#126 – 9th December 2018

Thank you to everyone who came along today and volunteered, cheered and supported the AMAZING 46 runners braving the cold wind.
8 of you smashed new PBs!!!!
Finley H ran their 50th Ultra Marathon run today, your wristband will be handed out next week!!
There are a lot of unclaimed wristbands so please do let us know if your child hasn’t had theirs yet
See you next week,
Run Director


#124 – 25th November 2018

So 90 little runners ran their socks off yesterday...and here are the headline stats!

4 people ran their milestone runs- completing 11 runs (equivalent to a half marathon!) so they will receive their wristbands on Sunday- Well done to Issy EK, Sydney P, Alice H and Lottie B.

We had 5 first timers and a whopping 27 new personal bests run!

The core team are still looking for volunteers, so please, if you can support us let us know!

Later in the week I will post some exciting news about Christmas preparations!!

Thanks everybody

Hannah RD


#107: 29th July 2018

It rained! My goodness how it rained and it was brilliant! Brilliant and quite overwhelming to watch 97 children aged 4 to 14 running in quite heavy rain, and not only running, walking, skipping but also grinning widely whilst doing so!

We have had issues with the scanning devices over recent weeks, we will not be using them until replaced and instead will be using phones with the parkrun scanning app, to prevent the issues experienced. Thank you for your patience over the last couple of weeks.

It was frustrating (being honest!) that people chat over the Run Briefing, nothing can be that important that it can't wait? If it is truly that important, please inform the RD and they can include it in their briefing so that all can hear... It was particularly difficult for this run as our usual platform was wet and I didn't fancy stacking it on there (I'm a tad clumsy at times), so it was trickier than usual to be heard at the best of times.. I am contemplating digging out the megaphone to save my voice going forward! :-)

Massive thank you to former RD (and founding member of the core team), Steve for doing the warm up at the last minute. Your gorilla stomp was really quite superb!

Tremendous applause to RD Karen Mulholland for reaching the fantastic 100 for volunteer stints! This is over just 2 years, a fantastic achievement and we cannot thank her enough for the time she and her grandchildren have selflessly given to Colchester junior parkrun.
We need volunteers every week, we cannot run (pun intended!!) if we don't have enough marshals, let alone the technical roles!

Onto the stats!
11 first timers, plus one junior on parkrun tour; running with us for the first time!
16 PBs - in heavy rain!
5 Running Clubs were represented by 13 children, Colchester and Tendring AC had the highest number of juniors running for them today with 5 logged with them.

Oliver H has reached the Ultra Marathon milestone, Charlotte G has hit the Marathon milestone and Mia R-G has reached the Half Marathon run. They will have bands called out along with Holly J who is a Colchester junior for home but reached 11 on parkrun tour (her family contacted us to let us know so she didn't miss her wristband).

See you on Sunday,


#107: 22nd July 2018

Another brilliant morning, 101 children ran, skipped and walked their way to the finish funnel- completing 2k on a beautiful summer morning!

Molly hit the Marathon milestone, and Oscar, Eve, Anja and Daniel reached the Half Marathon milestone - well done to all of you! 23 of you got a PB, in this heat!! Although its great to get them, don't push too hard in this weather. And make sure you stay hydrated! The GO4 cafe will refill water bottles for free so please do make the most of it.

We had 5 first timers to junior parkrun, and welcomed 2 parkrun tourists who ran with us for the first time! We hope you enjoyed it and come back soon.

5 clubs were represented, incl one junior from St Mary's Lower School. Super chuffed to see her coming back after their marshal take over a few weeks back!

We could do with a show of hands for marshals, as we are low on our regulars. If we don't have enough, the children simply cannot run as we need a set number to proceed. Contact us and pop your name down, it's lots of fun!

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!



#105 : 8th July 2018

A beautiful and sunny morning, gutted to have missed it myself but it was in safe hands with RD Chris and the team. I have heard all about it and having looked at the results and photo's - the children were all AMAZING!

To run in the heat is no mean feat, so as anticipated, not all children finished the 2k run. As a runner myself (when not injured or having asthma issues!!), I completely understand that sometimes, it is better to not finish and remain in one piece rather than finish and risk fainting.The children are smart, so if they need to stop due to the heat or thirst*, good for them, to know their bodies at such young ages is brilliant! And those that are able to run the 2k in heat - that is great!

* We strongly urge all juniors to have easy access to water whilst running, especially during this heat wave. Please remember that the GO4 cafe will refill water bottles with tap water for free. 

134 young athletes completed the course yesterday, a fantastic turn out! We had 10 juniors who were completely new to junior parkrun with us yesterday, and another who ran his 50th run on his first run with us! 27 children gained a PB yesterday too - quite astonishing considering the running conditions were not great. It was so hot!!

Colchester & Tendring AC, Tiptree Road Runners, Running Colchester, Jogging Made Easy and St Marys Lower School  were represented, by 9 children. The children did them proud, as always. If you would like to see your child listed against their club or school on the results, send me a message (confirming that the school /club gives us authority to add them) and we'll get them listed. I will be discussing this  more in due course.  http://www.parkrun.org.uk/colchester-juniors/results/clublist/

A special mention must go to Jared, who yesterday completed his 100th junior parkrun - he has completed every single one with us, so it is truly special. Well done Jared! 

