Christmas and New Year


This year we are sticking to what we have done in previous years for Christmas and New Year in that there will be no run on Christmas Day and a 09:00 run on New Years Day using the reverse course.



Festive Period

We are sticking with the same arrangements for the runs over the festive period as we have done in all the previous years. That is...

NO run on Christmas day.

On New Years day we will have a run at the usual time 09:00 and as traditional it will be run in reverse. If you want to do two runs on New Years day check out to see the arrangements of other local runs.

Business continues as usual for the Saturday runs i.e. we will have a run on Saturday 23rd and 30th at 09:00. Fancy dress on Saturday 23rd with Santa/Christmas Themed Costumes the order of the day.

Don't forget the Trust 10 runs at Longshaw (17th December) and Clumber Park (24th December)!


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