Welcome back parkrun – how we’ve missed you!! Run report Event #92

Welcome back parkrun - how we’ve missed you!!

ReadyForTheOffHad you asked me on Saturday 14th March whether I would be about to embark on a 16 month parkrun hiatus I would have laughed at you… parkrun, especially Clapham Common, played a big part in my life. There would be general chatter with Frank and the rest of core team during the week about various course obstacles and whether we would have enough volunteers to put on a safe event. Saturday would often start with me planning a relaxed jog to the common, which turned into a progression run as I realised I was once again much later leaving home than planned; a whirlwind 2 hours of seeing familiar faces, helping quietly funnel manage and wrestling with the (quite frankly ridiculous) pop up sign; we’d then head for coffee, chat, reflect on the morning and start processing the results or token sorting before heading home buoyed by the general joy that had been spread.

51338796968_7a9c9775a5_cThen life and the world as we knew it changed.

51339309809_ab23ece053_cThere was an attempt to bring back parkrun last autumn, but sadly we didn’t quite make it, so it’s fair to say I was cautious about the restart, would it be the same as before? Could it be better?

51338576736_fb983d87eb_cHaving just got home after one of the most joyous Saturday mornings for a long time, I think we can say yes to both of those questions!

Yes, it was a little grey and drizzly at times.

Yes, there were a few key people missing due to dreaded pings.

Yes, there were some changes to meet the parkrun Covid-19 framework.

BUT… led by the wonderful Run Director Cat, 55 volunteers ensured the event 92 went off without a hitch.

We'reBackVolunteers (2)Congratulations the 466 people who braved the inclement weather (what thunder & lightening?!) and walked, ran or jogged their way around the common including 48 people taking part in the first ever parkrun!

Special mentions to the following on achieving milestones:

10 Events (juniors): Halkett CORCORAN & Finn CORCORAN

50 Events: Sam Edwards, Ben Davison, Holly Fisher & Larry Lazarides

Cat Prowse - 50 days of volunteering

Personally, today came with a rollercoaster of emotions. After 2.5 years as Co Event Director, a move out of London and a new addition to the family meant I stepped down from the role during the parkrun pause. Today not only had the joy of the return of parkrun, but was also a fond farewell to weekly trips to the event I’ve been involved with since it’s inception and the friendly faces I’ve got to know over this time.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful team who supported me while I was co-ED. But, especially to Frank, who each week generally saved my bacon and is quite frankly the reason we’re able to put on this marvellous event each week.

Clapham you’re in safe hands with Frank and Dana and I’m looking forward to coming back as a volunteer tourist in the coming months and years!

Ed: Thank YOU Jen for making Clapham Common such a great event - We'll see you soon.


TailwalkerWe're back



CCparkrunCourse7Aug21revIt's like we have never been away as we make a minor revision to start and finish from 7th August 2021




parkrun at home

Parkrun at Home Event #009

We’re on week 9 of no parkrun and for someone who went to parkrun every week for 92 weeks in a row until 14th March (except two: one I was running a half marathon in Lithuania and one I was running a 10k in Battersea Park), it’s feels a little odd.


parkrun HQ are keen to that parkrunners should not exercise at 9am on parkrun courses. This helps reduce gatherings and shows support for the communities we serve. Instead, have you tried tuning in to the Great Big parkrun Quiz on Saturday mornings? It's hosted by the lovely Vassos Alexander, on the parkrun YouTube channel. He also hosts the free weekly timed parkrun podcast – very much worth a listen to during the parkrun pause with excellent guests!

This morning I had a go at being Run Director in Lockdown (RDiL as I’m going to call it). I had my hi vis, my apricot T-shirt, my barcode, a cup of tea and some pancakes – an ideal morning if you ask me.


My RDiL was documented through our Instagram stories and started with a little intro, followed by course set-up. This involved taking my laptop into my back garden and making my tea & pancakes. A little different to usual.

