Event 429 – 12th October 2019

Rain during the week left plenty of muddy puddles underfoot but thankfully clear sky's overhead meant all but feet stayed nice and dry.

281 parkrunners including 52 first timers and plenty of tourists from near and far completed our 5k course this week. 27 of you recorded new PBs.

Dave Gandee was cheered across the finish line as he completed his 50th parkrun joining milestone 50 club. Congratulations, Dave!

Steve Shanks crossed the finish line in 43 minutes despite a healing broken ankle in support boot. Exiting the finish funnel through a very large puddle proved a bigger challenge than the 5k for Shanksy. Were pleased to report he managed it and isn't still in the park marooned on the only patch of dry ground.

This weeks run was made possible by our magnificent volunteers. Anthony checked the course pre-event, Abi briefed our first timers and tourists, Jane signed our briefings, Julie guided Iris, Andrew took plenty of fabulous photos, Tim and Paul timed everyone across the finish line, Rachel and Tracy kept order in the finish funnel and handed out position tokens, Jean, Andrea and Pauline scanned your barcodes, Olivia manned the clipboard, Sarah, Lynsey, Abigail, Josh and Graeme marshalled the course, Cheryl, Amy, John, Joseph an Benjamin ensured everyone was accounted for as tail walkers, Alessandro, Caitlin and Niki sorted tokens in the cafe & SuperKev did the shouty bit on the megaphone and generally wandered about trying to look busy.

If you would like to join our volunteer team one week please do look at our roster at https://parkrun.org.uk/colwick/futureroster/ to find an available space and email us at colwickhelpers@parkrun.com to bag your place on the roster.

Finally the all important result of parkrun bingo. Our winner this week was Paul Kelly with a fine guess of 283 finishers. Well done, Paul!

We had so much fun we think we'll do it again next week.


Your Colwick Event Team


Event 428 – 5th October 2019

Happy 15th birthday parkrun!

Colwick parkrun event 428

Another mighty Colwick parkrun done and what a parkrun it was.  A delicious 289 of you joined me as I had a go in the Colwick driving seat for the first time.  Now, it's not the first time I've Run Directed - today's volunteer email informs me I've been a Run Director 70 times - but it is the first time I've been let loose in the RD vest at Colwick, so the wheels might easily have fallen off!  Like a child wearing her mum's oversize stilettos, I wobbled my way through the morning, supported by an awesome team of volunteers who seamlessly got the show on the road.  Thank you to you all, you sure made life easier!

Colwick parkrun event 428

So, who had their name in lights today?  Well, there were Zoë and Claire driving the stop watches;

Colwick parkrun event 428
Christopher, Joanna, Graeme, John and Lily steering you round the beautiful lakes; John, Megan, Sandra and Kathryn beeping barcodes with Maddy on bucket girl duty;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Daniel and Tony keeping the finish lane flowing;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Helen and Jane doing the first timers' briefing and sign language support respectively;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Jason - on his 25th volunteer stint (thank you and congratulations!) as VI Guide;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Ian, James, Tina and Lydia bringing up the rear end; Chris checking the '85% muddy' (love the accuracy there, Chris!) course;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Helen coordinating the volunteers and some fabulous photos from Andrew. A special big thank you to Abi for being my brilliant second pair of hands and helping me, Sarah, keep things on track!

Next week's roster is already full (hooray!), but there are vacancies further into October, so pop on over to https://www.parkrun.org.uk/colwick/futureroster/ to check out the vacancies and see what you fancy doing!

Colwick parkrun event 428

We also had lots to celebrate this morning.  Firstly, it didn't rain - woooooo hooooo! Secondly, we had some marvellous milestones!  Judith Cartwright, Susan Russell, Ben Marsh and Garry Nuthall making it to 50 runs and earning their red t-shirts, plus Eileen Loftus achieving her 100th today and gaining herself not only the black 100 shirt but also the gratitude of the parkrun community by bringing along biccies!  Nom, nom!

Colwick parkrun event 428

There was chocolate cake too, courtesy of the Nottingham Vegan Runners' club, which added further  sparkle to the sunshiny morning.

Colwick parkrun event 428

And, what about the running? Well, Jon Fox was our first male finisher in 18:15 for Holme Pierrepont Running Club, and Amy Carson as first female in 21:48 for Vegan Runners on her first ever visit to Colwick.  Start as you mean to go on, awesome job, Amy!

Colwick parkrun event 428

We had an incredible 38 PBs today, giving the PB bell an epic workout and a wonderful 45 runners who were new to Colwick, 13 of them running their very first parkrun. Welcome to the family!

Colwick parkrun event 428

Colwick parkrun event 428

The only teensy fly in the ointment was the fact that a couple of other park users complained about being forced to move out of the way by our parkrunners, who had been running 4 or 5 abreast. Do watch out for walkers, cyclists, dogs etc when you're trotting round. We want our lovely park to be a happy place for all, so a quick wave and 'morning!' as you run past people goes a long way towards that.

Colwick parkrun event 428

Phew! I am all done for the day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week.  Next week Super Kev is back in the driver's seat, so until then, bye for now! You were ace!



New Year’s Day 2020

We will be hosted an extra event on New Year's Day at 10:30am.

We already have some names on the roster but please do get in touch if you'd like to be part of the first volunteer squad of 2020 #loveparkrun


Christmas Day 2019

We will not be staging an extra event on Christmas Day at Colwick Park.

Please check out the Christmas Compendium for news of which events will be up and running on 25th December.


Event 427 – 28th September 2019


Sunshine, waves and smiles. Event 427 had it all!

The weather App was spot on- we just missed the rain. The morning started with bright sunshine as 248 parkrunners assembled at the start. Sarah and Francis (sign language support) welcomed a bumper 42 first timers and tourists from Doncaster, Frimley Park, Liverpool and Burnley. I especially liked Sarah advising that Colwick was "not one lap, not two laps but one-and-a-half laps"


We waved our congratulations to Maddie who celebrated her 25th volunteering at parkrun! What an amazing achievement- we look forward to seeing Maddie in the purple volunteer t-shirt. Congrats also to Jonathan who completed his 200th parkrun today.


And we were off! The course was "remarkably good" according to Jason who did the pre-event check... he was spot on as 24 of you ran a PB... too quick for me to catch you all ringing our PB bell.

Lots of smiles as everyone finished their run, jog and walk around Colwick. Lots of photos available on Flickr thanks to our fabulous photographer Andrew https://www.flickr.com/photos/ayeupmeduck/48808394292/in/pool-colwick-parkrun/?fbclid=IwAR0Y3ppYI2lffKy00PL4g9y4DJ9OwtH9y3n3LAz9nSgfLziPbJ7Mfjdmsgc


Ensuring everyone got round safely were our tailwalkers Esther, Dominic and Morag. Cheering you around were Lydia, Auangfa, Ian and Sandy. Cathy and Graeme expertly timed you in while Isobel and Joanne ensured your positions were correct. Emily, Grace, John and Cheryl were a dab hand with the barcode scanner. SuperKev guided Terry round, while Arry enjoyed chatting with everyone.


Just a polite reminder, please have a look in our blue bags the next time you are at Colwick. We have 3 bags full of clothes, bottles, and other stuff. We will donate to charity anything left at the end of October.



And so we decanted to Daleside cafe for a cob n cuppa.

Same time next week?


Your Colwick event team

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