Run Report #311 – 15th June 2019

It has been well over a year since I last took the RD role. This shows you how great you guys are at volunteering! As usual, I would like to thank this weeks hi viz heroes for your help.

It was great to greet everyone as they arrived especially our 11 brand new first time parkrunners and our parkrun tourists. I hope you all enjoyed our run and will not be strangers!

We had another great turn out with 177 runners, 28 of whom recorded a new PB and that is not an easy thing to do at Clair Park.

First over the finish line was our course record holder C J Smith with a fantastic time of 16:33. Second was Ian Donougher who now has a PB of 18:37 and hot on his heels was Arun Khursheed in 18:38 just outside of his fastest time too. Kim Lo was our fastest lady this week in 21:25.

As I mentioned this morning we are fast approaching a total distance of 200,000 miles round Clair Park. It will happen in approximately 400 runners time. We will keep you informed as we get closer to the target.

Have a good week and I hope to see you next Saturday.

Jay Wadey : Run Director


Run Report #310 – 8th June 2019

Cor! What a big one! 193 of you athletes took on the undulations of Clair and won. Every one of you ran 5k and from what I could see every one of you did it with a smile on your face!

We had tourists from Chesterfield and Denmark! We had more first timers than were prepared to admit it. People can be quite shy when its their first time right? We hope you enjoyed it and to see you back at parkrun very soon - next week would be grand.

Craig Halsey came back to Clair from down Brighton way to knock a few seconds off his PB at the front of the field. He ran Clair in 17:02 today. Craig was just pipped to the age grade lead this week by young Arun who followed him in in 18:34. Abby Ross turned in a leading performance also at 22:02 followed in closely by young Yazmin Williams with a PB of 22:43.

A couple of significant milestones were passed today. On her birthday, Jill Bennett ran her 100th parkrun with 82 of them at Clair. Happy Birthday Jill! Her teammate at Burgess Hill Runners Gary Foley, also ran his 100th parkrun today with 83 at Clair. Well done Gary!

In addition, Shelagh Robinson of Haywards Heath Harriers ran her 200th parkrun today with 175 at Clair. Shelagh had all the family running today, and also had lots of her Harriers running family with her (see photo!). Hopefully a great day!

Today, members of Haywards Heath Harriers covered all of the volunteer positions, including me as Run Director. Despite that, it all ran like a ‘well-oiled machine’. I want to thank both the Harriers volunteers for their time, and the core team members who kept us on the straight and narrow.

Volunteers this week were:

• Hannah GIBSON • Katherine BUCKERIDGE • Linda TULLETT • Lydia LEVY • Marion HEMSWORTH
• Michael ESSEX • Michael PARISH • Pete FRANCIS • Sarah Ann HAMILTON

Volunteering is fun. Please volunteer. Anyone can be great at it.

Ian : Run Director



Run Report #309 – 1st June 2019

Run #309 at Clair got the first day of summer off to a perfect start.  The weather was beautiful (for spectating, in particular) and there was a nice turnout of runners (182 in total).  The number 2 position was won by a Arun, a young HH Harrier who was the only runner to top 80% on the age-related scoring system.  It was great watching him stride round the course making it look easy.  Well done Arun!

The new whiteboard is an excellent innovation for helping us to properly welcome visitors and first-timers, and also very handy for calling-out special events and milestones.  We had visitors from Finchley, Wimbledon, New Forest, Tilgate and Hove, and newbies coached by the lovely J&M Runners team doing their first parkrun.  Milestone-wise there was a 250 by Paul Cousins (awesome) and a 200 by Sarah Hamilton (brilliant).  There was also a 50 but I regret not making a proper note of who it was (Matt or Mark, sorry).  There was bit too much efficiency in cleaning the board afterwards – should have taken a photo.  Talking of which, check out the new Clair ‘picture frame’ that runners can use to let social media feeds report their relaxing start to the weekend!


We had a few doctors on hand, the occasion being a challenge sponsored by the Royal College of General Practitioners to have 1,000 of their members attend parkruns nationally on 1st June, this to mark the first anniversary of the college’s initiative for doctors to affiliate themselves with local runs.  At Clair we had doctors Ian and Liz from the Northlands Wood Practice, along with practice nurse Carol and other team members.  The pink wig was one of them.  Also doing the challenge was doctor Katie from Lindfield Medical Centre, a regular at Clair.  It’s brilliant that something so simple as a quick run round your local rec can have grown into such a ‘thing’.


