Event#320 – 12th August 2017 – expelliarmus!

parkrun is living proof of Dumbledore’s truism that it is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.  It doesn’t matter at parkrun if you zoom round the 5km course on your Nimbus 2000 or ride somewhat more sedately around on your Bluebottle: we’re all choosing to take part of our own free will and are all creating and experiencing the same magic, at whatever speed we travel.  And what magic we make! Since we started, we’ve seen 8,243 runners from 487 different clubs completing 57,949 runs with 11,223 PBs and a total of 289,745 miles. That’s past the moon and travelling further on out into space!

Let us step back from the outer reaches of the universe and back into the park for another Saturday morning to pursue that flighty temptress, adventure!


The 320th Hogwarts Colwick parkrun saw 235 like-minded souls gather once again at the flag. Joining our merry band of regulars, we had tourists from Grantham, Leeds, Crawley and Azkaban. Geoff Jenkins celebrated his 100th parkrun, and Paul Hempstock and Richard Beadle both completed their 50th parkruns.



Congratulations to you all and we’re so pleased to have you as part of our magical community and we raise a butterbeer to you. It was a little damp underfoot after the rains of the week, but there were still 34 PBs this week - proof positive that to hurt is as human as to breathe. Remember that the only unforgivable curse around here is to refer to a parkrun as a race!


As ever, we must thank our seventeen wonderful magic makers for making parkrun possible.

29 newcomers – no invite by owl necessary to join in here - were initiated into the seemingly-arcane mysteries by deputy head, Minerva McGonagall Caitlin. Muggles no more!


Altogether now: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”.


Adam was first finisher this week: he can run faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo! He was immaculately timed across the line by Pomona Sprout Eileen and Rowena Ravenclaw Isabel.


Mischief the funnel was managed by Mr Filch and Mrs Norris James and Dawn.


Barcodes were scanned by Irma Pince Leila (who also won the bingo this week with a guess of 234 and so wins a free parkrun next week), Hermione Granger Megan and Poppy Pomfrey Sandy.


The clipboard was beautifully and calmly managed by Horace Slughorn Steve.


Defending against the Dark Arts with a song in their heart and an expecto patronum spell on their lips were Gilderoy Lockhart TonySybil Trelawney EricaAlistor ‘Mad Eye’ Moody Roy and Remus Lupin Jason.


The rear guard against ducks, Death Eaters and dementors (mainly ducks, to be honest) was provided by Quirinus Quirrell Ian, Cedric Diggory Josh and Rolanda Hooch Maureen.

Your headmaster this week was Albus Dumbledore.


We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. If you don’t believe me, just come along to parkrun next week and see it with your own eyes.


Mischief managed!


Transfiguration or polyjuice potion? Who can say? Either way, this little chap won't be asking us to scan the barcode on his phone again in a hurry! Physical barcodes only, please!

See you next week!