I gave a First Timers briefing and an RDiL briefing (I stood on a chair for that one – it wouldn’t be right otherwise). I even did a little warm up around my garden. It takes 7 steps to get from one end to the other, which by my maths, if we assume one stride is 1m, I would need to do 714 lengths in order to do a 5k*. Thoughts so far: no desire to try it. Thoughts in the future: it might be fun. NB course conditions were pretty safe, under 11s don’t need to be within arm’s reach of an adult and dogs don’t need to be on a short leash. (Ed's note: shall we call that 6,000 for a marathon.) 


Armed with my pancakes, I was ready to start the quiz. Vassos welcomed us at 9am, and we crossed the start line at 9:06am. There were 3 laps: parkrun statistics, parkrun general knowledge, and parkrun true or false. I recorded a PB with a score of 7/15 with which I was pretty chuffed. (Ed's note this was a few weeks ago doubtless PBs each week since.)


Well done to everyone who participated this morning. Please do tag us on social media – we’re @claphamparkrun on Instagram and Twitter – we love to see what you’re up to on your Saturday mornings instead of running laps around the common with us. CCprEvent#57A-9

Please all stay safe, we look forward to seeing you as soon as we can. 

Ed's note: We'll be back when it's safe to host parkrun not until after June 30th at least.


The latest blog post from parkrun HQ is here https://blog.parkrun.com/uk/2020/05/12/covid-19-coronavirus-update-12-may/


Event#91Keeping your left hand free

Once upon a time Saturday was parkrun day. To stop that memory from fading. Event#91 report has a nostalgic look at Clapham Common's with pictures of the rise to toddlerhood from our wintry test run two years ago.


In spite of the sad news of London Marathon being postponed, 432 of you ran, jogged and walked today’s Clapham Common Parkrun. In fact, today we met 90 first timers – if you like maths, that’s just over 20% of the runners today were trying out Parkrun for the first time. Hats off to you all for not letting a bit of rain stop you from joining the Parkrun community. Welcome!


It was great to be back on the Common after last week’s cancellation. Whilst the mud was still rearing its slippy head, a whopping 55 of you managed to get new PBs!
Thank you to everyone who listened to our Run Director, Cat Prowse, and kept their left hands out when receiving their tokens.

Did you spot the camera at the end of the funnel? Today’s Photographer, Becky Mursell, created a wonderful time-lapse of today’s event. (We cannot post it here check out our social media if we manage to post it there. Ed)
You can also follow Becky on Instagram (@beckymursellphotography) for more lovely running photography.


Top Age-Grade:
1. Craig WILLIAMSON (VM55-59) Beckenham RC - 19:58
2. Christopher PECK (VM35-39) Waverley Harriers - 17:26
3. Richard OLLINGTON (SM25-29) Thames Hare & Hounds - 17:12

Top Female Finishers:
1. Alice SINCLAIR (SW30-34) - 20:08
2. Francesca STOCCO (SW25-29) Clapham Chasers RC - 20:56
3. Jess BROWN (SW18-19) - City of Salisbury A & RC - 21:03

Top Male Finishers:
1. Richard OLLINGTON (SM25-29) Thames Hare & Hounds - 17:12
2. Christopher PECK (VM35-39) Waverley Harriers - 17:26
3. Charlie MASON (SM25-29) Clapham Chasers RC - 18:26

Random fact of the week:
Congratulations to Avi Giandi who ran a PB today of 21.05. Avi also has an impressive 272 Parkruns under his running belt and has volunteered over 200 times.


On that note, thank you to the 32 wonderful hi-vis heroes without whom Parkrun wouldn’t have happened today
Hi-vis heroes:
Stephen VEY • Avi GOVIND • Ian THOMPSON • Sarah DODDS • Frank ELSTON • Helen MCGURRIN • Andrew ARCHER • Jennifer WOOLGAR • Rebecca SPENCER • Ian BRANNEN • Elena CHAPMAN • Imogen JOHNSON • Daniel SCHRAMM • Cat PROWSE • E ADEJOBI • Ian RYCOTT • Susan BEWLEY • Dana ELFRING • Kate LOSOWSKY • Seb HENEY • Marco HARPER • Phoebe TAYLOR • Patrick SHARP • Richard TAYLOR • Dominic O'RIORDAN • Ines SUCHOMEL • Chris HILDEBRAND • Stefan PARRY • Amy GEALL • Chris HODGE • Phil CAREY • Lily BROOKE


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Clapham Common parkrun Results Page.


