIFTEEN brand new parkrunners who decided their first ever parkrun would be with us. I hope you all enjoyed the experience and we will see you again many times in the future. The J and M graduation parkrun posse were amongst them.

The run went ahead without a hitch and 17 of you managed to secure yourselves PB's, some of you were aided by our fantastic pacers. Pacing happens on every last Saturday of the month, so if you have a time you are aiming for, let us know and we should be able to find someone to help you achieve your goal.

Pacers are part of our volunteer crew and as always we give thanks to everyone that gives up their time so you can run. Remember, if we don't get enough volunteers on any given Saturday, NONE of you can run and we came very close to it today. So please, if you can spare the odd morning to help, we would really appreciate it.

Have a great week and see you next Saturday.

Jay Wadey : Run Director


Run Report #329 – 19th October 2019

It was one of those days where when waking up you hear rain lashing down outside and you feel like it would be much better to just stay in bed. Today though it was Saturday and I had commitments; Clair parkrun was waiting and I had volunteered to be the Run Director. Reluctantly I crawled out of bed and opened the curtains. The rain had gone, and now the weather was looking far more promising. By the time I arrived at Clair Park it was a lovely bright October morning. What a change in the weather and what a change in my temperament. I think this is one of the great things about parkrun – in that you always feel better for going.
It was great to see so many deciding like me that it was better to be at parkrun than either staying in bed or watching the England vs Australia in the Rugby world cup. There were 148 parkrunners and this included 9 parkrun first timers and 10 Clair Park first timers – welcome to Clair parkrun. We had visitors from Halesowen, Basingstoke, Wokingham and Hove. It was a good, although perhaps slippery day for PBs, so well done to the 20 runners who improved on their previous fastest time.
Congratulations to the following runners:
• Ian Collins, Martin Green and Keith Brown on achieving their respective 50th, 100th and 150th parkrun milestones today
• Fenton Davoren and Gayle Tyler on their respective male / female first places and both achieved PBs
• Arun Khursheed and Michelle Blackwell on highest age grades (81% and 72% respectively)
• Raymond Ko and Eileen Adlam on most parkruns (284 and 306 respectively)
Finally, parkrun wouldn’t happen without the amazing volunteers – thank you to all who volunteered today and to those who added their names to the future volunteer register. There’s still space should you wish to add your name to it.
I hope you all have a great week and see you next time.

Oliver Day : Run Director

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Run Report # 328 – 12th October 2019

Saturday was here once more and this week Clair parkrun didn't have to compete with the Rugby World Cup due to the terrible weather in Japan. We did have the threat of heavy rain to contend with closer to home, but once again, the parkrun gods held the deluge until after 10:30 and everyone had finished.

There was one other event to contend with... The small matter of a human running a marathon in under 2 hours. This was a feat that a decade ago would have seemed impossible, yet this goal has been slowly getting closer as the years roll by. A marathon is an incredibly complicated run to achieve as a lot of you will already know (or will find out). Each time you try to complete this herculean run, you can never be sure how it will end. How you feel on the day, the weather, the course, what you have eaten and how you train all factor in to your attempt will go. I myself had had times when everything preceding the big day has gone brilliantly, but have crashed when it came to the crunch, Other times I have had little luck leading to the day, but somehow found the distance and event a fantastic experience. So I was intrigued as to how Eliud Kipchoge would cope in his attempt. I decided to record the broadcast and try to not find out the result until I could get home and watch the whole thing on the telly.

It has been a while since I have been to parkrun due to a second operation on my leg this year (totally stopping my challenge to run a marathon in under 2 hours) and it was the first day I have been off of crutches for months. My own personal goal was to walk unaided around the course to ensure we could run. Even this task left me totally out of breath and shows how quick your stamina can disappear with the lack of exercise. Hopefully it is the start of my own personal recovery to getting back to running.

It was great to see that you hadn't all disappeared over the last few months and that everything was still as it should be. The Clair parkrun spirit is very special and is made by you all. Your support and camaraderie toward each other has always been something that makes our parkrun special and I am sure all our first time runners and tourists felt your love. We had runners from Italy, Bulgaria, USA and Australia joining us (as well as some closer to home). I hope you enjoyed the run and will be able to join us again in the future.

This week, we saw 165 parkrunners, of which 26 were first timers and 25 achieved new PB's. Well done to you all. Also, to our fantastic team of volunteers. There would be no parkrun at all if it weren't for these marvellous people giving up their time so you can all enjoy yourselves! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do find the time to volunteer once in a while as it is not only rewarding but it helps us keep the event running smoothly without having to rely on the a small few every week. If you could spare one Saturday morning for every twenty you run, we would never run out of volunteers! You can sign up whilst you get your results scanned - it's easy!

One bit of news I missed was to announce that we will be putting on our Christmas Day parkrun again this year. It has been so popular over the last few years that we thought you would like to do it again!

The run went swimmingly and it was great to catch up with everyone, and I even managed to get through the morning without anyone mentioning 'the marathon'... well that was until we had finished packing up and we were heading off to the storage room. "HE'S DONE IT, HE'S DONE IT!" The words I was trying to avoid came excitedly out of the mouth of one of my parkrun buddies. NOOOOOOOOOO!! Still, I was actually surprised I managed to avoid hearing the result for as long as I did.... I still went home and watched it though.

By the way for those of you that fancy it, I could organise a Clair Park Marathon if you like? It would only be 39 laps!

See you soon,
Jay x


Run Report #327 – 5th October 2019

On a mild early autumn morning the course was quite slippery from fallen leaves and acorns and we did our best to clear as much as we could. There was a great turnout of 161 runners who had decided to wait to see the England v Argentina world cup rugby, kick off 9 a.m., on that wonderful invention, catch up TV. It was therefore vital that anyone listening to the commentary on one headphone only (!) didn’t divulge the score.

Well done to the 22 people who achieved PB’s and congratulations to Ryan Armstrong for
completing 100 parkruns and Ro Morris 50. First man home was Louis Taub in a time of 18.23 and first lady was Kirsty Armstrong in 21.16. Thanks to all our volunteers without whom parkrun just wouldn’t happen each week.

It was great to welcome visitors from Richmond Park, Windermere and Manchester.
It is fifteen years since the very first parkrun. Since then, what a success story it has been. At the last count there are 1990 weekly events in 21 countries. There have been over four million different parkrunners and half a million people volunteering.

Look forward to seeing you all next week. Just noticed that England v France kicks off at 9.15 a.m. next Saturday so catch up TV will come into its own once again.

Stuart Ferguson : Run Director

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