Welcome Back

It’s been far too long since we had any news to share with you, but we’re really excited to be finally counting down to our restart on Saturday 24th July. We’ve been working behind the scenes with the National Trust staff at Clumber for some time now, and would like to say a huge THANK YOU to them for their ongoing support for our weekly event.

The parkrun we return to will be very similar to the one we know and love, but there will be a few small changes to ensure we comply with the guidelines in the Covid 19 Framework set out by parkrun UK. The requirements of the Framework may change in due course, but for now we will continue to implement them until we are told it is safe to do otherwise.

It remains vitally important that volunteers and participants must not attend parkrun if they feel unwell, have any symptoms of Covid-19, have recently tested positive or are required to quarantine.



The main change affecting volunteers (apart from the fact that they will now wear fluorescent pink high-viz vests), is that they will now use the Virtual Volunteer app on their own mobile phones for timekeeping and barcode scanning.   We will need more barcode scanners than usual in the coming weeks to help reduce queuing, so please visit our volunteer page to see where there are vacancies and get in touch if you have the app and are able to help. It’s very easy to use and the results you have captured are transferred by simply scanning a QR code which the Run Director will provide for you.

Volunteer Poster Restart 1

Runners and Walkers

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable, so please avoid congregating in large groups either before or after the event. There will be a briefing for new runners at 08:50, followed shortly after by the main briefing.  The information given out will be kept to a minimum, but please wait quietly so everyone has the opportunity to hear the important safety details and we can start the event on time.

When moving to the start area, faster runners should start near the front and slower runners further back, with walkers bringing up the rear with the tail walkers. This simple measure will make very little difference to your time and will reduce the congestion and overtaking in the first few minutes of the run.

The finish funnel will be longer than normal and will be set up opposite Central Bark.  Please avoid crowding and move away from the funnel after collecting your finish token and head towards one of the scanners wearing pink high-viz.  Have your barcode and finish token ready to present to the scanning volunteers before joining the queue.

Central Bark and the outdoor area behind it will be open for drinks and snacks, but please follow any Covid-19 guidelines indicated on the signage in that area.  There are no longer any picnic tables to the front of Central Bark and The Garden Tea House is currently closed.

Runner Poster Restart


Getting there and Parking

Entrance to Clumber Park is via Limetree Avenue off the A614 at Apley Head and the B6034 at Carburton crossroads.  The entrance at Trumans Lodge off the B6034 remains closed to traffic.  The main gate will open at 08:00 to admit vehicles, and at the specific request of the National Trust, all parkrunners will be directed to the overflow car park in the event field.

Some areas of the event field are now cordoned off and once through the gate, please drive straight ahead to the parking area towards the bottom of the field.  There is a pedestrian gate in the bottom right hand corner of the field from where you can turn right and walk over the hill towards Central Bark.  Alternatively, a new (scenic) route has been created from half way down the field, which takes you along the outside of the walled garden, past the gates to the entrance, and emerges onto the road opposite the cricket pitch not far from Central Bark.  Allow 5 minutes or so to walk to the meeting area.  There are toilets situated behind Central Bark.


The car park behind the walled kitchen garden will be cordoned off and reserved for volunteers.  This will allow them to pick up their equipment, receive their instructions and get to their various positions in good time.  It’s also important that this small car park doesn’t become too crowded because pedestrian access in this area is narrow and restricted, making it difficult to socially distance.

If you are a National Trust member, please have your membership card scanned as you leave.  At times, there may be a NT staff member at the exit of the overflow car park to scan you as you leave.  If not, if it’s convenient to pull in, please stop and offer your card for scanning at the main gate.

We very much look forward to seeing everyone on the 24th and #DFYB


International Womens Day

Join us for a celebration of women at CLUMBER parkrun

parkruns all over the world are hosting a special celebration of female participation on Saturday 7 March, the day before International Women’s Day (IWD).

Clumber Park parkrun is keen to see as many women and girls taking part on this day so please bring a family member, friend or colleague along with you to share in the fun.

Whether you want to walk, jog, run, volunteer or come along and watch absolutely everyone is welcome. Please consider registering for parkrun before heading down to Clumber Park.

In England #IWDparkrun is being supported by the Sport England campaign This Girl Can. We will have a special selfie frame so you can take pictures to mark your participation on social media.

To mark #IWD we are asking everyone to wear purple


For more information about parkrun and to register please see www.parkrun.org.uk


Christmas and New Year


This year we are sticking to what we have done in previous years for Christmas and New Year in that there will be no run on Christmas Day and a 09:00 run on New Years Day using the reverse course.



GP parkrun Pledge Day – Saturday 1 June


In June 2018, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and parkrun UK launched a groundbreaking initiative to promote the social prescribing of physical activity. This builds on the NHS’s commitment, under it’s 10 Year Plan, to encourage the use of non medical interventions to address the underlying causes of ill health.

To celebtrate the national success of this initiative, we aim to get as many GP practice staff as possible to pledge to walk, jog, run and volunteer on 1 June at Clumber parkrun, and bring patients, family and friends along. We want to raise awareness of parkrun across the health sector and promote participation by those who are less active or have health conditions.

If you're a GP, or work in a GP practice, please encourage your colleagues and patients to get involved. To find out more, visit the parkrun practice page or pledge to get involved.


Lost Property

We have accumulated a large amount of lost property which over time has been left either in the trolley, or around the Central Bark area. Most of this is many months old and we are unable to keep storing it. This has all been bagged up and will be kept until the end of the month, after which it will be disposed of. There are various fleeces, running jackets, coats and tracksuit bottoms in adult and child sizes. We also have a collection of smaller items such as gloves, hats, caps and buffs.

From now on, items left behind will be dated and kept in the volunteer hut for one month before being disposed of.  If any of these items are yours, or you lose something in the future, please contact us immediately so we can hold onto your items for you.


