Event 393 – 12th January 2019

Since our volunteer ranks were swelled (and average age significantly reduced by) a posse of brilliant juniors this weekend it seems only fair that we dot the i's and cross the t's on event 393 by signing off from a  9 year old volunteer's perspective of her day in the Hi-Viz:

Hello.....I got up early!!!

Smiley Gideon and Stuart set up the funnel

And all the friendly volunteers posed for a team photo.

Natalie introduced 65 first timers to Colwick parkrun

Mary Spencer and Gareth Freshwater were introduced to the 50 club.... and John Moore ran his 250th parkrun.  He ran his first one at Colwick before I was even 2 years old!!

There were 355 people parkrunning today... That is the 7th highest number ever at Colwick!

We hope you liked the load shouting and encouragement with 4k to go!

Then we got ready for the finishers.  Maia helped on the funnel whilst Reed and I got ready to scan.   That meant the bar code scanners today were 20 years old added together!  It was all ok though and we kept telling my dad to stop worrying - Reed had never done it before but he was brilliant!!

Nathalie was really helpful and did some extra scanning when it got really busy.  My little sister wanted to scan but she had an important job to do collecting all the tokens.   She had a little sulk but she did get to do some scanning in the end,  and then she got to sort out the tokens so she was soon happy again


Lydia and Tony are going to be Run Directors for the first time ever next week so they had a practise at processing the results as Nikki, Steve and Zac finished sorting the tokens

While I ate my favourite breakfast ever!  Scanning makes me sooooooooooo hungry!!

Volunteering is fun!  Quack Quack Quack