Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun is cancelled on 2020-12-05 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The one with the all-female crew…

In the spirit of support, inclusion and encouragement, parkrun across the UK joined up with the This Girl Can campaign to mark International Women’s Day this weekend.  International Women’s Day was first marked in 1911 and is a day to celebrate the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women around the world.


In Clevedon, it was wonderful to see the all-female volunteer team and a sea of purple across our male and female participants.  Why purple?  Signifying justice and dignity, purple is the official colour of International Women’s Day.


The absence of a named storm was noticeable this weekend, and we were treated to excellent running conditions around the scenic course.  This week 431 people walked, jogged, or ran the course including representatives from 34 different clubs.  Our event has more females than males registered and today we had more females than males take part #TheseGirlsDid #IWD2020.  The first timers briefing was crowded as we welcomed 115 first timers and tourists.  48 people (including 36 females) chose Clevedon as the place to complete their first ever parkrun – welcome all to the parkrun family, your Saturday mornings will never be the same again!

Today two juniors celebrated their tenth event – well done to Clara Finch and Mair Norman (Mair also set herself a new PB time in the process!), and Micheline Munro brought four of her fellow Wotton Trotters to Clevedon for the first time to celebrate her milestone 50th event.  Get those t-shirts ordered!

The great conditions helped 125 people to record a new personal best time.  Our first female finisher was Sofie Kent with a new PB time of 20:16, closely followed by Victoria Plummer completing her first Clevedon parkrun in 20:35, and Catherine Finch set herself a new PB of 21:13 as third female finisher.  Our first male finisher was Sam Cotterell in a time of 16:14, followed by Robert Stewart with a time of 16:16, and Craig Pilkington with a new PB time of 17:24.  Our most ‘parkruniest’ participant this week was Mel Gilbert of Stokes Striders Recreational Running Club, completing her 341st parkrun this morning. 


Our event today was made possible by 27 volunteers, expertly led by Run Director duo Helen Easterbrook and Kristel McCartney, Kristel making her RD debut today and both doing a fantastic job of keeping us all safe and encouraging us all over the finish line.  If you would like to volunteer at a future event please email: with your parkrun ID ready.  We look forward to seeing you next week.  #dontforgetyourbarcode #EachForEqual


By Amy Baldwin 


Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun – The sun arrived just in time.

This was Clevedon’s 22nd event and another great event.

At 7.30 am the weather looked set fair but managed a “squall” just fifteen minutes before the start. The sudden bursts of wind and a steady downpour quickly brought back memories of the recent storms.  However, conditions rapidly improved with the sun trying to burst through. There were a few of puddles on the paths creating the options to either run straight through or try and take a slow approach and try and keep feet dry (not sure that worked).


This week 312 of us jogged and walked the course. There were 20 (12 females and 8 males) participating in their very first parkrun. Welcome to them. Hopefully they will be back very soon and a very good chance the course will be a little dryer.

53 were familiar with parkrun but made their first visit to Clevedon. There were 13 without barcodes and therefore no way of knowing whether they weren't registered or had simply forgotten.

Perhaps surprisingly 30 managed to achieve a personal best. They really must have enjoyed the conditions.


Today’s Run Director was Flora J. After the health and safety announcements, two significant milestones events were acknowledged. Congratulations to Dylan Howell reaching junior milestone of 10 events and Abbie Wilford achieving the milestone of 50 events.

There were 9 (4 ladies and 5 men) who had run at over 250 parkruns.

I spoke with a married couple; Paul and Wendy Reddaway; they had travelled from Hertfordshire to run at an event in Bath on Sunday. They were keen tourists having each attended 84 different events. Between them they have recorded over 200 volunteer credits: a great credit to the ethos of parkrun.

I noted the 14 Vegan runners from the Bristol area who are regular visitors to Clevedon.  Vegan runners are the second largest club (and rapidly growing) associated with parkrun UK. Currently they have 3,466 noted as their members.


First to complete the run was Mawgan James Andrew from Taunton AC; a first timer at Clevedon recording 17 minutes 44 seconds.  The first female to complete the course was Robyn Ellis from Westbury Harriers. This was a second visit and she improved her personal best by one second to 20:38.

Paul Reddaway achieved the highest age graded score with a very impressive 85.13%. His time was just 2 seconds short of the VM60-64 category record.

There were two new “age category” course records set.  Well done to Mawgan our first finisher today with a fastest time recorded in the SM18-19 category.  Also well done to Marjorie Mayo for setting a record in the VW85-89 category with an impressive 47:48.

