Event 411 – 18th May 2019

If you went down to Colwick park today, you were sure to have a surprise!
If you were hoping to get a PB, the pacers had been supplied!
And Helly’s debut as run director was clear and funny, I can tell yah!
For Saturday was the day Holme Pierrepont had their takeover!



A record turnout of 398 were out in the park today

There were 90 first timers who had a treat
And 76 PBs to shout “Hooray!”
Tourists from Newark, Northampton, Christchurch (not NZ) and Crayola
We’re very pleased with perfect weather
For today was the day Holme Pierrepont had their parkrun (takeover)!



Milestone time for parkrunners

Ruth Brandon and Joanne Tanner hit their 50th today
100 achieved by Simon Baker
James Hickman’s 250th next week is on the way
Could he be the youngest in the UK?




See them gaily run about
They all love to run and walk and shout
And never have any cares.
After 5K was all complete
It was off to the Daleside with barely a free seat
Because they were all very hungry little bears!




If you went down to the park today,
You sure did have a surprise!
To see the sea of red and blue:
Holme Pierrepont’s volunteer crew
Publicising their Grand Prix to you
For Saturday was the day HP took over parkrun!


All credit to Jessica and Steve Shanks who beautifully crafted this run report.

Details of Holme Pierrepont Running Club and Grand Prix available on https://hprcrun.co.uk/

Syatb next week,

Your Colwick pakrun team


Event 410 – 11 May 2019


Ah, the merry month of May, when the gosling broods in coats of sunny green about the road waddle in extasy. After the deluge the evening before, Saturday morning dawned and we found beautiful Colwick Country Park bathed in a soft, spring sunshine and with her paths perhaps surprisingly firm underfoot. 324 eager parkrunners gambolled into the park with a seasonal spring in their steps to be welcomed by 26 lovely high-vis heroes for a prompt start to the morning’s festivities for event#410.


34 first timers and tourists from Cambridge, Malvern, Tamworth, Lincoln and Mansfield were welcomed to our lovely, verdant park at the first timers’ brief by Jason.


We celebrated an official milestone with Kate, who ran her 100th parkrun and also unofficial ones with Ian (running his 200th) and Caitlin (running her 150th). Well done to you all!

Your Event Day Course Checker was Steve, who informed us that going around the park was good to soft. You were marshalled around the course by Erica on Roy’s split, Philip at sign 10, Tony at the Warden’s hut, Angie just past the dog poo bin and Joanna at the car park.


Bringing up the rear of the field was a bumper crop of lovely tail walkers: Judith, Julie, Graeme, Guy, Evie, Niki and Zach.

Nic guided Terry safely round the course (well, except for a minor problem with a branch!).



Your timers were Eileen and Tracey, who were both perfectly in-sync with each other and with the crack team in the funnel of Olivia and Sandy.


Your barcode scanners were Miri, Helen and (once he’d run round the course), a multi-tasking Jason. Philip also popped back from marshalling sign 10 to keep a beautifully neat clipboard.


Newton the dog was our first finisher, followed closely by owner Tom. It’s thirsty work being the lead canine, you know! Well done to all 324 of the runners, joggers and walkers who enjoyed the mild, spring weather.


The course must have been in pretty good shape as we saw 60 personal bests recorded, which bodes well for the summer.  All that hard work over the winter is starting to pay off!


Special congratulations to the latest graduates from the Nottingham University Hospitals Couch to 5k programme. You all did splendidly and it was a pleasure to share in your achievements (and Andrew makes the best flapjack too!)

All that remained was to pack up the finish funnel, leaving no trace in the park that we were ever there, and to head to the Daleside for a spot of breakfast and the all-important results processing. Many thanks to Jon, Dawn, Caitlin and Nic for sorting the tokens.


Your run director was Tim.

The weather is apparently starting to look up now for a little while. Perhaps we should believe that when we see it…. but with that glad thought filling our hearts, we can tumble headlong into the long working week and count the days down to event#411 next week!

#SYATB #DFYB #loveparkrun


Event 409 – 4th May 2019

The bright spring morning saw 370 runners descend on Colwick Park to kick of their bank holiday weekend at our 409th event. Despite the persistent rain on Friday, the early course check by volunteers Des and Ben showed the course to be in “perfect” condition, soft underfoot but without the infamous Colwick mud! The course check is a new role on the volunteer roster and gives an excellent opportunity to double up the Saturday morning miles on a clear course ahead of the official run at 9am.


A bumper 33 volunteers has this week’s roster bursting at the seams and made sure the event ran as smoothly as ever. There truly is a role for everyone, full training is given and you’ll be made extremely welcome by everyone on the event team. If you’ve not volunteered before then please do give it a go!


