Clapham Common Parkrun Event #62 – 20th July 2019

Clapham Common Parkrun Event #62 – 20th July 2019

As I arrived early for the volunteer briefing at the 62nd Clapham Common parkrun, it quickly became apparent that there was something new happening today. The excitement in the air was tangible. The team had just had their selfie frame delivered! It proved very popular in the run-up to 9am, as many parkrunners wanted their photos taken with the frame.

Jennifer Woolgar called the first timers and tourists over for the first timers briefing and this made a significant impact on the number of people milling around near the bag drop tarpaulin, as there were 106 people who fitted into these categories – 37 people who were doing their very first parkrun and 69 tourists who were appearing at Clapham Common for their first run. Congratulations to you all! Those 69 tourists were a bit shy when it came to revealing where they came from in the main briefing, but eventually the Run Director, Andrew Archer, did persuade a small group to admit that they were visiting from Australia.


The ground over the last couple of weeks had been dry and hard, but there had been a bit of rain in the last few days, so there were many large puddles on the course. This may have affected the turnout and the results adversely as only 557 made it round this week – which was the lowest attendance since mid-April – or maybe it was because the school holidays are starting. 75 of the 557 finishers did a new PB – slightly down on previous weeks as the added distance dodging the puddles or wading through them may have added to the participants’ times. Sadly, your run report writer failed miserably to do a PB, or to match last week’s time to get his elusive ‘Groundhog Day’ badge!


There were 31 volunteers who helped to put this week’s event on – these were

Henry WILSON • Gary WINDOW • Sarah DODDS • Michael MUELLER • Rohan KALLICHARAN • Jason MILLIGAN • Andrew ARCHER • Helen JAQUES • Jackie THEINTZ • Jennifer WOOLGAR • Hannah EVANS • Jenny KESTERTON • Elena CHAPMAN • Hannah GRIFFITHS • Dom GAULTON • David AISA MILLER • Claudia CARAVELLO • E ADEJOBI • Kathryn KEEN • Alison MCADAMS • Susan BEWLEY • Dana ELFRING • Kate LOSOWSKY • Seb HENEY • Adam STREET • Patrick SHARP • David KEEN • Jeremy SIMMONS • Matthew ANDREWS • Sage ERSKINE • Henry KEEN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Clapham Common parkrun Results Page.


Each week’s parkrun is only able to be put due to the volunteers who take time out of their Saturday mornings – so many thanks to this week’s volunteers, and a request to all of you to volunteer from time to time. Have a look at the future roster to see what you can do and sign up! There are some roles that can be combined with a run credit too. If you’re interested in getting a double run and volunteer fix, please do just email with your availability and the event team will let you know how you can best help.


There were three runners celebrating milestones today - Sean Campbell did his 50th run in a new PB of 22.59 while Sam Forrest did his 50th in a time of 22.24. Isobella Key did her 10th run today in the 11-14 age category and finished in 24.18. Well done to all three of you!

James Ralston was the first finisher today in a time of 17.21, in his first visit to Clapham Common. Georgia Tindley was the first female finisher in a time of 18.55. Impressive times!

Happy parkrunning!

Gary Window A195658


It’s good to be home…. Event #61 – 13th July 2019

Having been involved with Clapham Common parkrun since its inception, it's nice to sometimes take a week off and visit another parkrun, which I did last week.  (For those that are interested Wöhrder See parkrun is lovely 1 lap course just outside of Nürnberg, which had a big turnout with 66 finishers & 9 volunteers the week I visited. The Run Director was mildly horrified to hear we get 10 times that number on a regular basis!)


But with the sun shining and a jam packed roster of smiley volunteers I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be at 9am on a Saturday than Clapham Common and 648 of you seemed to agree, including the 35 of you who ventured to the common to take part in your first parkrun - welcome!


The time always passes quickly on parkrunday, and after catching up with parkrun friends old and new and discussing the Volunteer roster for next weekend, RD for the day Henry was setting us on our way.

Coming back to running from an injury, I enjoyed a run/walking around the course. It gave me a chance to take in the sights of the common I often miss,  thank our marshals and I even managed to get a hi five from our newest marshal, Barnaby Bear, before stretching my legs out to sprint to the finish line (Shh... don't tell my physio!) with a big smile.


