Colwick parkrun is cancelled on 2021-11-27 – Weather conditions

Event 466 – 20th November 2021

At event 466 a total of 244 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers to Colwick, 4 of which were brand new parkrunners.


The event was made possible by 18 awesome volunteers:   Martha COYLE • Frazer HOOD • Helen HOOD • Bernard JARVIS • Andrew PHILLIPS • Anthony MADGE • Ellie ROBINSON • Julie MCGEORGE • Joanna MASSEY • Abigail CAST • Jeanette BARNES • Dawn WARREN • Mary MCCANN • Claire DUNKLEY • Rachel ASHTON • Judith CARTWRIGHT • Lydia Rose DEANE • Morag WHITWORTH


There were stacks of milestones at Event 466:
10 Club - Ella
25 Club - Sarah & Philip
50 Club - Raymond, Chris & Helen
100 Club - Clare & Sean
250 Club - Ian

Here's a few of them celebrating...


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Colwick parkrun Results Page.   Colwick parkrun started on 25th June 2011. Since then 13,321 participants have completed 95,738 parkruns covering a total distance of 478,690 km, including 15,972 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,167 individuals have volunteered 8,141 times.




Event 465 – 13th November 2021

What a beautiful morning it was to run around Colwick Park for our 465th parkrun.

465 - encouraging

Our fantastic team of volunteers did a great job, starting with a bit of cross-training on the Parkrun app for those of us tackling a new role:

  • One of the younger members of the team learning how to scan the bar codes:
465 - bar code training

465 - bar code training

  • Another younger member of the team explaining timekeeping:

465 - trainig time keeper

The first-timer briefing was well attended,

465 - first timer briefing

And soon the event was over, 225 parkrunners having crossed the line:

465 - tail walkers

465 - tail walkers

There is a set of finish line pictures on Flickr (click here)

If you would like to join our team of volunteers, talk to us at the finish, add your name to the paper roster, or email 


465 - volunteers

465 - volunteers




Event 464 – 6th November 2021

At event 464 we welcomed 238 parkunners to Colwick parkrun. 27 of those were 'first timers at Colwick' and four were brand new to parkrun. Welcome to our world - Sam, Elliott, Joe and Tara.


During the pre-event briefing we let everyone know that Christmas jumper parkrunday will be on 18th December... that we won't be running on Christmas Day... and that we will be running at 9am on New Year's Day.

Maureen (who did our Event Day Course Check today) has already confirmed that she'll be volunteering on New Year's Day with her hot water bottle so do please consider joining her. We have six people on the roster already and it's a great way to see in the New Year!


Other lovely snippets this morning... a family who missed out on their 'Race of Life' due to COVID did their 5k with us instead spurred on by numerous supporters...


We reunited a set of car keys with their rightful owner before setting everyone off this morning. The owner was so grateful that he waited until Phil - finder of the keys - had crossed the finish line to shake his hand and thank him personally. How lovely is that!


We were delighted to have six tail walkers plus Iris's new guide dog Ruby doing her first parkrun...


It was lovely to see some familiar faces from the early years back with us this morning including the always glamorous Param...


And our lovely mate Alison, Event Director of Beeston parkrun, gave us the thumbs up on tour...


We welcomed nine people into the new 25 Club. Congratulations to Jonny, Ian, Dominic, Richard, Natasha, Mary, Tara and Liza & Alison (pictured). Alan (pictured) ran his 100th parkrun too. Congratulations to you all.

Colwick464 Colwick464

In this week's parkrun bingo volunteer game Helen went low with a guess of 178... and Tony went hight with a guess of 240 and everyone else went in between. So Tony takes the win.

Once again a smorgasbord of parkrun joy!

The only damper on the morning was an email we received later saying that one of our participants had verbally abused him en route. We have been here for 10+ years and have rarely had any issues with other park users during that time. We have sent our apologies but please let us know if you witnessed anything, thank you. We really do want to exist in harmony.

Back to the positive stuff...


Huge thanks to the wonderful volunteers of event 464:

Harjit KAUR • Helen HOOD • Finlay HOOD • Anthony MADGE • Stuart ROBINSON • Iris PEEL • Maureen SILVER • Kathryn MELLOR • Joanne CHALMERS • Andy PARSONS • Megan MELLOR • Matthew HEARN • Anne-Marie BARCLAY • Joanna WARD • Pauline GANDEE • Fiona BEALES • Philip MOORE • Judith CARTWRIGHT • Tracey MOORE • Amy ABETHELL • Joseph EDWARDS • Benjamin EDWARDS • Mary LESTER • Morag WHITWORTH • Andrea KELLY • Francesca CAPPER • Jean KELLY • Grace KELLY • Matthew KNOWLES

If you'd like to join the volunteer team on a Saturday please do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you and you can see the current state of the roster here.

Let's do it all again next week! #loveparkrun



New Year’s Day 2022

We will be hosted an extra event on New Year's Day at 9am.

We already have some names on the roster but please do get in touch if you'd like to be part of the first volunteer squad of 2022 #loveparkrun


Christmas 2021

We will not be staging an extra event on Christmas Day at Colwick Park.

Please check out the Christmas Compendium for news of which events will be up and running on 25th December.

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