Event#90 Leap day parkrun

Leap day seems an age away and so much water's gone under the bridge since then. Here's to resuming parkrun just as soon as we can. psst it'll be drier then

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Saturday 29 February 2020 was the first ever leap day parkrun and the 271 (brave) people who ran, jogged or walked the course and the 32 strong-team of volunteers this week are now part of parkrun history.

The next time there is a leap day parkrun is in 2048 how many of us will still be participating at parkrun then and taking on 5 parkruns in February again?

After the persistent rain the course was again very heavy and muddy underfoot, but this did not prevent 11 people setting personal bests and 59 people choosing to run at Clapham Common for the first time.

Congratulations goes to those who celebrated milestones this week, including Adam Street who will soon be wearing his purple V25 t-shirt and Michael Eyley, Thea Domanski and myself who joined the 50 run club.

A huge thank you goes out to all this week’s hi-viz heroes who made leap day parkrun happen. Well done for enduring the wet bone chilling conditions:

Stephen VEY • Sophie A A SHAW • Jessica PARNWELL • Sarah DODDS • Andrew ARCHER • Rebecca SPENCER • Dean MAPABA • Imogen JOHNSON • Karrie HILL-HUGHES • Cat PROWSE • E ADEJOBI • Emma DAVIS • Sam EVANSON • Lucie RYCOTT • Susan BEWLEY • Dana ELFRING • Helen ROACH • Janie CAESAR • Seb HENEY • Karen STEYN • Helen O'BRIEN • Adam STREET • Phoebe TAYLOR • Patrick SHARP • Richard TAYLOR • Peter LAMBERT • Tim WHEATLEY • Amy GEALL • Leela MACE • Carolyn BREIT • Lily BROOKE • David MCCONWAY