Runnin’ in the Rain

It was a wet start to the day, our first wet one since being back but that didn’t stop the 25 runners who braved the weather and completed the course.

Casper, the Event Director made some announcements before we started. The first being that Amanda King has now become an event director. Congratulations Amanda!!! The second was that there are 4 new Run Directors: Mark Hood, Susan Williams, James Peters and me (Lisa Clark).


It was my first time up there giving the run brief but having volunteered 43 times I had things memorised. After this, the runners headed over to see Casper for the warm-up. Once everyone was limbered up, they then headed to the start line ready to begin. After a countdown, 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… they were off!!!

As the runners were starting their second lap the rain started to ease and by the time the first runner crossed the finish line the sun was out.

We had 3 half marathon wristbands to give out which meant these runners had completed 13.1 miles (11 junior parkruns)

We had one runner who dressed for the weather and came prepared, wearing wellies, and when finished completed an extra lap just for fun (and to find all the puddles to splash in).

We had two of our finish tokens venture off on a holiday but will be back with us next week.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers who give up their Sunday mornings for this event to take place.


A Sunny Record Breaker (guest writer Lola Gregory)

Welcome to the 46th Collett Park Junior Parkrun report. It was a dry day in the park and before all the runners arrived, the sound of birdsong could be heard in the trees. This sound was soon replaced by the thudding of runners pounding through the tracks in our beautiful park in an effort to move as fast or as slowly as they liked around the undulating, 2K course. Of course, there were lots of other people using the park – dog walkers, shoppers, people taking a walk and customers using the café. Everyone comes to Collett Park when the weather is good.



The Run Director this week was Amanda and she was ably assisted by a great team. Unfortunately, she had forgotten all of the rules of Parkrun and so she had to ask all the children for the details – it’s a good job we could all remember that it’s 2 laps, you go through the finish funnel once and your parents can’t come through it with you! Some people were awarded Marathon and Half Marathon bands for doing 13 or 26 miles overall.

jpr07   jpr02a

This 46th Parkrun saw 39 runners take part and all of them arrived with a smile on their face and some energy in their feet. It was rather pleasing to see 4 first timers come along to try our Junior Parkrun for the first time and they were instructed and informed with details of the course by Laila and Eartha. We know that it can be nerve-wracking trying something new like this but we hope they enjoyed it and will come again to see if they can get a faster time or spot some of the lovely things that we have in our park.

jpr03xx   jpr02b

The warm up began and this made sure that we were nice and agile and ready to take on the demands of the course. It’s important to warm up your muscles so that you don’t get an injury. Sometimes the warm ups are taken by a robot or a magician or something – this week it was led by Casper.


Of the 39 runners, it was a bumper day for personal bests! 15 of those runners ran their fastest ever parkrun course and we think that this is because we have been allowed to do parkrun again for a few weeks now and so people are getting back into the swing of things! Remember that you are allowed to practise during the week if you want to get quicker but speed is not important at Junior Parkrun, it’s better to be enjoying yourself.


Most exciting of all was that the course record was broken for under 11s at the time of 7 minutes 35. This runner, Leyton, was so speedy around the course and left all of the other runners way behind him. It was amazing to see such a fast runner and he certainly looked like he was enjoying himself. This was also a PB for him.


As always, thank you to all of the marshals and volunteers who set up the course with cones and signs. It is very kind of you to give up your time because we wouldn’t be able to do it without you. Special recognition goes to James Peters who has volunteered 25 times now! This means he has got up really early on a Sunday morning 25 times – wow!jpr09

We hope to see you all next week to do it all again.

By Lola Gregory


Back with a ba-bang

Well, you will have to excuse us. In all the excitement of junior parkrun coming back, we nearly forgot our run reports. So this week you will have two for the price of one [or is that one for the price of two? - ed.].

Run Director Ian    Run Director Casper

What a relief to get back to some kind of normality. We didn't know quite what to expect but the volunteer roster has been bursting for our first couple of events. Luckily our runners seen equally keen to get back to business with 44 finishers on our first week back and 47 completing the course last Sunday morning. Both events were led by Jamie Williams as first male finisher and Loralie Frost first female. There were too many PB's to mention with 15 on our first week back followed by a mind blowing 27 PB's the week after.
The two events also welcomed 15 first timers which was wonderful.
We've been so lucky with the weather and it would seem that it will continue into this weeks event so we hope to see even more of you there this Sunday.
A great big thank you to all our volunteers we couldn't do it without you.
We are having a bit of a changing of the guard within our Run Director ranks. It's a very sad good bye and thank you to both Michelle and Becky who have stood down. You shall be missed! But a big hello to some familiar faces who are stepping up and taking up the position of Run Director. But I can't say who yet. It's a secret.
Don't forget that you can find us on Facebook, this site, twitter and Instagram.
See you Sunday.
Don't forget your barcode!

Not Ducking-Out Yet

Under a stony sky, as society collapses beneath the oncoming zombie apocalypse, the ranks of our parkrunners have been winnowed by the relentless plague… that and the Bath Half.

Amelie Cook recorded a new personal best, was the first finisher and completed her junior parkrun half-marathon. Triple congratulations Amelie!

We also had personal bests from Freya Burgess, Dominic Cook, Isobel Prickett, Milo Cook, Dylan Winter, Millie Baker, Corbin Bourgoin, Max Landrigan and Leo Dampier. Not bad, that's close to half the runners. Well done!


But that's not all! Droopy the Duck recorded our fastest ever finish by a duck.


We had some new volunteers stepping up to fill the gaps as some of our regulars were away at the Bath Half. Thank you, and thank you to our regular volunteers too.



Keep an eye out in the usual places Facebook, this site, twitter and Instagram for updates. As things stand we will be running as normal this Sunday.


The Springen Has Sproingen at parkrun – Join Them!

It was a mild morning on our 41st junior park run. The rain held off and we even saw some sunshine. We had four first-timers Corbin, Lucy, John and Rupert. We hoped you enjoyed your very 1st park run.

Well done to Kobe, Aiysis, Ezra, Seb and Lucy who all achieved a new personal best.
And to Lucy, Zoe, Grace and Zak for achieving thief half marathon wrist bands.

A huge thank you to our lovely amazing volunteers. Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to put on this free event each week.

See you all next week

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