Tour of Britain

Unless you have been living as one of those historical recreation programs, you will know that the Tour of Britain started today (Sunday) at Pembrey County Park in Wales and it's going to be passing through Clumber Park next Saturday between 13:30 and 14:10.

We are not expecting any issues for anyone coming just for Clumber Park parkrun, but there is a "Tour of Britain Cycle Family Fun Day" in the park starting at 10:00 for anyone wanting to stay on. This will include Victorian Bicycles and a Penny Farthing Race see for details/times.

Anyone leaving the park and coming back for the Tour of Britain should be aware of the Admission process that will be in place

Tour of Britain: Admission Process - Those coming in just for the tour and staying on Limetree Avenue until approx. 2.30 will be considered ‘others free’. If they go through Crossroads/ Hardwick we will charge admission even on foot if parked on Limetree Avenue.
Exit from the park for the duration of the tour through the park will be Hardwick as we will close Crossroads.