And I wasn't the only one smiling, congratulations to Chris Aspinall, Sean Campbell and Tony Peck, who didn't forget their barcodes and all ran their 50th parkrun with us this sunny morning. We'll look forward to seeing those Milestone t-shirts soon!  Sadly, there were 136 unknown runners this weekend #DFYB next week!

With the Tail Walker cheered home, it's time to pack up the kit and head to the cafe for a well deserved coffee and natter with some of the volunteers as we sorted the Finish Tokens ready for next week.

While it's nice to tourist occasionally, it's good to be home!


Each week we need 30 volunteers to make this event possible, if you would like to find out more about volunteering email us:

Thank you as always to this weeks hi vis heroes:

E ADEJOBI, David AISA MILLER, Hannah BEHRENDT, Janie CAESAR, Claudia CARAVELLO, Dana ELFRING, Grace FINN, Alice HORNE, Chris JONES, Henry KEEN, David KEEN, Kathryn KEEN, Bethany KNOWLES, Kate LOSOWSKY, Greg MACFARLANE, Richard MUSCAT, George PAINTER, Manny PASTOR, Paul PENNANT, Elizabeth PORTER, Cat PROWSE, Rebecca RICHARDS, Patrick SHARP, Jeremy SIMMONS, Rebecca SPENCER, Karen STEYN, Jessica SZECHI, Oliver TAYLOR, David THOMAS, Andrew THOMPSON, Michael WIGGINS, Henry WILSON, Jennifer WOOLGAR


Jen Woolgar, A1140525


Dust bowl blues – Event#60 6th July 2019

STOP PRESS ... come and join a posse of Clapham Common parkrunners as veloteers at Prudential RideLondon Surrey event taking place on Sunday 4th August.  It promises to be a fun afternoon as well as  a fund raiser for Clapham Common parkrun. Email: for more details - registration closes very soon… 

Normal service resumed.

So here we are, Clapham Common Park Run has got to its 60th weekday (I’m not sure weekdays exist, but clearly they should). It might not get a free eye test - and a bus pass would clearly be inappropriate for a running event - but it is an amazing achievement for everyone who has volunteered, organised and run during those 60 events. 

We set off to the sound of trucks hooting horns. They sounded like horns announcing the start of the run. I found my place in the column. One woman in front of me ran in a t shirt which said that she was a member of Project Squirrel - coming to Conker. Another exclaimed to her partner that something stunk: with a cold and hay fever on top, I couldn’t tell what she was talking about. As we ran along, I passed a man I knew who looked at me sadly “I had a bottle of wine last night, I’ll try to finish!”. Worse for wear or not, the runners turned into the main straight across the top of the common. 

I think its only then that you realise if today is going to be a burning hot day. It didn’t take long to understand that that defined the day. Runners kicked up dust and I could see every stage of the run ahead through the clouds of dust emerging underneath the tread of trainers. 

At one point, a bicyclist and his inquisitive dog seemed to keep pace with the parkrunners unfortunately two wheels is no match for the two legs of the Clapham Common parkrunners. He decided to turn off the path at some point along the path and last I saw of him,he was attempting to cross the file of runners as they ran through the north side. I could barely acknowledge him though, as by that time, I was beginning to struggle. 

Now we were almost at the far end of the park, the turn where the course narrows a bit. Running back along to the bandstand, I spotted some people doing exercises: I’m not sure what they were doing but their bodies formed inverted Vs on the ground - like humpbacked bridges in a green sea or tracksuit clothed hills, pointing out of the land.  

I passed into the second lap and suddenly I realised - until next week, this is the last time I’d pass this point on the course. It is funny as well how different the course looked and felt once the crowd had thinned out - what at the start is a narrow place, filled with limbs and elbows, second time round is a wide path where passing is easy and the slope pulled me downhill. Passing through the trees, my mind was filled with visions of dust across the north side. 

The same people were forming what looked like the same bridges just before the bandstand. The thought they all looked like the Venetian bridge of sighs flashed into my head. I toiled up to the bandstand - where an enthusiastic marshal and his child beckoned us onwards into the last, worst bit of the parkrun - the final approach to the funnel. 

