Clapham Common parkrun is cancelled on 30 May 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Celebrating International Women’s day @ Clapham Common

Join us to celebrate International Women's Day on 7th March at Clapham Common parkrun, supported by This Girl Can.

We have chosen to help celebrate IWD as parkrun research shows us that, across the world, women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun. Despite the fact that females make 54% of registrations, they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating. IWD parkrun is a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to participate in parkrun events all over the world.

So why not encourage female friends, family members or work colleagues to come along to walk, jog, run or volunteer?

This event will be supported by the This Girl Can campaign and parkrun partners Sport England.

Further info here:

New to parkrun and need a barcode?

Please spread the word!




Event#87 – Dodging storm Ciara

Well done to all 847 parkrunners for getting out on another sunny Saturday morning on Clapham Common. I hope you all felt smug having a lie in on Sunday morning as storm Ciara swept around us and brought disruption across London, including a tree down near Long Pond!



As I failed in my attempt to chase down two club 100 runners and yet another chance to get a PB was missed (super congratulations to all 174 people who did PB! You’re all amazing and I’m not jealous at all) I still crossed the line with a smile on my face as I remembered it doesn’t matter where you finish as parkrun is more than just a race - it's a run not a race.


CCpr#087-9  CCpr#087-1

When speaking to an injured runner at the start of the run who said “2020 is just not a great running year for me but at least I can parkrun” I remembered why we all get up early on a Saturday. It’s the feel good factor of parkrun. Whatever your goal it doesn’t matter. We’ve all made the effort to go and there’s no judgement to what you achieve.


Thank you as always to the volunteering heroes, who make the magic happen. If you’re interested in volunteering sign up here.


We all do our best and we’re there to enjoy it! So well done to all of you walking, jogging or running. If it was a dog, a double buggy, an 11 year old or even a 77 year old that sprinted past you, you should all be super proud and I hope you left with a smile on your face! Whatever your running goal hopefully parkrun will help you get there and one day soon we will all be wearing a milestone t-shirt.
We want to wish a big congratulations to those who conquered some massive milestones. Well done Robert Cunningham and Robert Douglas who joined club 100 and Tom Blake, Daisy Hunt and Tom Trennery who joined club 50 and a special shout out to Paul Groves who was a Clapham Common first timer with two new replacement hips but has ran 384 parkruns! Wow! Something we can only dream of. Paul was accompanied by his Clapham resident daughter on her first ever parkrun.


Hopefully see you all next week for another dose of parkrun fun!


Event #86 Hello to ‘high 5′ February parkruns

Well we did it! We made it! Say goodbye to dry January, veganuary and the longest month of the year and hello to February! And what a way to start a new month, not only was it pay day week but with the sun shining down on Clapham Common there was a lot to be happy about this sunny Saturday morning. Was the sun the first sign of spring? Let's be honest probably not but whether it was that glass of wine or bit of cheese we were excited for, everyone had a spring in their step and a smile on their face as they made it to the start of Clapham parkrun this morning.


Dulwich Common parkrunners club paid a neighbourly visit

Congratulations to all 899 Clapham residents and tourists who walked, ran,slipped and slid around the common this morning! We welcomed 167 first timers and an amazing 177 running stars smashed a PB. And Clapham clocked up it's 50,000th parkrunner this week in just 86 events.


Runners stretch into the distance

As always we want to thank our team of wonderful volunteers as without them we wouldn’t be here. So to those of you whose New Year's resolutions have long been forgotten remember it’s never to late to start something new and give something back. We’re always grateful for an extra pair of hands to fill our volunteer rota.


Course marshals briefing - a few of our wonderful and essential volunteers

As we say bye to January and bye to the EU we hope the most depressing month leaves us with one good thing that all those parkrun first timers have caught the parkrun bug and will continue to join us every Saturday morning for a walk, jog or run around the common. Not only does the leap year mean we get an extra Saturday in February to parkrun, but it would be great if we could show January that February really is a better month and break the record for highest number of parkrun runners. On a day like today we couldn’t think of a better way to start the weekend. See you all next week, happy running!


Even our tailwalker pays close attention to the run briefing


Event#85 January’s last run – resolution holding …

Run Report #85 - New year, lots of new PBs

A month since Christmas, 919 brave people ran, jogged and walked Clapham Common Parkrun. Whilst our prayers of no rain were heard, a bitterly cold wind whipped through the Common and some marshals (me) made the school boy error of forgetting gloves, leaving us (me) with frozen fingers and barely-audible clapping.


Despite the cold, a massive 183 people recorded personal bests today. I would love to name them all but there’s just so many – enormous congratulations to everyone! Here’s to more PBs throughout 2020.

49438028108_b60b759956_o CCpr#085-5

Getting runners under control was Laurent Kssis's on his first RD here at Clapham

Did you spot the camera towards the end of today’s Parkrun? Before you arrived at the ever-lasting funnel? Or were you too busy smashing your PB? Well that was today’s photographer, Becky Mursell, shooting a time lapse (a photo every 20 seconds) of today’s Parkrun - from set up all the way to the tail walker.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Flickr page to see the final product. You can also follow Becky on Instagram (@beckymursellphotography) for more lovely running photography.


Top Female Finishers:

  1. Stephanie Hewitt, Kilmarnock Harriers and AC – 20:09 (first timer!)
  2. Emma Henshaw – 20.27
  3. Tara Shrestha Carney, Clapham Chasers – 21.02

Top Male Finishers:    

  1. James Tidd, Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC - 17:20
  2. Timothy Wood – 17.44
  3. James Stocker, Herne Hill Harriers - 17:58 (PB!)

