Event #069 Summer’s last hurrah

You could have fooled me on Saturday that it was still summer. Clapham Common parkrun started off without a cloud in the sky. The 736 runners and walkers who assembled on the side of the path were sprinkled with sunlight.
There were all sorts out on Saturday- from seventy year olds to under 10's, and there were even a mixture of canine friends too who’d come to guide their humans round the track. Also, a wedding party joined for the run in bright yellow t-shirts with slogans about the big day. I was running right behind them and heard at the start their bravado about finishing quickly!
Soon though I lost myself in the run itself. Up on the north side of the Common, all you could do was feel the sun baking down on the ground and feel the dust kicking up behind your heels. It was, as it always is, a relief to turn back to the concrete paths on the south side of the run, where tree roots don’t threaten to obstruct your path. And then, on the second loop to know that each time you pass a point, that’s the last time you’ll pass it for this week. The hi five given by the marshal at the side just before you get to the finish line is always a highlight at Clapham too.
So what of the times? Our first finisher- Seyfu Jamal- finished in 15 minutes and 15 seconds. I saw him lap me just as he finished the run and you could see the exertion involved in achieving that kind of time. But there were plenty of other PB's from all parts of the field and each took as much effort as Seyfu’s attempt. The second placed finisher was one of those mystery unknown runners (ALWAYS BRING YOUR BARCODE- it makes the run reporter’s life easier!).
parkrun is not just about personal bests or fastest times though. There were milestones too- Gary Galliford, Ian Rycott, Simon Russian and Natalie Hargreave all made it round their 50th parkrun. Nobody got to 100 today- though one runner finished his 99th parkrun, will they be hitting their milestone next weekend? It's worth also mentioning that our most experienced runner completed his 291st parkrun on Saturday, something that everyone on the course can aim to achieve (as opposed to running 5 km in 15 minutes).
There were 38 volunteers today: it is only due to them that parkrun can happen at all- so come and join in the next time you can, either marshaling or if you fancy running as well, there are plenty of roles either setting up or closing down that are required for the run to function.
The event was made possible by 38 volunteers: Rebecca DOBSON • Sarah DODDS • Frank ELSTON • Chris JONES • Matthew HAUGHTON • Evie NOSWORTHY • Matthew DUCKETT • Andrew ARCHER • Richard MUSCAT • Hannah BEHRENDT • Ross MCLEOD • Amy DAVIS • Bronwyn GARRETT • Kathy BRIDGWATER • Elena CHAPMAN • Imogen JOHNSON • Jasper JOHNSON • Angus JOHNSON • Luke FRIZONI • Cat PROWSE • E ADEJOBI • Hannah WILLIAMS • Edmund CROWTHER • Laurel LEFKOW • Kathryn KEEN • Susan BEWLEY • Dana ELFRING • Katie DALE • Karen STEYN • Helen O'BRIEN • Adam STREET • Patrick SHARP • Henry MIDGLEY • David KEEN • Dan HARTNELL • Chris MUSCAT • Matthew ANDREWS • Henry KEEN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Clapham Common parkrun Results Page.


Event #067 – Dame Kelly Holmes breezes through

Clapham Common parkrun #67 - Saturday 31st August 2019

After a break last week due to SW4 festival it was a glorious sunny morning that welcomed 779 people to Clapham Common on the last day in August. This was the largest turnout since 1st June and the 7th largest turnout in the history of Clapham Common parkrun - impressive considering it’s still the school holidays and I’m sure lots of people are still holidaying!

Of the 779 people who took part, a huge 204 were First Timers to Clapham; and of those, 74 people completed their first ever parkrun - well done and welcome to the parkrun family. I’m sure most people will agree it’s addictive! We also had some milestones this week - well done to Junior parkrunner Anya Ayres who ran her 10th, Jenny Roe, Sue Holloway, Bethany Blackburn, Daniel Simkin and Conor O’Rouke who ran their 50th and Oliver Taylor who ran his 100th - great achievements all, now look forward to those milestone t-shirts!


Despite the warm morning, an amazing 135 runners recorded a new PB - perhaps they were spurred on by the fact we had a celebrity in our midst!? Dame Kelly Holmes, one of parkrun’s ambassadors visited us and ran in a VERY impressive 19.32, recording the highest age-grading of any runner this week of 84.81%! More wonderful than this was that after she finished, she ran back along the course, cheering on other runners and walkers - a true inspiration and representation of what parkrun is about; supporting others, welcoming all and thanking those that give up their time to volunteer. As well as Kelly Holmes, we had other tourists visit from St Albans and Edinburgh (and from looking at clubs in the results, maybe other locations too!) - welcome all! We hope you enjoyed your visit to Clapham and see you again soon. Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Clapham Common parkrun Results Page.



