Colchester Castle Park run 340

What a perfect morning for a run yesterday in our beautiful Castle Park 15yrs after the first parkrun took place.
Yesterday 336 people ran of which 28 were first timers, 57 PBs were run and participants from 26 different clubs. All made possible by 30 amazing volunteers.
We had tourists from as far a field as Manchester, Maidstone and the home of the original PR, Bushey Park.
The Parkrun spirit was truly demonstrated yesterday by a father running for the first time with his young son, 'Its every father's dream'. Love this!!


Colchester Castle parkrun #335

Another lovely morning and 397 completed our parkrun thanks to the support of 36 excellent volunteers. There were 38 first timers including a number of tourists and 58 people achieved Personnl best times - well done to you all.
A reminder to all participants that you must carry your own barcode with you whilst taking part (in case of an accident) so you can easily be identified if necessary. Please don't have someone else's as well as this could be confusing. Also, as happened this week, the wrong personal barcode can easily then be scanned with the finish barcode, leading to complications in processing results. The barcode library which we used to have has now been withdrawn on the instructions of HQ. One further thing, if you have to e mail into us at any time (particularly if you have a results query) please do include your full name, your personal barcode (and for results - your position and approximate time if known).
See you all next week, we hope.


Colchester Castle parkrun #334

A beautiful Bank Holiday Saturday and what better way to start it than a parkrun in the very picturesque Castle Park. We welcomed 306 runners, joggers and walkers today as well as 30 splendid volunteers. Among us were 34 first timers with a good sprinkling of tourists, several of whom made a point of praising the marshals to the Run Director after the run. We could not do without our volunteers and this week Sue really struggled to fill the roster so please, please do think of volunteering occasionally and make our Volunteer Coordinator's job a little easier.
Congratulations to Ramadan Osman on being first finisher in a brilliant Personal Best time of 16:16
The latter part of August seems to be a popular time for our faster runners to achieve amazing feats (as Sue Foley and Steve Shaw have pointed out). The same weekend last year Ram ran the fastest time of the year in 16:22 and in 2016 Angus Holford ran a PB of 16:32. The very same weekend in 2015 Adrian Mussett ran 15:41 to take (and still hold) the course record. On 30 August 2014 Nicola Rogers ran 18:22 set the female course record which still holds now.
So perhaps it is not unexpected that we had 45 brilliant Personal Bests this time round! Well done everyone.
We had a few problems with the results, mostly because many of our barcodes are getting worn, particularly those we have had to replace with home made ones (when individuals do not return them to the scanners). We lost number 133 this week.
We will therefore need as soon as possible to purchase a new set so if you would like to make a contribution, you can donate to your parkrun by going to and clicking on the "MORE" tab then "ABOUT US" tab. Halfway down the page you will see the "Donate" banner, click on that and follow the instructions. You can use either Paypal or any credit or debit card.
Until next week.......


Colchester Castle parkrun #324

The 1st of June turned out to be a lovely warm sunny morning as runners gathered at the bandstand for their weekly parkrun. This week, parkrun UK were celebrating one year of collaboration with GP practices, and we were delighted to welcome over 34 runners, joggers and walkers from four local GP practices – Abbey Fields, Ambrose Avenue, Creffield Medical Centre, and Rowhedge & University of Essex Medical Practice for GP Pledge Day.
A total of 399 people finished with 49 of these doing their first parkrun at Colchester Castle. A big thanks to the 29 volunteers without whom we would not be able to put on a parkrun each week. Congratulations to Oliver Saunders on his 100th parkrun and Carolyn Richardson, Sue Wray, Justin Fletcher and Craig Carrington on their 50th parkrun.
This week we had to use the “Orange” now re-christened “Blue” route around the Lower Park and we will be using this quite a lot during the Summer as the Lower Park will be much in use for other events. The disadvantage of this route is that there is quite a long stretch from “Mad Gate” all the way down along the river path and back where people will be running in both directions and for two laps. The path is quite narrow in places particularly at Duncan’s Gate. We had a couple of complaints this week about lack of consideration of others. It is VERY important that you keep to the left and always run in single file along this path and respect members of the public who may also be using the path. (If you have a child with you let the child run in front of you.) Also, faster runners are asked to remember that this is a RUN not a Race, and therefore be more considerate of others who are slower. If you are held up for a few seconds, there is always another week to have a crack at your PB! One final thing......children must not be carried on shoulders during the run!
Next week there is no parkrun at Colchester Castle so please enjoy running at one of our other local parkruns. You can see the nearest listed on the “Home” page of our website.


Colchester Castle parkrun #323

Well, the parkrun was uneventful but the subsequent processing of results wasn't. 375 people ran, jogged or walked our parkrun last Saturday including a number of tourists from Ware, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well as some from Southend and Leigh on Sea. There were 48 who were doing our parkrun for the first time, and there were some 49 Personal Bests. We must also thank all 32 volunteers who all helped to make our parkrun happen. Congratulations to Ian Sadler who completed his 50th parkrun and Ellie Thompson who achieved 10 both qualifying for their 50 and 10 tee shirts respectively.
Thank you to all of you who e mailed, messaged in or otherwise let me know their finish time. We always have two timers in case something happens to one, but this time something happened to them both. When downloading the first, the results were nonsensical with blocks of data with no runners! So onto the second watch. Downloaded this and the software said no times had been downloaded - er - but I watched them transferring from the watch to the file!! But no way would the software recognise the file. So out went the call and Saturday afternoon was spent compiling the data from individual submissions so we could at least publish some results rather than give everyone 59:59! Later that evening and after a couple of glasses of inspiration (well, wine actually) I had a relook at the file and saw that for some reason it had automatically saved as a .csv file, whereas it should have automatically saved as a .txt file. So I changed the tag at the end and lo and behold the times all loaded and we were able to publish the official results.
Once again thank you for your patience.
Hopefully next week will run more smoothly!!
Don't forget that there is no parkrun at Colchester Castle on Saturday week 8th June, so make your plans now to visit one of our other parkruns - lots to choose from!

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