Archie and Edwards completed an incredible 50th run yesterday, reaching Ultra Marathon status! Katie, Evie and Rene hit the 21 run milestone, Marathon status. Rebecca and Oliver are well on their way having achieved the first milestone, 11 and Half Marathon status. Every single one of them should feel so very proud. :-)

We are aware about the starting line up being quite wide now, and will be taking steps to make it better for all. With this in mind, and Lead VC Jennies brilliant idea, we will be introducing a start funnel. When your junior goes into the funnel, please be mindful as to where they put themselves. We want to ensure that all children are as safe as can be. Although we cannot say where children must place themselves, it does make sense from a safety aspect that the faster runners are at the front. Adults can run with their junior, but stay on the left hand side. If you wish to start with your junior (we understand that there are many reasons for this), please start at the back. As always, no adults are to enter the finish funnel. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children in the start area. The Run Director will not let the children start to run unless satisfied that it is safe to do so. We are also aware of cheeky juniors who are cutting the course, we will be able to identify the repeat offenders and will take action to stop it happening. We don't want to have to go serious with this as it is a run about fun, however it is causing a safety hazard (on top of what is technically cheating) as they are darting back into the run and causing a trip hazard. If it doesn't stop - we may have no choice but to remove them from the results. We'll obviously do a final and direct approach to them and their parents /guardians if it happens again. Hopefully they'll take heed before then.

Volunteers. Volunteers, Volunteers volunteers! I'm a volunteer, the run directors and volunteer coordinators are volunteers. We need more each week to carry out the roles which make junior parkrun happen. They are honestly all so straight forward! Without ample volunteers, we simply cannot let the children run. Please contact us and let us know if you can volunteer, like us, you'll be doing it for the kids.


Please have a look at our junior parkrun code which is the news item below. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be kept in the loop throughout the week!

Have a great week,



#103 : 1st July 2018

Wow! What a morning!

RD Hannah had her 2nd solo stint as Run Director and is doing a cracking job. I was unable to come today and am gutted I missed her warm up as I know she'd been practising it all week!

We had a great turnout - 140 children came out to be active with us this morning.

7 different clubs were represented, with William from the Harriers (Colchester) not only leading the juniors into the finish! Tiptree Roadrunners, St Mary's Lower School, Running Colchester, Jogging made Easy, Great Bentley RC and Colchester & Tendring AC.

There were a fantastic 14 juniors who came along for the first time, we hope they enjoyed it and come back next week. They have just 10 more runs until they qualify for their free Half Marathon Wristband.
17 juniors achieved Personal Bests - well done!!

Jared is just ONE RUN away from his 100th Colchester junior parkrun - make sure you cheer him loudly over the finish line next week, it's a remarkable achievement and inspiring dedication.

Joshua, Ethan, Benedict and Oliver all ran their 21st (Marathon distance)junior parkrun this morning. Efa and Charlotte ran their 11th (Half Marathon) junior parkrun today, qualifying them for their FREE Milestone Wristbands! They can get a certificate to take into school if they login to their parkrun account and click the 'Club Progress' link.

Every week, we are able to put this event on thanks to willing volunteers. Quite often it's the same people week in, week out (although we did have new volunteers today, thank you and welcome:-)) If you fancy helping us, let the Volunteer Coordinators know by contacting us on facebook.

On the topic of Volunteers, please remember to return all kit to the table after. This includes the 'Caution Runner' signs. We have to pay for our equipment and would rather not have to shell out to replace it all.

Finish tokens must also always be returned to us, they are the property of parkrun and are expensive to replace. We need them for the following week, so please return them.

Find us on Facebook /twitter and instragram if you haven't already to be kept up to date with what we do.

We'd love you to leave a review on our Facebook page if you get a chance.

Have a great week,
Event Director
#loveparkrun #loveColchesterjuniorparkrun


#100 Colchester junior parkrun: 10th June 2018

We almost broke our all time course attendance record, so so close. It stands at 209, we reached 202 which is truly fantastic! The atmosphere was, as always, fantastic!

We had the incredible St Mary's Lower School doing a marshal takeover - their enthusiasm and energy was perfect! We really would love them to come back again.

We had so many first timers, 24 if I've counted correctly! We really hope they enjoyed their first run with us and hope to see them again very soon.

The number of children who obtained a PB is staggering, well done to every single one of you!

These children reached a milestone:

Keshav A, Maxey W, Joshua L-S, George D, Lola C,Jacob R and Gareth T - completed 11 runs and achieved the Half Marathon band
Milo N and Niamh C - completed 21 runs and achieved the Marathon band

Their wristbands are ready and they will be called up to receive them on Sunday, before what will be their 12th and 22nd run.

9 clubs were represented, these being:
Colchester & Tendring
Colchester Harriers AC
Great Bentley RC
Harwich Runners
Jogging Made Easy
Running Colchester
St Mary's Lower School
Team FitMix
Tiptree Road Runners

The children from each club were brilliant representatives.

It was a perfect end to a good week for us, having been given a defibrillator thanks to Fleetshield Services as well as £600 from Mr C, a local resident. Both saw our appeal in the Gazette.

It is our birthday on Sunday, and although I'm bringing some cake (a normal cake plus one suitable for coeliacs and those with a milk allergy) it would be helpful to receive donations so that as many children as possible get some.
We will have the wonderful Shawn doing the Superman dance (Black Lace) for the warm up.

LP Entertainment will be doing facepainting for £2 a child (this includes a balloon model and the money is payable to LP Entertainment). The team at LP both have full and up to date DBS certificates, and use snazeroo face paint.
One of our regular volunteers is bringing a box of photo props too!

Please get there earlier than usual (aim for 8:30 where possible) as I have some certificates to hand out, I'll do these as quickly as possible so we can get to the start line on time!

See you on Sunday for another free 2k!
Event Director

#loveparkrun #loveColchesterjuniorparkrun

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