The junior parkrun code (9th July 2018)


Here is a reminder of our code.

1- A parent or guardian accompanies under 11's to and from the event.
2- For children aged 4 to 14.
3- Parents and guardians can take part too.
4- Pay attention to the pre-run briefing.
5- Respect the park and other park users.
6- Let children walk, jog, hop, skip and run for fun!
7- No dogs allowed.
8- Only children to enter the finish funnel.
9- No barcode, no time, no exception.
10- Thank the amazing volunteers.

Why am I reminding you of this I hear you ask?
With the hot weather, some children may struggle in the heat. If a child asks to stop and no finish as its too hot for them- please let them.

No child should feel unhappy nor distressed whilst participating in this event. There is absolutely no shame in a child knowing that its too hot for their body to finish.

If a child says its too hot and they want to stop - please let them. It could cause a medical situation if a child is made to continue running when they feel unable to.

It is critically important that ALL in attendance listen to the briefing prior to the run, this is there for safety reasons. The chatting can wait until the children start running.

Colchester junior parkrun have a duty of care to every child that runs with us each week, it is a responsibility and duty we take extremely seriously.

We strongly encourage the children to have easy access to water when running with us, and water bottles can be refilled for free at the GO4 cafe.

At Colchester junior parkrun- the junior ALWAYS comes first. It is their run (it's not a race!), their time, their choice. 

Thank you,
Event Director

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