Thanks as ever to the volunteers and our standing local organising team.

Andrew Swaffer RD


Run Report #306 – 11th May 2019

What a lovely morning for a run, and I hope you all agree and enjoyed testing
yourself against the hills in Clair Park.
It wasn’t quite so cold for the volunteers as the last two weeks have been,
and we thank you for being out there to encourage and support the runners
and walkers completing the course.
We had more walkers than normal as some of our regulars were resting their
legs after completing the Mid Sussex Marathon last weekend, or indeed
preparing themselves for one of the Gatwick races tomorrow.
We had tourists, and I give my apologies for not be able to name you all as I
forgot to bring the white board home! Seriously though, it was remiss of me
not to make a note before I left but we are glad you came, and hope the
‘pirate challenge’ is completed successfully by Tina and Kevin.
We had 19 first timers, and I will mention Richard Mason who was first ( and
only ) buggy pusher home on his first visit but completed his 360th run.
A 50 milestone for Richard Higgs, the 2nd oldest runner on the course today.
Well done, Richard.
First man home was Rob Watts in close competition with Chris Byrne in
second, and Isobel Russell first lady followed by Gillian Forrest.
Thank you to Pete who volunteered to accompany Jacob, and I see you
completed in 21.10, it looked like a challenging run, but earned Jacob the
highest age grading of 74.57%
There were 30 PB’s so that proves conditions were favourable.
2 items I forgot to mention:-
There is to be a council meeting on May 20th at 7.30pm in Clair Hall to
discuss the present and future use of the park, and anyone is welcome to
A padlock key was found in the car park and has been put in the finish token
box for safe keeping, and can be claimed next week.
As I write this report it is raining/hailing so I’m glad we were finished and
home before that arrived, but well done to all 161 for taking part.
I love being part of Clair parkrun.
Maureen Rea : Run Director


Run Report #305 – 4th May 2019

Gestalt psychology says "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" and that is certainly true for Clair parkrun. Your perception of parkrun and what it means to you, may be shared by others or may be different. Whether you run parkrun as a solo artist, like to share your experiences with others as you traverse the 5k, you are a volunteer, you help set up the course, together the whole event is greater than each person's individual input, This is the delight of the community of togetherness and an acknowledgment that people bring different aspects of themselves to different roles to make the whole.

parkrun is a shared event and it belongs to all of us and it's success is attributable to the gestalt which is more than the sum of individual roles and parts.

I am a tourist parkrunner from Cranleigh and if you have not made a visit to our parkrun you will be made very welcome. The course is a two lapped scenic cross country route with one stimulating hill to test you but rest assured well worth the view.

I always enjoy re-visiting Clair parkrun with it's bucolic settings and taking the challenge of it's characteristic four lapped (plus a bit extra!) circuit.

The day itself was perfect for a run, not to hot and neither to cold (once you got going) and there was as great positive atmosphere amongst the community that gathered by the pavilion for Race Director, Andrew to give his pre race briefing.

parkrun is of course a run for us all not a race, even for those competing against their own targets, but well done to the fleet footed Jacob Houseman and Kirsty Armstrong who were the first gent and lady home and in total 164 people completed today's event. Congratulations to everybody and hope you were pleased with your run.

There were many personal bests achieved today ands some impressive performances from the junior runners. There were tourists from Tilgate, Brighton and myself from Cranleigh. However the furthest being from South Africa and hope all will come again in the future.

There were six people doing their first parkrun and welcome to the parkrun community.

The event could not have taken place without the wonderful help of our Hi-Viz heroes namely Andrew Swaffer, Peter Morrison, Amy Goldstein-Sharia, Helen Pratt, Marion Hemsworth, Pete Francis, Jay Wadey, Ann Savidge, Maureen Rea, Ian Collins, Simon Lock, Gene Lowson, Chania Hemsley-Smith and Kay Smith. Thank you all for your help today and truly appreciated by everybody.

Please have a look at the roster for the forthcoming Saturdays and see if you are able to help in any role you would like to do.

You can always leave a message on the Clair facebook or e-mail

Clair parkrun every Saturday at 9 o'clock all are welcome.

Martyn Greaves : Clair parkrun tourist

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