If you are reading this and not yet visited Clevedon, I really recommend this parkrun for so many reasons: friendliness of volunteers and the runners; fresh sea air and importantly the views of the coast and across to Wales.


This event was made possible by 27 volunteers providing some of their time. If you would like to be part of the very friendly team of volunteers, it is easy to contact the volunteer co-coordinator at

Ian Smith A 2051000


‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  That describes my last two parkruns at Clevedon Salthouse Fields...I’ll explain shortly.

This morning began with grim skies and a breezy chill in the air yet the atmosphere as the volunteers gathered in their hi-viz vests was decidedly bouyant.  There was a full compliment of volunteers today and, it would appear, that thanks to a shout out for people to help at last weeks run, many happily responded and were willing to fill these valuable and essential roles to this event.  Many thanks to you all!

This morning we were very pleased to have extra volunteers in the form of pacers.  Sarah, Geoff, Dominic, Matt,  Ben & Eddie all helped other runners to reach new goals for the day - one tremendous shout out to the lady who ran with Eddie and reached her target whilst carrying her baby in a papoose!  Respect to you!  Thank you to all our pacers and I hope they helped many of you complete your aim.

It is lovely to welcome visitors to Clevedon Salthouse Fields.  Neil and Steve are with Staple Hill Runners and had finally managed to get here after around 8 aborted attempts.  They usually parkrun at Pomphrey Hill which was cancelled today and so Clevedon it was - at last.  This was run number 99 for Neil although he has run more events....”if only he had remembered his barcode on those other occasions...” he commented.  Lesson for us all there!  We wish Neil well with his 100th in the not too distant future.  There were another 7 or so people from Pomphrey Hill also visiting and Sue commented afterwards that the course felt less than 5k.  That was nothing to do with the official distance I might add, but the course layout and I’ve no doubt, the friendly faces assisting and running on the route.

We had visitors from Kiddermister and Stourport Athletic Club who usually parkrun at Wyre Forest but were making a day of it due to a night time run they were attending in Bristol this evening (I know Stefan, who volunteered today, was saving himself for the same run).  They were looking forward to this trip to the seaside and what better way to set you up for the day than a bit of sea air!  They’ll sleep well tonight I’m sure.

It was great for me to see Graham wearing his mustard course T-shirt with ‘Little Stoke’ emblazoned on it.  Little Stoke was my original home run until....(well I shan’t get started but if you are unsure just Google it along with Parish Council...).  This was his 3rd visit to Clevedon, Sodbury being his home run now, and brought his total runs to 321 today.

Sam & Dan are based in Nailsea and it was their 1st time running Clevedon Salthouse Fields.  Originally based in Plymouth but now local, they were very happy after the run and hope to make this their home course.  Welcome, both of you!

Two of our regular set-up team ran today.  Anthony and Hayley were both registered with Burnham and Highbridge parkrun but have made Clevedon their home and manage to combine both volunteering and running on certain days as they get here at 7.40am to set up the course before setting off with everyone else at 9am.  You see, there is the option to do both on the same day, continue your parkrun tally and add a volunteering stamp too....result!

So this brings me to my opening statement.  Today, my time was a personal best for me around this course and the last occasion I completed it was my personal ‘worst’ time.  I’ve travelled a lot with my work and become a parkrun ‘tourist’ by default.  I’d visited over 50 different courses before I knew that a ‘tourist’ was a thing - I just ran parkrun wherever I was.  So, as I’m currently not away as much, I want to give back and try and volunteer more than run.  So my ‘worst’ time was two weeks ago when I volunteered as the tail walker here.  Yet my worst was probably someone else’s best!  Isn’t that just the brilliant thing about parkrun!?  Yes my statistics may have gone to pot, but I’ve never bothered much with them anyway.  I’ve loved parkrun for what it is - a run - and it’s great to have goals and to see improvement, but some of my favourite runs have been accompanying others, help them achieve goals or just meet to have a catch up before enjoying breakfast out.  

We’ve seen today a full compliment of volunteers helping others reach goals and being able to run this free event.  As I ran this morning, the sun came out, people chatted as they ran/walked, myself included and I heeded the advice to ‘keep left’ as those I aspire to ran past.  On this course I always remember to ‘look left’ especially when running down by the marine lake.  It’s easy to be so focussed on our goal that we forget the beauty and joy of this location to glance across the marine lake, this infinity pool into the Bristol Channel, and see the pier in the distance.  No matter what my goal is, I always take a moment to enjoy this vista.  The smiles and conversations I observed at the end of the run showed that parkrun coming to Clevedon town has made a big difference in many lives.  I want to personally thank the team who championed it both then and now to bring it to fruition.  The sun showing up today brought with it a spring of hope after a winter of despair and will, I trust, welcome a season of light.