IMG_0890 IMG_0869

High Fives from Hi Vis Henry

There were 586 of us running around today - the first person didn’t have a barcode so is anonymous (Hint - always remember your barcode). There were 84 personal bests (congratulations to those runners who could run fast through an arid dusty day) and 92 people were first timers (welcome and I hope you enjoy). 32 people volunteered- thank you and congratulations to every one! 

Henry Midgely


Event#59 The beast strikes – Clapham Common parkrun 29th June 2019


As runners huddled in the shade on the side of the field anticipating record breaking temperatures later in the day, a mere 669 people braved the weather to run, jog or walk the course on the 59th Clapham Parkrun.


And your run reporter - suitably some might say - came in nicely roasted with 666th place. ‘The beast’ on such a fiery day?



Visitors who mightn’t have minded the heat came from as far as New Zealand and Australia, and clearly the lack of rain would have suited those from Ireland. The field included 53 first timers completing their first registered parkrun anywhere, and another 84 who are already in the system, but came to Clapham for the first time. Will the heat have put them off, or will they come back because we have such a lovely course with many shady parts? Did anyone else spot a small contingent that made a slight detour to the edge of the North side which meant a lot more time in the shade (I’m just sharing the tip as it could prove a competitive advantage in a next heatwave, even if a few more metres added).


As an aside, your rapporteur has been collecting some #overheardclaphamparkrun quotes (personal rule: nil identifying, no body-shaming).



“PHEW! What a scorcher!” - obviously, but more intriguingly “It’s so crowded! Typical of Clapham”, or “pace yourself [small child’s name] so the oxygen goes to the muscles” and “You get a lot more LGB runners here..”.

We might, I suppose, but by dint of the huge numbers, we must get a lot more of all sorts of individuals and communities, including Vegans, weightwatchers and people dressed as bananas/superheros (not this week sadly, or maybe just as well because of the risk of heatstroke). From my usual position (at the back of the field), I enjoy seeing the wonderful range of T-shirts and tops as I get lapped by the fastest runners on the home straight by the bandstand, but love the variety. This week representatives of 41 different clubs took part.



Some first time ‘personal bests’ included Marlon Campbell who was actually a returnee, but this time has been registered with a barcode so able to record his first PB walk (1:14:44) at Clapham. A special ‘high-5’ for him. And “Respect” to the 93 people who recorded a new Personal Best.


Worryingly, for those of us volunteers who love token sorting and filling in spread sheets, there were 148 unknowns – presumably this is people who don’t know about the bar code system, or left them at home, but this is before the absent-minded who drop the tokens, or take them home needing replacement.


Lastly, and also #overheardclaphamparkrun from our lovely 37 volunteers; “Well done”, “High five”, “You’ve lapped the millions of people who are still in bed”, “You’re nearly there” Thank you, thank you Marshals for getting us all to the end on a particularly tough day.

Susan Bewley


Event #58 – 22 June 2019 – sun’s out, runners about!

Normally when trying to find a new event, I just follow the other runners in the park. Upon arriving at Clapham Common, I realised that usual trick wouldn’t work - there are so many people jogging in Clapham Common on a Saturday morning, you run the risk of tagging along on a non-parkrun affiliated spot of exercise! After eventually spotting a few more promising-looking milestone tees, I followed those runners to find the start near Broomwood Road. There were already lots of people milling around in anticipation of the new runners’ briefing.



Laurent KSSIS explained a little bit about parkrun works for all the true first-timers and pointed out that Clapham Common is a two-lap event. Something that Run Director Jennifer WOOLGAR also repeated in her briefing - you can’t help but wonder how many people have accidentally finished after only one! I then set off in the sunshine with 714 other runners. My Spotify was exceptionally cruel with ‘Sometimes you lose’ playing just as I passed the turn off to finish and instead began my second lap  whilst wistfully looking at those going through the funnel already, but thankfully the marshals were more supportive than my music. Special thanks to one mini-marshal giving flying high-fives by the bandstand! 

IMG_5310 IMG_5333 IMG_5314


As a regular at Burgess parkrun, it was a pleasure to see the success of Clapham Common parkrun in person. When the Clapham Common core team came to my home event to do a takeover last year, there were 307 of us running, walking and jogging. It only took three weeks of Clapham Common parkrun going live before they had smashed that attendance with 317 runners. On Saturday 22 June 2019, there were 715!