Event#90 Leap day parkrun

Leap day seems an age away and so much water's gone under the bridge since then. Here's to resuming parkrun just as soon as we can. psst it'll be drier then

P1176533 P1165931 P1165944 P1176277 P1176289 P1176296 P1165938P1176514



Saturday 29 February 2020 was the first ever leap day parkrun and the 271 (brave) people who ran, jogged or walked the course and the 32 strong-team of volunteers this week are now part of parkrun history.

The next time there is a leap day parkrun is in 2048 how many of us will still be participating at parkrun then and taking on 5 parkruns in February again?

After the persistent rain the course was again very heavy and muddy underfoot, but this did not prevent 11 people setting personal bests and 59 people choosing to run at Clapham Common for the first time.

Congratulations goes to those who celebrated milestones this week, including Adam Street who will soon be wearing his purple V25 t-shirt and Michael Eyley, Thea Domanski and myself who joined the 50 run club.

A huge thank you goes out to all this week’s hi-viz heroes who made leap day parkrun happen. Well done for enduring the wet bone chilling conditions:

Stephen VEY • Sophie A A SHAW • Jessica PARNWELL • Sarah DODDS • Andrew ARCHER • Rebecca SPENCER • Dean MAPABA • Imogen JOHNSON • Karrie HILL-HUGHES • Cat PROWSE • E ADEJOBI • Emma DAVIS • Sam EVANSON • Lucie RYCOTT • Susan BEWLEY • Dana ELFRING • Helen ROACH • Janie CAESAR • Seb HENEY • Karen STEYN • Helen O'BRIEN • Adam STREET • Phoebe TAYLOR • Patrick SHARP • Richard TAYLOR • Peter LAMBERT • Tim WHEATLEY • Amy GEALL • Leela MACE • Carolyn BREIT • Lily BROOKE • David MCCONWAY


Event#89: The Windy One



Better late than never … Here's hoping we get to reclaim parkrun day soon.

A few snaps of some of our cheerful volunteer crew - we miss our parkrun fix as well as  all of you  - runners and volunteers.

P1165494 P1165644 P1165732 P1165769 P1165771 P1165775 P1165780P1165674P1165860P1165619

We’ve had Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis, Storm E-something? Who can even keep up now?

Yes, event number 89 was a windy ordeal. A tough gig for the set up crew to say the least. That sign by the pond has been relegated for so many weeks now; it just doesn’t stand a chance against the elements.

Following a superb briefing from our Run Director, Henry, we set off *almost* on time. Hurrah! We fought the conditions (both this, and my sore marathon-training legs, form my top excuses for a slow time, just in case anyone was wondering) and got round those two exhausting laps.

Congratulations to the 699 parkrunners who ran, jogged or walked 5k.

William Bourne was first over the line at 17:11. Congrats William, and welcome to Clapham Common (he was a first timer).

Emily Fitz-Hugh was the first female with a time of 20:51, a PB! Well done!

145 people ran their first parkrun ever. How exciting, I hope you come back again and weren’t deterred by the wind.

106 personal bests were set which is awfully impressive given the conditions. Imagine how fast you’ll all go when the weather gets better!

Congratulations to Lottie Curnow on your 100th milestone, and Michael Eyley, Bobby Degale, Thea Domanski, and Helen Mcgurrin on their 50ths.

Finally, an enormous thank you to our fabulous volunteer team. If you’d like to get involved in volunteering, then drop us an email and we’ll sign you up. No experience necessary, we’ll teach you everything you need on the day.

See you all next week!