As well as filling many of the volunteer roles as part of the run Clapham Pioneers held a club championship 'race' - with the most complex handicap system known to mankind. Congratulations on picking the weather a perfect day.


It’s not only the runners that make the parkrun, it’s the volunteers too. It takes around 35 people each week to volunteer in order for the run to go ahead safely. Some roles you’re able to run and volunteer (like writing this report!) so please consider having a look at the future roster and see where you can help. If we all volunteered a few times a year it prevents the core team having to chase for volunteers towards the end of the week. It’s hugely rewarding and you get to work towards the elusive purple milestone t-shirt!


This week, a huge thanks goes out to all those who made this event happen: David AISA MILLER, Matthew ANDREWS, Andrew ARCHER, Chris ASPINALL, Chris BARNES, Hannah BEHRENDT, Susan BEWLEY, Sarah CALLANAN, Ruth DERVAN, Sarah DODDS, Frank ELSTON, Seb HENEY, Robert JONES, Chris JONES, David KEEN, Henry KEEN, Kathryn KEEN, Tiphaine LE BIAN, Margaret LEONARD, Kate LOSOWSKY, Charlie MASON, Sarah MAXWELL, Richard MUSCAT, Claire PARKINSON, Cat PROWSE, Patrick QUINN, Adam REED, Rebecca RICHARDS, Patrick SHARP, Jeremy SIMMONS, Rebecca SPENCER, Andrew THOMPSON, James TURNER, Jennifer WOOLGAR and Zoe WREN.

 Apologies for the delay Ed.


A flying Finn visits – Event #066 August 17th 2019

Clapham Common Parkrun #066 August 17th 2019

I’m writing this post run report as a runner and volunteer from a very different parkrun context. My home parkrun is Tampere, Finland which was the first parkrun in Finland (there are now three) and it used to be the most northerly parkrun too!

Heartfelt thanks to the Parkrun Volunteer team at Clapham Common today, each of whom make this wonderful event possible. An especial shout out to the fantastic volunteer who did the first timer briefing - it was done so well, both fun and informative and conducted in such a naturally welcoming way too. Thank you!


Clapham Common is a wonderful -and large - open green space in south London, and perfect for a parkrun. It’s easy to get to by public transport and very friendly and extremely well organised. Today the sun shone (after last night’s torrential rain) and the parkrun was a huge success. 


There were almost 600 participants today, which is means it’s about ten times larger than my home park run. Because I’m not used to being part of such a big group I was a bit nervous at the start but everyone was really friendly and it was superbly organised. I helped set up the funnel (a new experience for me) but  because I was one of the slowest runners (at 37:26) - though there were plenty of walkers too - I didn’t really see the funnel come into its own as the rush was over by the time I staggered over the finish line.

CCpr#66-33 CCpr#66-11 CCpr#66-31CCpr#66-28

Today there were around 80 participants achieve a new PB. Well done everyone. There were loads of first timers too including more than 40 who were participating in their very first parkrun! Congratulations! I hope, like me, you’ve caught the parkrun bug and will be back walking running or volunteering again before too long. 

Parkrun never disappoints but it felt especially nice to be part of the Clapham Common parkrun family today. What a friendly bunch of people you are: both volunteers and participants. I really hope to return before too long (and try for a PB). 


Lorna Koskela, from Turku (the former capital of Finland) One day we’ll have a parkrun of our own :) 


The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

Kevin FORSTER • Ken WILLIS • Sarah DODDS • Chris JONES • Michael MUELLER • Richard MUSCAT • Hannah BEHRENDT • Bethany VAN MELSEN • Charlie MASON • Edward TASKER • Adrian GRIST • Maria MCALISTER • Claudia CARAVELLO • E ADEJOBI • Lorna Stella KOSKELA • Sarah MAXWELL • Susan BEWLEY • Dana ELFRING • Janie CAESAR • Karen STEYN • Helen O'BRIEN • Lee HACKETT • Patrick SHARP • Richard TAYLOR • John CASTLE • Chris MUSCAT • Jason WHITE • Adam REED • Vanessa BEHRENDT • Mason EXCELL

With apologies for the delay - Ed


Made of sugar? A wet event #063 – 27th July 2019

The weather was always going to be a factor at today’s event, but not quite the way we thought it might when we were baking in 36c heat during the week.  At just before 9am, my weather app was saying it was 17c, although it may have been something completely different as I could hardly see my phone screen through the pouring rain.  Today, 260* people chose to walk, run, jog (or swim) their way around a wet Clapham Common parkrun. Thirty people chose today to run their very first parkrun and I hope each and every one of them enjoyed it and will be back again for that “difficult second” parkrun, just like the 12 people who did their second-ever parkrun today.  