Along with 55 first-timers, we were joined by a couple of groups of tourists – a hen party group from Manchester and even some all the way from Sydney, Australia! They chose a great week to join us as we celebrated several milestones – Kay, Daniel, Isobel and Vin all joined the 50 club, Peter joined the 100 club, and Katie completed her 200th run. Sam reached the young person’s milestone of 10 runs and Niki reached 25 volunteers.


A special mention needs to go to several Colwick regulars who returned this week following completing the London Marathon last weekend, testing their legs over 5km following their fantastic achievements. Well done to all of them. There was also a noticeable spattering of Star Wars attire on show, making note of the special “May the fourth” date!


Lots of runners took advantage of the cookies and cheese straws at the end of run while listening to the PB bell which rang with a brilliant 47 new personal bests recorded – excellent work! As always, the fun continued at Daleside afterwards with hungry runners queueing out of the door for some well-earned breakfast with friends.


Event 408 – 27th April 2019

Last week was warm and sunny and event 407 attracted 353 participants.
This week was cold and wet and event 408 saw only 178 brave souls cross the finish line.
Attendance probably wasn't helped by "fake news" on facebook spreading rumours of a Colwick mudbath. On the day, even shoesucker straight was firm underfoot.

However, it was cold and blustery, and at nine o'clock the start line was looking a bit sparse which didn't stop a relatively prompt start at just five past nine. After all, nobody likes hanging around in the cold, and no apologies to the few stragglers who were taken by surprise!

We had 9 first timers and 23 of you fought the wind to record new Personal Bests.
A big thank you to the 21 volunteers who did their best to keep warm and managed to stay cheerful throughout.

Sandy, Helen and Tracey marshalled the course. Matthew, Finlay, Frazer and Thomas scanned everybody's barcodes. Tim did the pre-event course check on his 100th volunteering occasion at Colwick!

Your tailwalkers were Miri & Helen, and John & Rebecca who were accompanied by their dogs who sensibly wore coats!

Andrew took photos at the finish line (check out flickr in the next few days to see his lovely pics). Caitlin was your Run Director, Steve was the funnel manager and Lydia handed out tokens. Emily briefed the tourists and first timers before timing everyone over the line with Grace.

Bernard guided Terry and Tim paced Kelly to another Colwick PB!

Congratulations to Nathalie who ran her 50th today and was kind enough to bring some chocolatey treats and some satsumas!

Well done to Rob who ran a whole marathon before turning up at Colwick. He still found the strength for an additional parkrun and to carry the signs from the carpark to the finish line!

At the Daleside, over a hot cup of tea Niki, Tim, Lydia and Kelly sorted the tokens, and Caitlin processed the results. Bernard and Terry reminisced about running in the olden days over a cup of coffee. What those two don't know about running ain't worth knowing!

Finally, good luck to all our Colwick regulars who are running the London Marathon tomorrow.
And we hope that lots of people will be inspired by the TV coverage and will turn up next week at Colwick, where we look forward to welcoming them with open arms!


Event 407 – 20th April 2019

Every week before we set up for our event the volunteers gather in the finish area to play 'parkrun bingo' which involves placing a guess as to the number of people crossing the line. How we laughed when Dan suggested 348...


A magnificent 353 participants joined us (that's our 8th highest attendance ever and meant that Dan won parkrun bingo) and 52 of those were either new to our course or brand new to parkrun this morning. An awesome 26 volunteers, 8 of whom are aged 18 or under, slipped into the hi-vis jackets to help make the magic happen.


At the pre-run brief we wished James Billington a very happy 40th birthday (as he steps up an age category) and we congratulated Georgina Hawkins on her 50th parkrun today!


And then they were off...


Our bell rang frequently this morning as our field took advantage of firmer ground and knocked out 59 personal bests. Congratulations to you all!
46926304834_f7b04fbb8c_z 47650396471_17400cd949_z

Despite a reminder in the pre-run brief two position tokens escaped today...but we were delighted to be able to reunite Vil with his lost barcode and bike key.


Huge thanks to the following people who volunteered in various roles this morning... Abigail CAST • Andrew PHILLIPS • Auangfa HURST • Bernard JARVIS • Catherine CAST • Cathy WISER • Chris JEKIEL • Daniel CORDLE • Emily DIGMAN • Finlay HOOD • Frazer HOOD • Grace & George SMYTHE • Grace PHILLIPS • Harry NICHOLLS • Helen HOOD • Helen JEKIEL • Karin HURST • Mark ROSE • Miri LEWIS • Niki WARD • Philip MOORE • Rachel MOLLOY • Sandy WATERLOW • Steve JEPSON • Tim SORRELL and Tracey MOORE.

A special mention for Tracey who completed her 25th volunteer stint and joined the V25 Club last weekend. One purple parkrun t-shirt coming her way!


The sun shone at Event 407 and spirits were high... and it left a wonderful imprint on the day when three of our regular volunteers jogged off to the wonderful Daleside Cafe together #parkrunfamily


See you at the bell #loveparkrun

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