Of course, with great numbers comes great responsibility. You can’t safely put on an event for over 700 runners without a lot of help. Event #58 was made possible by 37 volunteers, who between them have now done 988 tasks. That's a whopping 761 different events! 9 are already in the V25 club, with 28 on their way there.


Amongst the 37 present were four of the original Burgess takeover crew, made up of co-EDs Jennifer WOOLGAR and Frank ELSTON, along with Jennifer HANRAHAN and James COUSINS. It’s so great to see how much fun you’re all still having now that Clapham Common is a well-established event.




Massive thanks as well to Darren BARBER, James KILBURN, Jessica HANNAH and Ponpet THAMAVONGSA for volunteering for the first time. We hope you enjoyed it; please do spread the word!


And here’s the full list of hi-viz heroes:





If you're not sure how you can get your running fix and also help out, take a leaf out of Jennifer HANRAHAN's book. She kindly helped with pre-event setup, ran, and then did some barcode scanning afterwards to boot! There are lots of roles you can carry out at Clapham Common and still run, walk or jog. If you’re interested in getting a double run and volunteer fix, please do just email with your availability and the event team will let you know how you can best help.


Speedy runners like Stephen WEBB are very welcome to run and scan, but if you’re a back of the pack runner like me, there are other things you can do that are better suited to your pace, like, hmm, I don’t know, just spitballing ideas - writing a run report…?


First-timers and tourists


One of the best things about Saturday mornings is welcoming all the new runners to parkrun. A staggering 60 people did their first ever parkrun, including:


  • Benjamin ANDERSON, who took home first place with an impressive time of 16:44. Well done, Benjamin, you've certainly set yourself a high bar for next time!

  • Kit RAKUSEN who did his first ever 5K parkrun after 9 junior parkruns. Awesome work, Kit!


A huge welcome to everyone who joined the parkrun family. That personal barcode is your passport to free, weekly, timed 5K events worldwide. You can choose to only ever run, walk, jog and volunteer at Clapham Common or you can do a spot of parkrun tourism and try out different events. Whatever you want!


A further 85 people did their first ever parkrun at Clapham Common. There were 17 different letters of the parkrun alphabet represented, with runners coming from the below parkruns:


Ashton Court, Ballito, Bedfont Lakes, Bexley, Brockwell, Burgess, Bushy Park, Cheltenham, Clapham Common, Crystal Palace, Exeter Riverside, Fareham, Fell Foot, Finsbury Park, Fulham Palace, Greenwich, Guildford, Hilly Fields, Hove Promenade, Kingston, Lancing Beach Green, Lincoln, Marlay, Mile End, Mosman, Netley Abbey, Newark, Nonsuch, Northala Fields, Ormeau, Perth, Peterborough, Poole, Portobello, Queen Elizabeth, Reading, Rushcliffe, Sheffield Hallam, South Manchester, Southwark, St Albans, Teignmouth Promenade, Temple Newsam, Tooting Common, Valentines, Warrington, Wimbledon Common, Woodhouse Moor, Wyre Forest


A special welcome to Darren BARBER, Lucinda WILKINSON, Ruth DAVIES, Molly ADKIN and Emma SANDHAM who have all run elsewhere before doing their first run on home turf. Will you be back to Clapham Common next week, or will you continue exploring the parkrun world elsewhere?

 parkrun milestones


There might have been 100 PBs to celebrate, but only two people joined official parkrun milestone clubs:


  • After 10 years of parkrunning and 5 different events, Michael CARNEY joined the 50 club. Just goes to show that patience really does pay off!


  • Max WALTON joined the 10 club, with all of his 10 runs having taken place at Clapham Common. Well done, Max - only juniors are eligible to join the 10 club, so it's very special indeed!


Congratulations again to everyone who took part in Event #58. If you’d like to make sure next week’s event is as big a hit, please do consider donning some hi-viz - there are currently plenty of gaps in the roster for all the coming weeks. As a Run Director myself, I can vouch for just how grateful the core team are when they’re not desperately scrabbling around for volunteers on a Friday night. I promise you, fluorescent yellow is your colour; you’ll look great in some hi-viz!


Thanks so much for hosting me, Clapham Common. It was so lovely to visit! 

(Our pleasure - lovely to see you Ed.)


Happy parkrunning,

Shona C BARKER (A1600366)

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