IMG_0125 (2)

* Editors Note: 260 the lowest participation since the lead up to Christmas 2018 in Event #33 and #34  - parkrunners aren't made of sugar - as well as holidays our neighbour Tooting parkrun had a Clapham Chasers take over & Clapham Pioneers 100th parkrun celebration - congratulations to Brian W!  Tooting Event Director Liam O'Hare sneaked in a quick tour of Clapham before dashing back to Tooting - nice to see you Liam!

IMG_0121 (2)

As someone who likes to visit a different location when possible, today truly captured the essence of parkrun.  It had everything you’d expect: a team of amazing volunteers, a wide range of ages, a fantastic atmosphere, a great location, and dogs enjoying their very own #barkrun.  Tourists came from across the UK and from Dublin.  Today also had 44 people (including the first two to finish) who shared the same name of “unknown” and as we all know “no barcode no result” #DFYB

IMG_0138 (2)

Some numbers:

  • First finishers Michael MCCARTHY and Rosemary HURFORD
  • No one reached any milestones today
  • Kudos to the 38 who achieved a new PB in spite of the conditions
  • On event number 63, Cat PROWSE finished in position number 63
  • On today's date of 27 07, Tasha COX finished in 27 mins 07 seconds
  • Thirty five volunteers helped the day be a success.  Haven’t volunteered yet? You can see an event's future volunteer roster on the website. To get in touch with the event directly, just send an email to claphamcommonhelpers@parkrun.com
IMG_0133 (2)
Stuart Paul

Clapham Common Parkrun Event #62 – 20th July 2019

Clapham Common Parkrun Event #62 – 20th July 2019

As I arrived early for the volunteer briefing at the 62nd Clapham Common parkrun, it quickly became apparent that there was something new happening today. The excitement in the air was tangible. The team had just had their selfie frame delivered! It proved very popular in the run-up to 9am, as many parkrunners wanted their photos taken with the frame.

Jennifer Woolgar called the first timers and tourists over for the first timers briefing and this made a significant impact on the number of people milling around near the bag drop tarpaulin, as there were 106 people who fitted into these categories – 37 people who were doing their very first parkrun and 69 tourists who were appearing at Clapham Common for their first run. Congratulations to you all! Those 69 tourists were a bit shy when it came to revealing where they came from in the main briefing, but eventually the Run Director, Andrew Archer, did persuade a small group to admit that they were visiting from Australia.


The ground over the last couple of weeks had been dry and hard, but there had been a bit of rain in the last few days, so there were many large puddles on the course. This may have affected the turnout and the results adversely as only 557 made it round this week – which was the lowest attendance since mid-April – or maybe it was because the school holidays are starting. 75 of the 557 finishers did a new PB – slightly down on previous weeks as the added distance dodging the puddles or wading through them may have added to the participants’ times. Sadly, your run report writer failed miserably to do a PB, or to match last week’s time to get his elusive ‘Groundhog Day’ badge!


There were 31 volunteers who helped to put this week’s event on – these were

Henry WILSON • Gary WINDOW • Sarah DODDS • Michael MUELLER • Rohan KALLICHARAN • Jason MILLIGAN • Andrew ARCHER • Helen JAQUES • Jackie THEINTZ • Jennifer WOOLGAR • Hannah EVANS • Jenny KESTERTON • Elena CHAPMAN • Hannah GRIFFITHS • Dom GAULTON • David AISA MILLER • Claudia CARAVELLO • E ADEJOBI • Kathryn KEEN • Alison MCADAMS • Susan BEWLEY • Dana ELFRING • Kate LOSOWSKY • Seb HENEY • Adam STREET • Patrick SHARP • David KEEN • Jeremy SIMMONS • Matthew ANDREWS • Sage ERSKINE • Henry KEEN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Clapham Common parkrun Results Page.


Each week’s parkrun is only able to be put due to the volunteers who take time out of their Saturday mornings – so many thanks to this week’s volunteers, and a request to all of you to volunteer from time to time. Have a look at the future roster to see what you can do and sign up! There are some roles that can be combined with a run credit too. If you’re interested in getting a double run and volunteer fix, please do just email claphamcommon@parkrun.com with your availability and the event team will let you know how you can best help.


There were three runners celebrating milestones today - Sean Campbell did his 50th run in a new PB of 22.59 while Sam Forrest did his 50th in a time of 22.24. Isobella Key did her 10th run today in the 11-14 age category and finished in 24.18. Well done to all three of you!

James Ralston was the first finisher today in a time of 17.21, in his first visit to Clapham Common. Georgia Tindley was the first female finisher in a time of 18.55. Impressive times!

Happy parkrunning!

Gary Window A195658

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