Event 400 – 2nd March 2019


This week's run report has been written by Kelly, a regular tourist at Colwick and an honorary member of the Colwick parkrun family. -- Congratulations to Colwick parkrun on their 400th event. It was superbly brought to courtesy of 32 hi-viz heroes under the awesome direction of Team Dickens, chiefly Evie assisted by Stephen! For the 400th run a fantastic 32 clubs were represented. We had runners at #400 who actually ran at #001! Huge thanks for sticking with us.

kelly 6 - volunteers

My parkrun actually started two weeks before with a message saying “I’ll be delighted to guide you on March 2nd”…this doesn’t sound huge but as a visiting visually impaired runner it is. Saturday was my 5th visit to Colwick and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. As a tourist who is visually impaired being able to find someone willing to guide can be difficult yet it is never an issue at Colwick. Terry and Iris, your resident blind runners, have a team of well-trained and confident volunteers. So once again Colwick had 3 visually impaired/blind runners doing the route.

Iris and Debbie.

kelly 2 - abi and terry
Terry and Abigail.

Kelly and Arry.

Ably guided by Arry, I avoided bins, overtaking runners, cars and low-flying branches. I didn’t end up sat in a muddy puddle, so that was a success! Unlike Terry and Iris, I have some vision but don’t have peripheral, so judging pot holes and slopes doesn’t work. I don’t run on a tether but more on the instructions of my buddy, and take their hand as necessary. I do at times use the feet of the runner in front-this weekend it was the orange feet of Messi, a pink jacket belonging to a lovely lady and the white trainers of the lovely Welsh gent! They made me avoid puddles that Arry might have missed. Colwick is a beautiful and attractive course, and Arry wasn’t without giving me descriptions of the key features of route and of the water glinting on the lake as I was cursing the sun for taking what vision I had! My home run is Sewerby, so not unlike Colwick with tarmac, gravel, and muddy woodland trail…only difference is Colwick mountain is a mere bump compared to Yorkshire hills.

Not strictly parkrun #400 but I need to thank another of your hi-viz heroes, Tim, who at the 11th hour on Saturday afternoon stepped in to guide at the Rushcliffe 10km on Sunday. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to participate in my race due to my lined-up guide being injured. So thank you Colwick as without this connection I would have missed my race-he guided me to a new personal best!


Kelly and Tim on Sunday.

I am already looking forward to returning to Colwick but for now parkrun family, that’s a wrap for event #400 and the team will look forward to event #401 - 9am Saturday morning #dfyb

kelly1 - scarlett and Neil

Coming to run at Colwick never makes me feel nervous I just feel welcomed into the parkrun family and accepted.


Thanks to this week's volunteers! And a special thanks to Kelly for this lovely report.

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See you on Saturday for event #401!