Event 391 – 1st January 2019

A parkrun on a Tuesday?

Yes, and some of our field had already climbed the hills at Mount Gedling parkrun at 9am too!

There was a great atmosphere at the start line as the masses gathered for the pre-run brief and to partake in our traditional New Year's Day handshake.


Then they were off... parkrunners as far as the eye could see!


Congratulations to the following people who joined parkrun Clubs at Event 391: Euan (on tour from Forest Rec) joined the 10 Club, Harneen joined the 50 Club and Christine (in yellow) joined the 100 Club.


Our band of tail walkers were all in just after 11:30am with Rita winning 'parkrun bingo' with her guess of 560 finishers.


If you'd like to play parkrun bingo why not join the volunteer team one week. It's great fun and we'd love to have you along. Read more about volunteering here and see the current state of the roster here.

Huge thanks to the volunteers/superstars who made this special event go like clockwork: Kevin BOWEN, Judith CARTWRIGHT, Abigail CAST, Alison CHILTON, Lydia Rose DEANE, Claire DUNKLEY, Marlon DUNKLEY, Frazer HOOD, Helen HOOD, Finlay HOOD, Sarah HORRIGAN-FULLARD, Steve JEPSON, Gary MANSON, Graham MOFFATT, David ROBINSON, Rita ROBINSON, Stuart ROBINSON, Jonathan Mark Adrian SHORT, Maureen SILVER, Parbinder SINGH, Tim SORRELL, Caitlin SORRELL, Niki WARD, Sandy WATERLOW, Holly WHITEHEAD, Brian WILLETT, and Lila WYSZYNSKI.


It really was the most wonderful way to welcome in 2019 with a fair few firsts:

We had our longest ever funnel...


Our stopwatches hold 500 times and Claire and Steve were positively gleeful to get the opportunity to 'Double Junsd' - starting two each on the bell and swapping to the second one at an opportune moment in the late 400's.


We had six scanners beeping away, two manned by awesome under 11s and two by speedy finishers Marlon and Graham.


We welcomed 120 people to our parkrun for the first time, and 17 'genuine first timers' who had never parkrun anywhere in the world ever before 1st January 2019.


One of our visitors was the fabulous Ian Rutson, the Technical Lead at parkrun Global. Everyone was under strict instructions to make sure he got round safely... we need him to make sure we all get our results!


We'd particularly like to mention one of our newbies too. Jon has been threatening to join in having watched his wife and son bomb round for years and today was the day!


Thanks to these four troopers for wrestling 573 tokens back onto their strings in the cafe.We were flabbergasted to get every single token back! Cp391

We'll leave you with these New Year's Day stats:

* 2013 - 85 participants & 9 volunteers

* 2014 - 167 participants & 14 volunteers

* 2015 - 184 participants & 21 volunteers

* 2016 - 202 participants & 20 volunteers

* 2017 - 239 participants & 18 volunteers

* 2018 - 400 participants & 29 volunteers

* 2019 - 573 participants & 27 volunteers

And this cracking fact... the totally awesome Maureen has volunteered at every single New Year's Day parkrun at Colwick and has already booked in for 2020!


We look forward to seeing you walking, jogging, running, volunteering or spectating with us in 2019.

See you at the bell #loveparkrun