Daffodil Dash – Marie Curie Challenge

The Daffodil Dash. Raising funds for Marie Curie.


What is it?
The Daffodil dash is a running/walking challenge organised with Virtual Runner UK that will take place in the month of March.
Supporters can run, walk, hop or skip 28km in the month. They just need to complete the 28km by the 31st March 2019.

Why 28km?
Last year we raised 2.8 million pounds to fund Marie Curie research and we're encouraging local club members to run or walk 28km to help us reach the 2.8 million needed to fund our research again this year.

How easy is it? 
It's less than 1km a day! Experienced runners and walkers can Daffodil Dash in one go if they want to, newbie runners and walkers can dash 1km a day and busy supporters can include their daily walking mileage. For example, picking the kids up from school, walking to work and during work, walking to the shops.

How will I record it?
Record your mileage through phone tracker apps or fitness watches. You can download an app for free on your phone called Runkeeper that will track your mileage, or set up a Strava account.
You then submit your 'proof' by the 3rd April 2019 to receive a shiny new medal in the post.

Daffodil Dash medal

How do I sign up?
It's just £12 to enter and 20% of each signup fee from the challenge will come to Marie Curie with 100% of participant sponsorship coming to Marie Curie.
You can sign up and find out more information through the link here: https://www.virtualrunneruk.com/product/daffodil-dash/

Be sure to get sponsored for your challenge by setting up an online fundraising page like Justgiving or by requesting a sponsorship form from me.

We recommend setting a minimum sponsorship target of £28, but we're sure you'll go even further!


Festive Period parkrun


The Clumber parkrun schedule will remain the same as previous years over Christmas and New Year. During the festive period we will be not be organising a run on Christmas Day to allow the volunteers to spend the day with their families. We will have a run on New Years day where traditionally we run the course backwards. The run will start at the usual time 09:00.

We will have the "normal"  Saturday runs on the 22nd and 29rd December. There will also be a Trust 10 in the park run on 23rd December


Tour of Britain

Unless you have been living as one of those historical recreation programs, you will know that the Tour of Britain started today (Sunday) at Pembrey County Park in Wales and it's going to be passing through Clumber Park next Saturday between 13:30 and 14:10.

We are not expecting any issues for anyone coming just for Clumber Park parkrun, but there is a "Tour of Britain Cycle Family Fun Day" in the park starting at 10:00 for anyone wanting to stay on. This will include Victorian Bicycles and a Penny Farthing Race see https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/events/b3b33468-3af8-4f57-a3e3-4805a97eb33c/pages/details for details/times.

Anyone leaving the park and coming back for the Tour of Britain should be aware of the Admission process that will be in place

Tour of Britain: Admission Process - Those coming in just for the tour and staying on Limetree Avenue until approx. 2.30 will be considered ‘others free’. If they go through Crossroads/ Hardwick we will charge admission even on foot if parked on Limetree Avenue.
Exit from the park for the duration of the tour through the park will be Hardwick as we will close Crossroads.


Time to hang up the stopwatch. Time to step down as your Event Director.

Little did I know when delivering the new runners brief at the very first Clumber Park parkrun that I’d be spending the next five years as a parkrun volunteer, Run Director and Event Director.

In those early years I used to wake up worrying that no one would turn up. 44 was I think the smallest number we saw, how things have changed.

parkrun has given me much to be grateful for, some five years of early mornings in Clumber Park for starters and they have been magical. Just once this summer I urge you to come in early and soak up the parks energy, it’ll fill you with joy for the whole day...I promise.

There have of course been many highs and my proudest moments all go to show that when comunities work together great things can happen. Number one on my list will always be Bailey’s story and how our collective community came together to support him in his sporting endeavour. The sheer joy on his face on crossing our finish line for that very first time will stay with all of us who saw it forever I’m sure.

I’m proud too that we raised, so quickly, the funds for a defibrillator and of that day when we put it to use. Runners and volunteers coming together to help a fallen parkrunner on top of ‘that bloody hill’. Do you know parkrunner A1114043 you gave us all hope that day. You continue to wring the daylights out of life, you’re a truly inspirational person, and guess what?..yours wasn’t the only life changed that Saturday in January.

Proud too that on my watch we saw the creation of the volunteers hut. A collaboration with the wonderful folk of the National Trust. The hut serves to support the heroes of parkrun and other sporting events... yes the volunteers.  A brew and a bit of toast goes along way to thank the makers of magic on a cold morning….without their commitment to the cause parkrun simply would not exist.

Volunteering is part of parkrun DNA, the event is yours remember, always arrive prepared and  ready to help out rather than have it all done for you.

I leave as the Event Director happy that Sally and the core team are ready to take Clumber Park parkrun to new highs. I know they have plenty of ideas to support our event as it continues to grow, as 44 becomes 444 and beyond.

Please give Sally ( your new ED, although she’s been doing it for a while really ) your full support and if you haven’t volunteered yet.....pull your finger out and help out.

I’m stepping down as ED but will remain a runner and occasional volunteer hopefully for many years to come as I’ll still need my parkrun fix and to keep in touch with all the wonderful friends I’ve made thanks to Saturday mornings in Clumber. I’m sure I’ll be timekeeping, barcoding etc again sometime soon.

Watch out for those humps bumps and stumps (wish I’d copyrighted that one)

Looking forward to Saturday morning lie ins and the occasional run.

Love and best wishes


parkrunner A509952



Parking at Clumber Park


PARKING. Big thank you for using in the Main Car Park last week, please keeping parking there till further notice.


As part of our commitment to care and look after the park avoid parking on wet soggy grassed areas, they just get chewed up.

I've never known it wetter.... keep those trail shoes handy too.




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