Total number of runners: 343

1st Female Runner: Catherine Finch

1st Male Runner: Sam Cotterell

Number of 1st timers at parkrun: 14

Number of 1st timers to Clevedon Salthouse Fields: 85

Number of course PB’s: 69


10 parkruns (Junior) - Jack Itter, Harley Ashdown

50 parkruns: Craig Thomson



Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun #20 – We aren’t afraid of Dennis!

Having set off at 5:30am from our house we were making our way to Woolacombe for our usual half term break and thought we would stop off for a little bit of parkrun tourism in the Bristol area, again. Having already taken part at Eastville (2019), Ashton Court (2018) and Burnham and Highbridge (2017) it was the turn of Clevedon Salthouse Fields for the Hurdman’s 2020 mid journey stop over.

Arriving at 8:15am I went for a little walk to let our little pooch, who doesn’t like the car, stretch her legs, and do what confined dogs need to do ;) I was advised politely that dogs were not permitted on the course, we already knew this and luckily Muffy dog isn’t built for parkrun and my wife is unfortunately injured so we were covered. A quick walk up to the sea wall and there he was, Dennis (storm Dennis that is) was starting to build up the predicted high winds, the rain was holding off though.

Eventually the rest of the family ventured out of the car and I got chance of a quick warm up, lovely heading out towards the pier, a bit of a slog coming back, at least I knew which direction to expect the hard work.

We were greeted to the first timers brief by 1 of the 2 RD’s for the day, Sarah Miller. Sarah explained the course superbly and then went on to explain the parkrun code for those who were new to parkrun.

Main run brief, time for Eddie Hall to take over. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear the main run brief, and a broken megaphone didn’t help. Eddie was nice and loud and clear and the participants were nice and quiet, silence is golden.

Any milestone runners this morning? A hand goes up, Keith Hickling was doing his 50th run, congratulation Keith, you’ll look great in red.

Can we have a round of applause for todays volunteers! Always respected and always worthy of the plaudits. You’ve probably heard it many times but parkrun events can not go ahead without the volunteers, please consider volunteering, it is great fun and it’s always good to do your bit. If you volunteer on 25 occasions you can claim a lovely purple V25 milestone shirt, the afore mentioned Sarah Miller was that person today, thank you Sarah for being a volunteer superstar.



Over to the start by the coach park, a “3, 2, 1” and we were away. Starting with a lap of the field and then out for the first of 2 larger laps. Out around the field and then we climbed before dropping down to skirt around the marine lake, a cheeky little switch back or 2 and we were on the prom, and with the wind. Time to make yourself large and embrace being pushed along by the wind, the drizzle was falling but it felt more refreshing than cold, out to the turnround and then back. It was great to see everyone as we came and went and a chance for a high 5 with my daughter. Back around the field and then out for another large lap and the chance for a couple of mini hi 5’s from some little spectators near the marine lake. Out and back once more and then on to the grass for a slippy, slidey finish, a quick glance at the watch (24:14) and the hope of a bingo number (achieving a result with seconds 0 – 59)

I walked back along the course to meet the wife who had found a sheltered spot and I got the chance to encourage the other runners as they were finishing, what a brilliant event!

Even though the weather did it’s best to spoil the fun there were still 47 participants who achieved a pb, well done, extra kudos!

There were 7 people who completed their very first ever parkrun, very brave to choose this week. I hope you aren’t put off, be proud of yourself and hold on to the knowledge that it doesn’t get much tougher than that.

Thank you to Sarah, Eddie and all the other volunteers who braved the wind and rain to host the event, you all deserve an extra round of applause.

Picture 1

Having completed 132 parkruns in 44 locations I can honestly say that this week is right up there in the windy stakes.

Many events all over the country were cancelled due to the wind, including my home event of Rosliston. The choice to cancel any event is not taken lightly and the safety of everyone during, and travelling to or from, the event must come first, there is always next week!

Once again thank you for the event, we’ll have to pop back when the weather is a little more cooperative.



Storm Dennis update

We have every intention of keeping our parkrun operating this coming Saturday (15th Feb).  But with the potential of storm Dennis and Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun being an exposed course we will have to monitor the conditions right up until Saturday morning.  Please keep an eye out on our facebook page and this news page for any more updates but for now assume that it is going ahead.

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