Top Age Grade:

  1. Lynn Lennard-Jones – 83.05%
  2. Andrew Overton – 80.78%
  3. Craig Williamson, Beckenham – 80.59%

Random fact of the week

Today Louise Ayling of Wimbledon Windmillers and FreeWeeklyTimed was our top total Parkrunner, with 431 Parkruns under her running belt. Not only that, Louise ran a new PB today! You go Louise! Louise is a veteran parkrun tourist regularly reporting on parkruns far and wide on the FreeWeeklyTimed podcast. Does Clapham count as tourism so close to home?

CCpr#085-2 CCpr#085-3

Full results can be found on the Clapham Common Parkrun Result Page.


Thank you to the 43 wonderful hi-vis heroes without whom Parkrun wouldn’t have happened today. Special mention to Karen Steyn earning her 25 volunteer purple tee. Thank you Karen we could not do it without you.

Hi-Vis Heroes:

Anne ABOUCHAR • Andrew ARCHER • Hannah BEHRENDT • Susan BELWY • Janie CAESAR • Ellie CHAPMAN • Jawaid DOSSANI • Dana ELFRING • Frank ELSTON • Katherine FRENCH • Amy GEALL • Liz GIANNOPOULOUS • Elinor GOULD • Marco HARPER • Calum HARRIS • Seb HENEY • Imogen JOHNSON • Peter LAMBERT • Laurent KSSIS Leela MACE • Dean MAPBA • Alexandra MAXWELL • Tom MAY • Eamonn MEEHAN • Faye MESSERVY • James MORRIS • John MURDOCH Richard MUSCAT • Linnea NILSSON • Cat PROWSE • Louis RAMSDALE • Amy ROSS • Patrick SHARP • Rebecca SPENCER • Karen STEYN • Adam STREET • Phoebe TAYLOR • Richard TAYLOR • Jess TORR • James TURNER • Tim WHEATLEY • Henry WILSON • Jennifer WOOLGAR

Want to be a hi-vis hero? Ping us an email at – there are lots of roles to fill (some of which you can still run!) and we’ll brief you beforehand to make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@ClaphamParkrun) or on Facebook (/ClaphamCommonParkrun) to stay updated.


Event#84 – Resolutions hold up and sunshine draws another big crowd despite the chill

On a bright and fresh January morning we welcomed 1218 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, with representatives of an amazing 66 different clubs taking part. New Years’s resolutions aren’t yet waning in South-West London as we had 308 first timers at Clapham and 133 people doing their first ever parkrun; we are looking forward to seeing you back here again! Hot on the heels of her 100th run last week Cat Prowse took on Run Director for the first time - well done Cat.

  CCpr#084-3 CCpr#084-2

Richard OLLINGTON – quickly becoming a regular at Clapham with his tenth run here – was the first to cross the finish funnel, followed by an unknown runner; one of 265 who didn’t claim their time. Don’t Forget Your Barcode (DFYB!) Congratulations to the 150 runners who recorded new Personal Bests despite the slightly muddy conditions.

CCpr#084-6 CCpr#084-9 CCpr#084-12

We had several milestones to celebrate too: Gillian D COOK completed her 400th parkrun, Peter LAURENCE his 250th, and Nigel HENEY, Morag FORBES and Maud GAMBIER-ELLIS all joined the 50 club.


Our longest funnel to date

The event was only made possible by 45 volunteers who set up the course, marshalled you around it, timekept, scanned barcodes and then (manually!) sorted the 1218 tokens – of which a few disappeared, if you find you have one at home please do return it!


Penny MEEKINGS • Gillian D COOK • Mari CROTTY • Eleanor ANDREWS • Simon LE GOOD • Sarah DODDS • Frank ELSTON • Chris JONES • Helen MCGURRIN • Ian BREESE • Laurent KSSIS • Matthew HAUGHTON • Michael WIGGINS • Hannah EVERITT • Jennifer WOOLGAR • Catherine PRICE • Hannah MICHIE • William BUNKER • Dean MAPABA • Jonahan SMALL • Imogen JOHNSON • Alice SMALL • Cat PROWSE • E ADEJOBI • Becky MURSELL • Lucie RYCOTT • Susan BEWLEY • Dana ELFRING • Kate LOSOWSKY • Janie CAESAR • Seb HENEY • Marco HARPER • Karen STEYN • Adam STREET • Patrick SHARP • Peter LAMBERT • Liz GIANNOPOULOS • Zoe POWELL • Adam SMITH • Linnea NILSSON • Louis RAMSDALE • Faye MESSERVY • Louise NEWMAN • Amy GEALL • Anna BLACK

CCpr#084-11 CCpr#084-5

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Clapham Common parkrun Results Page.


The female record is held by Lucy REID who recorded a time of 17:49 on 21st April 2018 (event number 5). The male record is held by Oliver FOX who recorded a time of 15:07 on 6th April 2019 (event number 48).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ros TABOR who recorded 92.62% (23:16) on 21st April 2018 (event number 5).
Clapham Common parkrun started on 24th March 2018. Since then 13,600 participants have completed 48,727 parkruns covering a total distance of 243,635 km, including 8,468 new Personal Bests. A total of 749 individuals have volunteered 2,774 times.