Event 388 – 15th December 2018

The weather forecast predicted sleet and snow but how lucky we were to have a clear morning and reasonable under foot.


The volunteers consisted of the Robinson Family and their friends, known collectively as The Breakfast Club (for obvious reasons) and supported by other volunteers and the more professionals like Abigail, Super Kev and Finlay who gave much needed support. Clare O'Neil kept it quiet that it was her 25th time of volunteering. Well done Clare.


Congratulations also to Guy Lambert and Craig Provett who both joined the 100 Club today!

I took the helm for the first time and the role was made easier due to the group just getting on with their tasks, they were brilliant. It's made me realise how much work goes on in the background to make parkrun happen. A special thanks to Gideon Nukporti who turned up before his run just to help unload the gear and set up the course. I'm told he does this regularly.

In my pre-run announcement I made comment that if everyone volunteered just once a year how good that would be and how much they would enjoy the experience.


As for the event, 217 people took part with no injuries and no incidents on the route. The Run Director breathed a sigh of relief and pleasure on what was a successful day.

Dave Robinson


Please join us next week when Christmas jumpers are welcome but never compulsory... and we'll have satsumas for all! #loveparkrun